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Is Apex Legends Worth Your Time?

Is Apex Legends Worth Your Time?

It seems like there are soo many Battle Royales coming out and it might be getting old for you a little bit. You have probably also heard about Apex Legends as well. One of the best things about this game is that it is totally free on basically any platform excluding the Nintendo Switch. You can also buy the Bloodhound Edition or the Lifeline Edition which gives the player a bunch of Legendary skins for your Legends and weapons. One thing you might ask is if the game is worth downloading. It is free so after reading the article, just give the game a try. If you want more information then that, here are a bunch of reasons you should try Apex Legends.

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The vast amount of weapons to use

There are a total of 19 guns to pick up in the game world and they all are good in there own way. The mechanics of the weapons are actually really good and they are fun to shoot. Some feel like futuristic laser guns while others feel like regular guns now. It seems like every round you play is different just because it is random what weapons you get. The most important things to find with your weapons are the attachments.

There are also soo many attachments to find and it switches up the weapon as well. There are some special addons that change how the gun fires and its damage output, so you have to know exactly what to put on your weapon. The guns just feel really good and if you are a fan of the Titanfall games, you will like this game.

The different Legends to choose

There are 12 Legends currently in the game and they each have different abilities that are bosted with the help of the other Legends. If you can pair up 3 Legends that work with each other on one team and you talk to each other, then you will have a better time. There are 6 Legends that you will have unlocked automatically, and there are 6 that you must unlock either by playing the game or buying them.

Keep in mind that this is a free game and the Developers need to make money somewhere. As a person that played the game for a long time, I am totally for the idea of having skins and Legends that you can purchase, but you can also earn all of them if you play the game long enough. It is just up to you what you want to do. The Legends are a great part of the game and it is totally worth checking out because of it.

The constant map changes

Since there is new content being released constantly, there are also constant map changes. New maps have been released so there is always a sense of something new coming to the game. As I played the game, it was like there was always something that was being added and it made me want to play the game even more. If you like games that give a lot of content and release even more in the future, then this game is for you. They are also making more maps in the future so there will be soo many places to discover if you have never played before.

New seasons with new content

Just recently, Apex Season 4 was released and it brought a whole lot of new content with it including access to the first map and a new Legend. If you buy the Battle Pass for around $8, then you will have access to a massive amount of skins and customization items for your account. The more you play, the more stuff you will earn for your weapons and Legends.

I would play the game for a little while before buying anything because you might stop playing a little while after and lose the opportunity to get even more stuff. If you stop after a little bit, you are basically wasting your money and you don’t want to make a purchase you might regret in the future. The game is great, but if you are just going to waste money on it, then don’t even play the game. I would say it is worth it if you get your time out of it though.

Easy to learn, but hard to master

If you have ever played the Titanfall games, you will know that the movement in Apex is the same as Titanfall’s. If you are a fan of the series, you will appreciate the movement and the guns added to the game because that is how I got into the game. I actually played APex Legends the day it came out and I was very surprised how similar the two games were.

It is a hard game if you want to play against all those hardcore streamers, but it is very easy to know how to play. You might find all the best stuff and be confident that you will win, but then you are ambushed and your whole team gets destroyed by one player. The best thing to do is keep playing and you will get better at the game.

The mass of customization items to collect

There is over 2,000+ items that you can get in the game and that is including Common to Legendary items. If you wanted to purchase every single item, it will probably cost you around $3,000 of real money just to do so. If you want to earn them all, then that will take a very long time. Every time you level up, you get a Loot Box which gives you 3 random items. Later on, it will be every other level once you get past Level 50.

I have played for over 100 hours and I am not even close to having everything in the game. Also, there are events that come around that you basically have to pay money to get the skins they are offering for it. Skins are very hard to get, but very rewarding if you work for them. Getting a Legendary item just feels like you got a million dollars because the skins are really cool as well.

Its unique armor/rarity system

The rarity system of the game does not seem very different from other games, but it very much it. You have from Common all the way to Legendary items and depending on where you land, you might find something super rare. Finding a gold weapon will give you a huge advantage over anyone else because it automatically has gold attachments on it already.

If you can, try to jump for the rare loot areas of the map because if you survive, then you will walk away with a lot of good loot. Also, Legendary armor and gear give bonuses like self-revive and faster healing. It all comes down to where you land and who you eliminate in the match. Always be on the lookout for the best loot and if you kill someone with a Legendary item, make sure you go and grab it off their body.

It is very fast-paced

The pacing in Apex Legends is very fast. You really have to get used to it because it might take you off guard when you first start playing. If you have played PUBG or other battle royales, you will know that the pacing in them is very different from Apex, but that is what sets it apart from other games. It is hard and fast, but most importantly, it is fun.

If you don’t have fun in a game, then why was the game created. I would say, if you play the game for 50 hours and you don’t have fun, then just uninstall it. I hate it when people give a game a bad review after only 2 hours of play. Just give the game a try for a while.


In conclusion, Apex Legends is a fun battle royale that is free to just download whenever you want to. I would say, if you like battle royales and want to give this one a shot, then go right ahead. I personally love the game to death because of all the different aspects of the game the developers got right. Just give it a try and you most likely won’t regret it. I know some people who don’t like the game, but that does not mean you might not.