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Bloodborne Guide to All Consumables

Bloodborne Guide to All Consumables

Bloodborne is very different from the other Souls games it was based on, but that is what makes it stand out. Yes, it is only a console exclusive and we wish it was on PC, but if you have a PS4, you probably have played this game. When you first start playing, you might be confused about how everything works, especially the consumables. They are all named very weirdly and you might accidentally use an important item. Here are all the consumable items in Bloodborne and where to find them.

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Small medicinal tablets that counteract poison. Used to treat ashen blood, the baffling sickness that ravaged Old Yharnam long ago. These tablets only provide short-term relief. The ashen blood ailment eventually triggered the spread of the beastly scourge.

The Antidote removes poison and poison build-up. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messengers after gaining Sword Hunter Badge
  • Dropped by Carrion Crows
  • 4x Cathedral Ward, after taking a ladder down and up a set of broken stairs under the altar passageway to Old Yharnam.
  • 1x Cathedral Ward, before the entrance to the Forbidden Woods, at Alfred’s second location.
  • 3x Old Yharnam, in the first building after the chaingun triggers.
  • 3x Old Yharnam, in the broken part of the first building, with the plank bridge that leads over to a nest of crows.
  • 1x Old Yharnam, in the building on the other side of the plank bridge.
  • 3x Old Yharnam, in the building with the hanging beast, next to the staircase near the entrance.
  • 1x Old Yharnam, at the entrance to the last shortcut, where the wolf beast breaks through the door.
  • 3x Old Yharnam, hidden behind the altar in the Church of the Good Chalice.
  • 3x Forbidden Woods, behind the windmill next to the lamp.
  • ?x Forbidden Woods, in the cave with the path to Iosefka’s Clinic, close to the dog cages.

Beast Blood Pellet

Large medicinal pellets, supposedly formed of coagulated beast blood. Banned by the Healing Church due to their unclear origin. Grants a spurt of beasthood. Ripping apart the flesh of one’s enemies and being rained up by their splattering blood invigorates one’s sense of beasthood, feeding strength and euphoric feeling alike.

Beast Blood Pellets temporarily grants Beasthood for 60 Seconds. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Can be purchased in Hunter’s Dream for 1 Insight after obtaining the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge
  • Rare drop from Wolf Beast.
  • Very rare drop from Carrion Crow.
  • 2x Iosefka’s Clinic, quest reward for sending the Suspicious Beggar there.
  • 2x Oedon Chapel, quest “reward” for sending the Suspicious Beggar there and feeding him NPCs. 6x At the bottom of Old Yharnam, in a dead-end street near the Blood-starved Beast.
  • 3x Forbidden Woods, before falling down the plank trap to the village, in the broken house beyond the flower hill.
  • 6x Forbidden Woods, in the house to the left of the village entrance, below the dog cages.
  • 4x Forbidden Woods, in a broken house next to the cannon.
  • 1x Nightmare of Mensis, behind some mirrors in Mergo’s Loft, between the two staircases leading down to the broken floor.
  • Dropped (rarity uncertain) from Wheelchair Hunters in Research Hall

Blood Dreg

The Vilebloods of Cainhurst, blood-lusting hunters, see these frightful things in coldblood. They often appear in the blood of echo fiends, that is to say, the blood of hunters. Queen Annalise partakes in these blood dreg offerings, so that she may one day bear the Child of Blood, the next Vileblood heir.

The Blood Dreg is used to increase covenant ranking with Queen Annalise. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Received from killing hunters while in the Vileblood Covenant.
  • NPCs will drop these as well but you must have the Corruption rune equipped.
  • NPCs when killed in other Hunters’ Worlds also count.
  • There’s a very low chance that they drop from Hunter NPCs inside Chalice Dungeons – if the Corruption runes are equipped.

Blood of Adella

Blood taken from Adella, nun of the Healing Church. Restores an amount of HP, then continues to gradually restore HP for a short time. The Healing Church nuns are chosen for their meritas vessels for blood, and groomed as Blood Saints.The mere chance of being treated with their bloodlends legitimacy to the Healing Church and communion.

The Blood of Adella restores a small amount of HP, and also gradually increases it for 20 seconds after use. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • A gift from Adella the Nun if you send her to the Oedon Chapel in Cathedral Ward.
  • You can only carry 1 at a time, but she will refresh your supply after spending it.

Blood of Arianna

Blood taken from Arianna, Cathedral Ward woman ofpleasure. The sweet blood of Arianna restores HP, and temporarily speeds stamina recovery. A member of the old Healing Church would knowthat her blood is similar indeed, to precisely what was once forbidden.

The Blood of Arianna restores a small amount of HP, and also gradually increases it for 20 seconds after use. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • A gift from Arianna once she moves to the Cathedral Ward lantern.
  • You can only carry 1 at a time, but if you speak to Arianna after using the item, she will give you another.

