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Best Buffed Weapons In Elden Ring (Update 1.04)

Best Buffed Weapons In Elden Ring (Update 1.04)

Elden Ring since its launch has had an array of weapons at its disposal but players have been flocking to just a few for their effectiveness. Many weapons are pushed to the side because of some small issues in their move set that makes it rather unprofitable in the grand scheme of the game.

From Software has been buffing and nerfing all the weapons in major updates to encourage people to use different armaments in the game. Previously the 1.03 update changed up the formula for some weapons and now in the latest 1.04 update, many weapons along with other things are patched with major changes mostly for the betterment.

The weapons after the update that deserve our attention are as follows:

  • Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword
  • Dark Moon Greatsword
  • Royal Greatsword
  • Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear
  • Black Knife
  • Blade Of Calling
  • Dragonscale Blade
  • Onyx Lord’s Greatsword
  • Godslayer’s Greatsword
  • Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword

Magma Guillotine skill now has its stamina cost lowered, cast speed is increased and recovery time is decreased. The second attack of the skill is significantly faster and deals insane damage along with spewing lava on the ground for overtime damage. Buffs that boost fire damage and incantations like Flame, Grant me Strength will boost the damage up by a huge degree.

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Dark Moon Greatsword

This was an already great weapon, to begin with. The FP cost of the skill Moonlight Greatsword has been lowered, the casting speed is increased so there is a lesser chance of getting stuck in long animations and the R2 projectile can be chain fired more quickly than before, and the recovery time is lowered too. Along with that, the Frost build-up is also buffed while the skill is active, this will help in procing frostbite quickly and taking advantage of increased damage from the status ailment.

Royal Greatsword

Being a Colossal weapon it has received the general buff to its attack speed and the recovery speed of attacks. The skill Wolf’s Assault had a long-winded animation which is noticeably cut down with the newest update and now you can pull it off much more quickly while the recovery time is also decreased which lets you get back up on your feet for better follow up action. Playing with this weapon feels a lot snappier after the update.

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

One of the go-to weapons for Bleed builds. Even though the bleed effect has been nerfed a bit this weapon’s greatness shines with the increased casting speed of the Bloodboon Ritual skill. Looking at a side-by-side comparison of pre and post update you can see the drastic change in the speed and its mind-boggling. You can easily deal around 20K damage to bosses before they even come out of their initial animations, the damage number depends on the build. The first two pokes are faster and the last one still takes some time so be careful when using it.

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Black Knife

This weapon’s skill Blade of Death was already amazing where it sends a projectile that reduced the total number of HP of any enemy or boss, before the update. After the update, the cast speed is increased so it is now even faster to pull off and the recovery time has been lowered so you can keep chaining this attack rapidly, and the way it annihilates enemy health pools this weapon has become a force to be reckoned with. This was an already fast and deadly weapon and now it’s even better.

Blade Of Calling

This weapon has the same animation and skill as the Black Knife but instead of reducing HP, it fires a Golden Holy damage projectile. After the update the stamina cost is lowered for this weapon and like the weapon before the cast speed and recovery time is also reduced here which helps in chaining the skill. This projectile deals great damage up front and has the ability to knock back enemies and breaking their guard.

Dragonscale Blade

This Katana was very lackluster before the patch where it could easily get interrupted while casting its Ice Lightning Sword skill. Now after the patch From Software has increased the casting speed which lets you buff the sword with the said elements even faster. They have also added a hitbox to the stomp that the character performs just before buffing the sword, this interrupts and damages the enemies before unleashing the actual skill attack. This stomp can hold the enemy in place for the more devastating follow-up attacks.

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Onyx Lord’s Greatsword

This weapon had essentially the Gravitas Ash of War as its default skill named Onyx Lords’ Repulsion, and for this reason, this weapon was put to the side by most people. The latest patch increased the casting speed of the skill making it easier to execute and has increased recovery time to expedite the whole skill usage. Along with that, they added the feature of canceling the skill mid-execution which is great for rolling out of imminent incoming harm. With the appropriate adjustments, you can use this skill to suck in enemies and throw them on their back effectively. And with higher Intelligence you can scale the attack power as well.

Godslayer’s Greatsword

Another Colossal sword that benefits from all the buffs given to this weapon category with the latest patch. Along with that you can roll out or cancel the skill, The Queen’s Black Flame, mid-usage just like the last mentioned weapon, great for dodging out of harm’s way. The casting speed is also increased which lets you execute this already hard-hitting skill even faster and gives this weapon even more viability.

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Morgott’s Cursed Sword

A Curved Greatsword with Bleed build-up is an amazing combination and with the latest update, it’s even more devastating. The casting speed is increased so you can spam the bleed flame rush in attack, Cursed Blood Slice, even faster, very much noticeable from the prior update. This skill was crazy before and now it can be chained adding further insult to injury. The explosion on the slice deal bleed build-up and we all know how effective that is in this game.

These are all the weapons that we feel you should check out after you have updated the game. Many other weapons are also buffed and nerfed so you can see the whole list here. Depending on your build and playstyle the weapon above are needed to be incorporated in your gameplay.