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How To Obtain Vampire Forms in V Rising?

How To Obtain Vampire Forms in V Rising?

V Rising is a beautifully crafted game that takes advantage of the vampiric lore it is based on. Unlike the rest of the survival games in the genre, this one relies heavily on the RPG elements and your build and powers have a massive impact on your game experience. The powers are reminiscent of an MMORPG like Lost Ark.

On top of the basic powers, the character has the awesome ability to shape shift into various other beings each having their own set of perks. These Vampire forms and where you find them are listed below:

  • Wolf: Killing Alpha Wolf found in Farbane Woods near Wolf Den.
  • Bear: Killing the Ferocious Bear found in Farbane Forest in Bear Cave.
  • Rat: Killing Putrid Rat, a boss that you have to summon using crafting items. Detail below.
  • Human: Killing Beatrice the Tailor found in Dawnbreak Village in the Dunley Farmlands.
  • Toad: Killing The Duke of Balaton found in Swamp of Greed in the Cursed Forest.
  • Bat: Killing Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer found in the Cursed Forest

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Vampire Form: Wolf

The most important and earliest form you can unlock while playing the game. As soon as you unlock the Blood Altar in your castle you will be able to track the Alpha Wolf, a level-16 V Blood unit. You can find it near the Wolf Den in the Farbane Woods. Feed on the boss once you have lowered its health to get this ability.

In this form, your movement speed is increased by 45% which is great for escaping dicey situations. Low-level wolves won’t attack you anymore in this form as well. You will lose this form if you get attacked.

Vampire Form: Bear

Another crucial form to unlock. The Bear form is unlocked by killing the Ferocious Bear, a level-36 V Blood unit. You can easily track it using the Blood Altar in your castle. You can find it in the Bear Cave in the Farbane Woods, location of this cave is marked on the map below. You will also be able to create Fur Rugs for your castle after beating this boss.

In this form you can destroy massive resources that otherwise would require explosives, it also increases your resistances by 25, movement speed by 15%, reduces the damage you take by 25% and you regenerate health slightly faster. Being in this form also makes other bears neutral against you. You won’t lose this form by getting damaged.

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Vampire Form: Rat

The Rat form is acquired through the killing of Putrid Rat, a level-30 V Blood unit. This is not a trackable boss by the Blood Altar and you are required to summon it in your castle by using the Vermin Nest structure. To summon this boss you will need; 1 Twilight Snapper, 4 Fish Bones, and 8 Grave Dust. Using these materials in the nest will summon the Putrid Rat in the castle where you will have to fight and feed on its blood to unlock this form.

The rat form turns you into a small vermin making it harder for enemies to detect you so you can sneak past them useful if you just want to get past some guards without having to fight the whole village. It’s for stealth only and any damage received will revert you to your vampiric form.

Vampire Form: Human

The Human form is acquired by downing and feeding on Beatrice the Tailor, a level-38 V Blood boss. This nasty old lady is trackable using the Blood Altar in your castle. She is located in the Dawnbreak Village in the Dunley Farmlands region, she roams this particular area so her location may be vary. Defeating her will unlock the Human form along with:

  • Structure Blueprints: Loom, Assortment of Curtains
  • Recipes: Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, Cotton Yarn

This form turns you into a human and allows you to walk unnoticed in human settlements and interact with traders however strong-willed humans like priests will still be able to detect you. This form greatly increases your blood consumption rate so you cannot stay human for long so plan accordingly.

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Vampire Form: Toad

The most unusual form of them all. The toad form is unlocked by killing and feeding on The Duke of Balaton, a level-62 V Blood unit. This boss can be tracked using the Blood Altar in your castle. He is located in the Swamp of Greed in the Cursed Forest.

This form is a pretty odd one as it allows you to jump extremely high in the air. Though the exact purpose of this form is quite unworthy I suppose you can jump over smaller fences meaning that you could infiltrate other players’ fenced areas or areas that are blocked by huge walls.

Vampire Form: Bat

The perfect transformation for a vampire. The Bat form is unlocked by killing and feeding on a powerful vampire called Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer, an end game level-76 V Blood unit. He can be tracked using the Blood Altar in your castle. He is found roaming in the Cursed Forest. His general location is pointed on the map below.

The Bat form allows you to fly over the map even over some impossible terrain. This form is not usable while carrying resources or while being indoors and it requires a valid landing spot when you want to exit the form. While flying around you are pretty much safe from anything underneath you but beware of the day and night cycle so that you don’t get burned by the sun.

Each of these forms is an important addition to your vampiric arsenal and provides some unique benefits that will ultimately help you in growing your vampire empire. You won’t be able to get them early on and will have to level up to defeat the bosses that grant you the respective power but once you do get them, get ready for a welcomed shift in the gameplay.