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Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) Worth Playing?

Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) Worth Playing?

I know that the new Battlefront 2 did not live up to what a lot of the people wanted, but it was still a great game. If you have ever played the original Battlefront 2 from 2005, then you will definitely understand why the new one needed to live up to a game that is just absolutely amazing. Even though the graphics are very old, the content in the game just blows a lot of newer games out of the water. If you are wondering what this game has to offer, then here is everything that the game gives you.

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The campaign

The campaign mode of Battlefront II follows the story of the 501st Legion, some of the greatest clone infantry in the galaxy’s history, as they go from eliminating the CIS to aiding Darth Vader in his attempts at crushing the Rebel Alliance. The 501st Journal details the campaign via cut scenes, narrated by a retired clone veteran. This is the only campaign in the original games where the player fights for the Empire rather than for the Rebellion.

From fighting Acklays on Felucia to destroying Jedi in the Jedi Temple, the campaign is actually quite long and definitely worth playing. There are a total of 18 missions that all have certain objectives and you progressively become the Empire more and more. You go from CLones to Empire after Order 66 happens. I am not going to spoil anything else, but if you do get the game, make sure you play through the entire campaign because it is quite good.

Galactic Conquest

In the game mode, players take turns battling the enemy for total control of the galaxy, with the victor of the last battle being the one given the option where to attack next. Each faction has a special ability after four victories, the Republic and Rebellion can take possession of a planet and control it completely, while the CIS and Empire will erase the planet from the map entirely via a blockade or the Death Star.

Each planet has two battlefronts to secure, and after one of them is controlled by each side, the ring surrounding the planet turns white, meaning the planet is contested. After both battlefronts are secured by aside, it will either be green for the player’s faction or red for the enemy’s faction. Once the home planet is conquered, the player will be victorious.


This mode is pretty self-explanatory. You can play any mode you want to with anybody, even have your friends join you. I don’t know how many times I have had battles with my friends and it is always a blast. I have a lot of good memories playing the game when I was really little and loving the fact that it is Star Wars. Even if you are not a big fan of the series, you still will probably enjoy this game because of everything you can do in it.

Instant Action

In Instant Action, the player fights alongside a team of AI bots against another team of AI bots. The AI can spawn as troopers, reinforcements, vehicles, and heroes and are able to use their unique abilities. Both teams fight for majority control over five Command Posts scattered across planetary battlegrounds. Command Posts controlled by the player’s team can be spawned on. The team that controls a majority of the Command Posts will earn scores and the first team to reach a score of 100% wins. 

A ton of awesome maps

Maps are often designed for the game modes in which they are playable. In DICE’s series, small modes, such as Cargo or Strike, which consist of less than 20 players, often use maps with lots of close-quarter areas and are relatively small. On the other hand, large modes in DICE’s series like Galactic Assault or Capital Supremacy, which have maximum player counts of 40, use very large maps that are often sequentially fought in with the use of phases.

Here are all the maps that the game lets you explore and fight in:

  • Bespin: Cloud City
  • Coruscant: Jedi Temple
  • Dagobah: Swamp
  • Death Star: Interior
  • Endor: Bunker
  • Felucia: Marshland
  • Geonosis: Dust Plains
  • Hoth: Echo Base
  • Kamino: Cloning Facility
  • Kashyyyk: Beachhead
  • Mustafar: Refinery
  • Mygeeto: War-Torn City
  • Naboo: Theed
  • Polis Massa: Medical Facility
  • Rhen Var: Citadel
  • Rhen Var: Harbor
  • Tantive IV: Interior
  • Tatooine: Jabba’s Palace
  • Tatooine: Mos Eisley
  • Utapau: Sinkhole
  • Yavin 4: Arena
  • Yavin 4: Temple
  • Space Felucia
  • Space Hoth
  • Space Kashyyyk
  • Space Mygeeto
  • Space Tatooine
  • Space Yavin

Hunts and Hero Assault

Hunt is the combat mode that lets you play as some of your favorite indigenous factions, and is only available on the planets on which those factions live. This means the player can fill their lifelong dream of becoming a Gungan, an Ewok, or even a Jawa! Despite the indigenous species’ attacks not being very effective, it is kind of fun to change it up every once in a while and try to overcome a Scout Trooper with an Ewok. You won’t see this mode very much when playing online.

The game also has a mode called Hero Assault, but it is not the same Assault you find on the space maps. Instead of a space battle, you will find yourself battling with the Heroes available from the game with the two sides heroes and villains. The game is scored like the regular Assault but ends up playing like a Conquest, except for the inability to take over Command Posts.

The many classes and heroes to choose from

There are soo many classes to choose from for Infantry, and each faction has a different person to use. Generally, each side has the same weaponry, but there is a small spin on each of them. In each match, there is a chance for you to have a chance at playing as a hero or villain. There are also 2 locked troopers for every faction that can only be unlocked with a certain number of kills in each match. In all, the class system is very well done.

The Galactic Empire:

  • Stormtrooper
  • Shock Trooper
  • Scout Trooper
  • Imperial Engineer
  • Imperial Officer
  • Dark Trooper
  • Imperial Pilot
  • Imperial Marine

The Rebel Alliance:

  • Rebel Soldier
  • Rebel Vanguard
  • Rebel Marksman
  • Rebel Smuggler
  • Bothan Spy
  • Wookiee Warrior
  • Rebel Pilot
  • Rebel Marine

The CIS:

  • Battle Droid
  • Super Battle Droid
  • Assault Droid
  • Assassin Droid
  • Engineer Droid
  • MagnaGuard
  • Droideka
  • Droid Pilot
  • Droid Marine

The Galactic Republic:

  • Clone Trooper
  • Clone Heavy Trooper
  • Clone Sharpshooter
  • Clone Engineer
  • Clone Commander
  • Jet Trooper
  • Clone Pilot
  • Clone Marine


In conclusion, Battlefront 2 (2005) is a great game that you can get for very cheap. Since it is old, a lot more people most likely have it and the Multiplayer servers are open. You could also play local games with your friends if you choose to do so. I would say this game is definitely worth it because of all the content you get with it. I hope you will consider buying and playing it.