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Best Breath of the Wild Horse Stats and How to Get Them

Best Breath of the Wild Horse Stats and How to Get Them

Breath of the Wild is full of all types of animals, and the most important ones are the Horses. With these, you can travel around a lot faster than you can on foot and you can forget about them if you aren’t careful. Most people don’t know how to get good Horses so that is why we are here.

The three stats you are going to be looking for in a Horse are its Strength, Speed, and Stamina. Having a good balance of all three is going to be your best option because there are really no perfect Horses in the game unless you own the DLC.

If you don’t know how to tame a Horse, we will go into more detail about that and we will also be going over how to find a Horse with good stats. If you are interested, then the rest of the article is for you.

Taming a Horse

There are many ways to tame a horse. One way is to sneak up on a wild horse and mount it when it’s not looking. Another way is to feed a wild horse apples until it’s tame. The final way is to use a weapon to stun the horse, then mount it while it’s stunned.

Whichever way you choose, make sure you have some carrots or apples on hand, because you’ll need them to tame your new steed. If your horse gets too tired, you can rest it in a stable by using a bed or sleeping mat. You can register a horse at a stable if you want to keep it.

Here are the five best Horses you can find in Breath of the Wild:

  • The White Horse – This horse has the best speed stat in the game, making it the perfect choice for travelling long distances quickly.
  • The Brown Horse – This horse has the best stamina stat in the game, making it great for running long distances or travelling through rough terrain.
  • The Black Horse – This horse has the best health stat in the game, making it great for taking on difficult challenges.
  • The Red Horse – This horse has a good speed and stamina stat, making it a good choice for general travel.
  • The Epona Horse – While this horse doesn’t have the best stats in the game, it’s the only horse that can’t be killed, making it perfect for travelling through dangerous areas.

Bonding with a Horse

The first way to bond with a horse is by feeding it apples. Apples can be found all over Hyrule, so finding some shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you have an apple, approach your horse and hold down A to feed it. Do this until your horse is fully fed, then pat it on the head to finish the bonding process.

The best way to bond with a horse is by riding it around. Riding your horse will not only build your bond with it, but it will also help you become more comfortable riding it.

Best Horse Stats

You are going to want a mix of all three of these main stats, but you won’t find a Horse with all of them maxed out. You need to find a balance between all of these if you want your Horse to be the best it can be. Here are the 3 Horse stats you want to look out for.

1. Strength

Strength is the defense that the Horse has. Your Horse can get killed if it takes enough damage, and luckily, you can resurrect a dead Horse. You need to talk to the fairy in the pool and you will have the option to resurrect any dead Horse.

The stronger your Horse, the harder it will be for it to die. Just keep in mind that strength isn’t a priority for Horses as much as the other 2 attributes because I doubt you will be doing much horseback combat.

2. Speed

Speed is obviously how fast your Horse will run. You can also get spurs for your Horse to give them a burst of speed when you need to get away from something quickly. You can bond with your Horse and it will increase its stats, but speed is a really important one that you need to look for in a Horse.

The faster your Horse it, the easier it will be to traverse the world. The map is massive and speed is going to be your number one ally to getting around.

3. Stamina

Stamina is the amount of energy that the Horse uses to run. Obviously, the more Stamina your Horse has, the longer it will sprint for. It does help to gallop with the Horse and if you do need to sprint, it is ready for you to do.

Horses that have lots of stamina can run at top speed for a long time. However, they can’t turn well when they’re running at top speed. If your horse can’t turn sharply, you’re more likely to hit obstacles, so think before you ask your horse to sprint.

How to get good Horse stats?

If you are taming a wild horse, then the stats are completely random. When you are looking for a Horse, make sure to follow the guide we put earlier in the article to which color Horse you want because it does matter. There are a few things you can do to boost the stats of your Horse and they are pretty easy to do.

Here are a few ways to get good Horse stats:

  • Use a Horse God Talisman: The Horse God Talisman is an item that can be found in Breath of the Wild. It doubles your horse’s stats, making it the best way to get good horse stats.
  • Feed Your Horse Grains: Horses love grains, and feeding them will make them happy and give them a stat boost. The higher the level of the grain, the bigger the boost.
  • Level Up Your Horse: By leveling up your horse, you can increase its stats. This can be done by feeding it carrots or apples.