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Kill It With Fire Review

Kill It With Fire Review

Kill It With Fire is one of those indie games that just make you think about how the developers even came up with such an idea. I mean, knowing that, TinyBuild can pretty much come up with anything in the future and it will be unique. If you hear that there is an exterminator game, then you might be thinking that it is going to be extremely boring, but with this game, that is not the case.

I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game, even though it is very short. There are many things that I enjoyed about this game and there are a few negatives I will address in this review. So here is my Kill It With Fire Review.

Main Goals

According to any game store you go to, the description of the game is “Kill It With Fire is a first-person action game about hunting spiders and causing collateral damage. Assemble your arsenal of increasingly excessive weapons, track spiders across suburbia, and burn everything in your path!” That pretty much sums up what the main goal of this game is.

One of the negative things about the game is the fact that it does not really give you the motive to use more than a couple of tools other than for completing the challenges with specific items. As you progress, you get a ton of new items and weapons to kill spiders with, but it seemed like I was always going back to either the Molotovs or Frying Pan.

Other than that, the game is about killing spiders in the weirdest ways possible. You can put a Baloon on an anvil and then throw a Cheese Ball under it and attract a spider. Once it is under it, you can drop the anvil on it. Things like that. You start out in a small room and you slowly unlock more things as you kill more spiders.

The game gives you a clipboard with some empty objectives and you can find more objectives around the area you spawn. Complete those objectives and you can unlock new weapons and tools. There is even a special ending if you complete everything in the game.


The gameplay is very fun. From the beginning, you are constantly causing chaos everywhere you go. You can eventually get C4 and Rocket Launchers and start blowing everything up just to kill all the spiders in an area. You can sum up the game with this: you’re an exterminator that can literally use anything he wants and can destroy as much stuff as he wants to get the job done.

The gameplay is simple, but also very fun. Sometimes you need to play a game that allows you to just sit back and relax and have fun with what you are playing. This game is not about finishing fast or just kill all the spiders, it is a game that allows you to play at your own pace, and it gives you great ways to play.


The graphics of the game are very simple. The low poly graphics certainly fit the cartoony nature of the gameplay, and I really enjoy this unique art style.

This game is very easy to run. Pretty much any PC can run this game and it is not demanding on anything you play it on. Having low-poly graphics is also a great idea because it doesn’t matter if you have a potato PC or an insanely expensive PC, since most computers can run this game.


The music in this game is comical sounding and fits with the atmosphere of the game. When you complete these challenges, the heavy metal starts to play which fits with the havoc you are causing. When you are just walking around, there might be some “scary” sounds when the spiders come out but it is just for the fun of the game.

Any other time you are just exploring, there is cheerful music to lighten the mood. The sounds are also very good too and make for a better experience. There were some noises that were very loud in the beginning, but the developers fixed those small bugs a day or two after.

The final scene of the game was ear-bleedingly loud for some reason, and I’m assuming that was a bug as well.

Replay Value

This game is made to be replayed. Every time you beat challenges and objectives, you can find upgrades and other important items around the area. You can also replay any level once you finish it just in case you missed something or you just want to try and beat it another way. Not to spoil anything, but if you 100% complete everything in the game, then there is a bonus at the end that you would not get to see any other way.

It is a pretty fun game even if you play it through once, but I feel it is better to play it again and try to 100% complete it. It does not take a long time and you can also get your money’s worth out of it. About 3 hours is the time it took me to beat all the levels, but I could have spent much longer than that to fully complete it.


The mechanics of the game are actually pretty good. The fire physics when you throw a Molotov or the explosions of the grenades and bombs, everything makes the game. The way you kill the spiders is very unique and nothing similar to what you might think killing a spider would be like. There are hundreds of weird ways to kill them and it is up to you to use everything the game gives you to complete your task.

There were some glitches where an item that I needed to beat the level would fall behind a desk or object that I could not move, and I would have to restart the level to beat it fully. Other than that, there were not many glitches the game had that would make me not get the game. It is a fun, little indie game that you can sit back and play to relax.


In conclusion, Kill It With Fire is a small, yet very fun game. You can get this game for around $15 USD, and I would recommend you only to get it at full price if you are gonna play though it multiple times. If not, then I would definitely wait for a sale. All in all, this is a great little indie game by TinyBuild that is totally worth your time.