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Guide to Dominating in Gunfight – Modern Warfare

Guide to Dominating in Gunfight – Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is full of all sorts of modes that you can choose from and some of them are returning. There are many that are new to the series like Ground War, which is like a Battlefield style mode with the Call of Duty playstyle in it. The most interesting one and really fun mode that they have added is a mode called Gunfight. It is basically 2 teams of 2 people and they go head to head with round-based matches. The first team to eliminate the enemy team with the weapons the game gives you 6 times, wins the match. Here is how to dominate in Gunfight every time you play.

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Watch your enemies’ playstyle

The best thing for you to do is to learn how your enemy plays. The way to win is to understand where your enemy is going to be and take advantage of that. Each person has a different way that they play any game. If you can understand how each person plays, you will know exactly where they are and where not to go to not die. If you can learn that skill, you will be destroying every team you go against in Modern Warfare. If your enemy does the same thing every match, then take advantage of that and eliminate them the same way every round. Everybody has a flaw in the way they play, it is up to you to find that flaw in everybody you play against.

Play aggressively or passively

It just depends on your playstyle because it all depends on who you are facing. If you play aggressively, you must make sure that the other people are focused on your other teammate or else they will shoot first. The main goal is to distract them and then quickly go for the kill. Turn your sensitivity up if you want to be faster at using your weapons. If you want to play passively and camp it up near the spawn, then you can go right ahead. You might get another team that tries to push you from both sides, and that is where you have the advantage. Use your enemies’ mistakes to your own advantage. Memorize each map to find the spots that you can easily take out the enemy without them even seeing you. Always see if there is an easier way to take them out.

Go for headshots

It is pretty easy to understand that a headshot on an enemy will do way more damage then a body shot and it could mean life or death depending on where you hit the enemy. If you can hit headshots with no problem, then you are all set to dominate in this game mode. If you are not really good at hitting your shots, then try your best to shoot a little higher than you are used to. It all takes practice and once you get down where to shoot, you will literally zoom through every match like it is nothing. To sum it all up, shooting the head will make your enemy die quicker. Also, depending on the gun you are using, it could be more difficult to get headshots. If you are using the pistol, headshots are almost necessary if you want to take them down quick.

Be the first to shoot

If you find yourself in a 1 vs 1 situation, then it is best to have the upper hand against your opponent. you should already have your gun sights up so you are ready when they show their face. The easiest thing to do is to either camp it up and use the corners to find your enemy. Otherwise, you could try to pull a clutch and destroy the other player. The only problem with that is you might not get your shots and he might be waiting for you. All you should do is try to learn how the other player is playing and adapt around that.

Use the overtime flag to your advantage

There is an overtime flag in the middle of each match and it is only activated when the round goes on for too long. Once it activates, you could try to capture it yourself and win the round, but you are showing your location to the enemy. You could also use it to lure the enemy into the flag and take them out when they are taking it. Whatever it is, everything that you can use to help you win the match is important and if you can use it to your advantage, then you will win each match no matter what the round gives you.

Don’t forget about your Lethal and Tactical items

I can’t tell you how many matches I have played that the other team used flash grenades and throwing knives. If they can flash or stun you, then they have the advantage over you. The best thing to do is wait to push until your grenades and lethal unlock in each round because if you can use those to your advantage, then you will dominate in each round. When each round starts, you have to watch out because the other team has the same loadout as you. Each time you throw anything, there is a chance it will hit someone so try to get accurate shots every time and also throw them as much as you can.

Outsmart your enemy

Your enemy will play a certain way, so you have to watch and talk to your teammate to outsmart them. Change up how you play every round so that the enemy does not learn how you play. If you played aggressively one round, try to camp it up another round. The only reason that you should not play the same way every time is if they see how you play, they will get you every time. Always play differently because they will learn how to beat you. Try your best to overpower your enemy and use your weapons to your advantage.

Play with another person with a mic

If you have a friend that has a mic and you play with them, it will make the experience a lot better because you can talk to each other about the location of the enemies. If you know the location of an enemy but your friend doesn’t, you can always tell them the exact location. If you die, it gives your teammate a better chance to survive against the enemies that are left. Also, it makes the game a lot more fun if you play with someone you know. If you go against a team that is not talking to each other, you can easily take them out very easily. Always have someone to play with.

Use whatever the game gives you to your advantage

The fun part of Gunfight is how it gives you a different loadout every match. It gives you and the enemy team the same loadout and it gives you each loadout for 2 rounds and then it changes. If the game gives you a sniper rifle, then stay back and try to pick off the enemy team. If the game gives you a pistol, try to get close and personal with the enemy. Use your tactical and lethal weapons and every weapon you get, use to the best of your ability. It is competitive, but most of all have fun while playing or else you will not have a good time. The more you rage, the less fun you have.


In conclusion, if you have Modern Warfare, then you should play Gunfight. It is actually one of the best things that the developers added to this game and it makes for a good experience with your friends. Also, if you have 4 people, you are able to play with the 4 of you. You have to have fun while playing so you are going to want to make your experience as best as possible. Gunfight is a fun game mode and it also makes you think while you play. Make sure that you have a fun time playing and you dominate every match that you play.