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Are Gaming Mice Worth It? What You Need To Know?

Are Gaming Mice Worth It? What You Need To Know?

It can be difficult to play a game and not use a gaming mouse, because of everything it does for you. A lot of people who are willing to pay that extra dollar to get one of these are happy most of the time. It all depends on what company you buy from and how much you spend. Although, most great gaming mice are less expensive than your so-called work mouse.

Gaming mice give you an edge over non-gaming mice when it comes to precision, speed, and accuracy. Gaming mice can be an excellent investment if you’re looking for a device that provides added durability, functionality, and comfort and is perfectly optimized for gaming performance. 

What Does A Gaming Mouse Offer?

A common misconception surfacing the internet for quite a while now is that merely competitive gamers can benefit from gaming mice, which is just a myth that requires busting. If you’re a competitive gamer, it would be an intelligent decision to invest in gaming mice.

The attributes of gaming mice like many improved clicks, added tracking, multiple buttons, and better ergonomics can substantially benefit every user.

The efficiency of gaming mice is not only restrained to gaming; the higher DPI settings and the finest-in-class sensor can essentially make all the difference in your workflow. Therefore, your crucial time shall be saved, which would otherwise have been spent on inaccurate & missed clicks.

Do you remember all those instants where you have grunted in dismay because the cursor of your mouse would continue to float on the screen, refusing to budge independent of the times you banged the damn thing? You won’t have to experience such an awful instant again! 

All of it essentially translates to saved time. Unfortunately, most individuals who upgrade to a gaming mouse have never wished to work with a standard mouse again. The verdict is pretty straightforward, especially if you are a competitive gamer. 

Head over to the listings for the numerous pros that a gaming mice offers: 

  • You will save plenty of time by programming those repetitive, frequent macros into easily accessible buttons
  • The gaming mice incorporate superior hardware that further adds to the accuracy and speed of your gameplay. You will never experience a missed shot again
  • The health of your palm and finger muscles will be preserved even after a 12 hour long, grueling game session
  • You are highly likely to commit fewer mistakes, translating into better results and an enhanced gaming experience

Why Are Gaming Mice Worth It?

Suppose you are a professional and competitive gamer. You might not be able to unleash your potential completely until you keep relying on redundant accessories like a regular keyboard or a mouse. 

A gaming mouse offers a significantly improved polling rate ranging from 800Hz-1000Hz. Unlike normal mice, which take 3-5 milliseconds to recognize a click, resulting in lags, a gaming mouse-lag is almost imperceptible. 

Gaming mice offer a custom fit designed to fit palms of various sizes and shapes, along with further customization to fit snugly in your palms. The user-friendly attire allows you to tailor everything according to your needs, including hotkeys, pitch, height, and center of balance. 

Miniature steel bearings known as weights can feasibly be added to the mouse, which aids in tailoring the mouse’s weight so that your comfort stays the utmost priority while you move it. Gaming mice also feature sweat-resistant shells that allow a comfortable, sweat-free gaming experience. 

Specific gaming mice are installed with an array of customizable hotkeys typically positioned near the thumb. Each of these can store various frequently used macros and commands. Because they can store email templates and frequently used shortcuts, hotkeys enable gaming mice to work phenomenally well, even for routine computing tasks. 

Not only this, gaming mice offer added compatibility to all types of users since it comes in two styles; Ergonomic and Ambidextrous. 

Typically heavier in weightTypically lighter in weight
Used by right-handed gamersSuitable for both right and left-handed gamers
Offers less comfortOffers more comfort
Ideal for competitive shootersNot ideal for competitive shooters

Features Of Gaming Mice

Multiple features make gaming mice worthwhile, including the three main grip options. Unlike regular mice that are generic and not typically designed to suit any of these styles, gaming mice can be tailored for palm, claw, or fingertip grip styles. 

Thanks to the splendid lightning options and incorporated software, your gaming mice will arguably look better and occupy added functionality. Gaming mice generally include an RGB lighting system to complement the overall color theme of your setup. 

The resolution range offered by gaming mice is known as Dots-per-inch, which is the speed your cursor moves at. It can be a valuable addition to your gaming experience, especially if you prefer playing on a 4K monitor since it offers extreme precision in both fire-grain tracking & wide-sweep. 

Gaming mice offer increased durability as they feature significantly better sensors and quality switches. Unlike the buttons of regular mice that come off in a few years, gaming mice are sure to stand the test of time. 

A gaming mouse that tracks its movements is known as a mouse sensor. There are various kinds of sensors that track the direction of your mouse in different ways, while the most popular sensor technologies incorporated by mice are: 

  • Laser sensors generally use laser light to track the movement of your mouse, while a camera is used to comprehend those inputs. The laser sensors are usually used for regular mice. 
  • Optical sensors make use of a camera along with infrared light. Such sensors are generally incorporated in gaming mice. 
Laser SensorsOptical Sensors
Are compatible with most surfacesHigher DPI range
Can often pick up too much informationMore reliable sensor type
Can become inaccurate at fast speedsWorks accurately at high speeds