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How To Get The Golden Lie Weapon in Lies of P

How To Get The Golden Lie Weapon in Lies of P

Lies of P has a wide assortment of weapons. Those who have played the game know that special weapons are much better than regular ones. However, there are some special weapons that are entirely hidden and require a series of steps to unlock. In this article, we will cover how you can get your hands on the Golden Lie in Lies of P. The weapon is missable so read the article carefully.

To unlock the Golden Lie weapon, P must raise his humanity as much as possible. Humanity is raised by choosing the “lying” option when presented with the opportunity, listening to records, solving riddles, and a few other ways. You should also find and give the “Portrait of a Boy” in Chapter 5 to Geppetto.


At the highest point of humanity, the weapon will literally come out of this portrait. Interact with the painting and you got yourself the Golden Lie. Learn more in this guide!

How to Get the Golden Lie

the Golden Lie

The Golden Lie is a secret missable weapon in Lies of P. It is a very powerful weapon in the game so should not sleep on it, especially if you are hunting all the achievements. You must meet a few conditions before this weapon can be acquired.

You will need to have a high level of Humanity by the time you talk to Sophia after defeating Laxasia in Chapter 11. To do this, you will have to make specific choices throughout the game.

Step 1: Get the Portrait of the Boy

Portrait of the Boy

The first and most important thing must do is get the “Portrait of the Boy”. The portrait is found in Chapter 5 in Malum District Town Hall after you have defeated the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Take this portrait to Geppetto in Hotel Krat and he will hang it in the room he is in.

Step 2: Raising Humanity

P must raise his Humanity to the highest level to get the Golden Lie weapon. Each time you do something that affects your Humanity, you will see a message pop up on the screen. The message will correlate to the level of humanity you have obtained:

  • Level 1 Message: “Your springs are reacting”.
  • Level 2 Message: “The Ergo is whispering”.
  • Level 3 Message: “You feel warmth”.
  • Level 4 Message: ” Your heart is pounding”. This message appears only after talking to Sophia in Chapter 11 so don’t worry if it doesn’t pop up for you. It will appear later on when you have done everything right.

You can gain Humanity by doing the following things:

  • Choose to Lie or pick the Human dialogue option whenever you are presented with an opportunity when talking to NPCs.
Julian the Gentlemen
  • Complete NPC quests. Return to NPCs every now and then, especially the ones in Hotel Krat, to get a quest or some sort of dialogue exchange. Some quests are multi-layered so make sure to follow them to the end before the game ends.
Record player Hotel Krat  - Lies of P Golden Lie
  • Listen to the Records, found all over the world on the Hotel Krat’s record player.
ringing phone in Malum District  - Lies of P Golden Lie
  • Pick up the King of Riddles’ phone and correctly answer the riddle.
pray in front of the statue
  • Use the Pray gesture in front of the Statue.

Step 3: Defeat Laxasia

Laxasia  - Lies of P Golden Lie

After defeating Laxasia in Chapter 11, talk to Sophia and select the “Give her Peace” option. Your Humanity needs to be at a high level before this encounter so make sure to do everything we have mentioned before.

If everything goes according to plan, P’s hair will turn grey signaling his high humanity. If it doesn’t then you have failed and will have to start again.

Step 4: Talk to Geppetto

Geppetto  - Lies of P Golden Lie

Next, locate Geppetto in Chapter 11 and choose the“Yes” dialogue option.

Step 5: Simon Manus

Simon Manus -  Lies of P Golden Lie

Defeat Simon Manus in Chapter 11. Afterward, pick the “I liberated her from Arche Abbey” dialogue option.

Final Step: Golden Lie

Golden Lie portrait - Lies of P Golden Lie

After everything is done and you have maxed out your Humanity, visit the room in Hotel Krat where Geppetto hung the Portrait of the Boy. Go to the portrait where you will see the nose of the boy has grown out of the painting. Simply interact with the painting to get the Golden Lie weapon.

Fail States

There are a few ways you can fail and completely miss the weapon:

  • If you have talked to Sophia in Chapter 11 and have picked the “Let her live” option then you will have to start a new game to get the weapon.
  • If you have already talked to Sophia in Chapter 11 and have picked the “Give her peace” option and your hair did not change colors, it means you did not have enough humanity and you will have to start over.

Make sure to have enough Humanity before engaging with Sophia in Chapter 11.

The Golden Lie is one of the strongest and hardest-to-find weapons in Lies of P. Makes sure to work towards increasing your Humanity from the very start of the game otherwise you will miss out on this weapon.