Blood Vial

Special blood used in ministration, Restores HP. Once a patient has had their blood ministered, a unique but common treatment in Yharnam, successive infusions recall the first, and are all the more invigorating for it. No surprise that most Yharnamites are heavy users of blood.

The Blood Vial restores 40% of your health when consumed. These are essential for surviving. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messengers
  • Common drop from most enemies 2x 1st Floor Sickroom, on a corpse near the exit.
  • 4x Central Yharnam, on a corpse straight ahead after opening the first gate.
  • 2x Central Yharnam, next to the ladder lever.
  • 2x Central Yharnam, in front of the locked gate, near the large bonfire.
  • 2x Central Yharnam, beside the staircase leading down to the fountain plaza.
  • 6x Central Yharnam, the far side of the fountain plaza, near the well.

Blue Elixir

Dubious liquid medicine used in strange experiments conducted by high ministers of the Healing Church. A type of anesthetic that numbs the brain. Hunters, able to retain consciousness by force of will, make use of a secondary effect of the medicine, which dilutes their presence while standing still.

Blue Elixir grants stealth for 30 seconds. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Very rare drop from Church Giant.
  • Very rare drop from guys with Blue Lanterns and Canes in Grand Cathederal.
  • Extremely rare drop from Small Celestial Emissaries.
  • Can be purchased in the Hunter’s Dream for 2 Insight after acquiring the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge.
  • 3x Reward for sending all NPCs to Iosefka’s Clinic.
  • 4x Inside a house next to the dog cages in the Forbidden Woods village.
  • 3x Drop from the hostile npc in Byrgenwerth.
  • 1x Upper Cathedral Ward, at the top of the first staircase, near the entrance.
  • 1x Upper Cathedral Ward, up the ladder in the orphanage, near a shortcut door.
  • 2x Nightmare of Mensis, on a ledge beside a curved staircase, close to the first Tormented Nanny.
  • 10x in the Research Hall.

Bold Hunter’s Mark

Dangling, upside-down rune etched in the mind of a hunter. This reminder allows one to envision the rune with clarity. Allows a hunter to awaken again without losing Blood Echoes, a trick that seems nearly too good to be true.

The Bold Hunter’s Mark allows you to warp back to the last Lamp you used while keeping your Blood Echoes. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messengers after gaining Sword Hunter Badge
  • 4x Given to you by Eileen the Crow when you first meet her.
  • 2x Central Yharnam, on a corpse before the Tomb of Oedon.
  • 2x Old Yharnam, at the top of the last stairs down to the Blood-thirsty Beast.
  • 2x Cainhurst Castle, on a corpse before Logarius’ Seat.
  • Rare drop from Crawling Corpse
  • NG+ Talking with Djura and agree to spare the beasts in Old Yharnam
  • Chalice Dungeon

Bolt Paper

Coarse paper that applies bolt to weapons when rubbed.Invented by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church workshop. Artificially recreates the blue sparks that are said to surround darkbeasts. Unlike the other strange weapons created by Archibald, this one was favored by many hunters, in particular those who had even once laid eyes on a darkbeast.

Bolt Paper coats your right-hand weapon in Bolt Element for 60 seconds. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messengers after gaining Spark Hunter Badge.
  • Sold by Insight Messengers after gaining Spark Hunter Badge.
  • Rare drop from Snatchers.
  • One drop from the witch on the way to Hemwick Charnel Lane.
  • 4x Dropped by the Tonitrus wielding NPC in Cathedral Ward.
  • 5x Yahar’Gul, Unseen Village, on a body down one of the side streets, guarded by a boar.
  • 3x Yahar’Gul, Unseen Village (nightmare), on a body above some witches. Drop down from the curved staircase where the banister is missing.
  • 2x Nightmare Frontier, on a corpse next to a rock thrower, after going through the tunnel.

Bone Marrow Ash

Additional medium that strengthens Quicksilver Bullets. According to the workshop, this is a special bone marrow ash collected from Hemwick Charnel Lane. Invaluable to hunters with weak bloodtinge who require the use of stronger firearms.

Bone Marrow Ash increases Quicksilver Bullet damage on the next shot only. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messenger after gaining Radiant Sword Hunter Badge
  • 9x Outside of Grand Cathedral, on the way to Hemwich Charnel Lane next to few guys standing near a bonfire.
  • 8x Hemwick Charnel Lane, behind the witch who try to push you off the cliff, next to the plank bridge.
  • 8x Hemwick Charnel Lane, on a corpse by the monument, near the Witch’s Abode.
  • Inside Chalice Dungeons.
  • 6x Old Yharnam, drop from the hunter NPC below Djura’s tower.
  • Rare drop from riflemen.

Coldblood Dew

Droplet of coldblood containing Blood Echoes. Use to gain Blood Echoes. Hunters sustained by the dream gain strength from Blood Echoes. They imbibe the blood with thoughts of reverence, indeed gratitude, for their victims.

Consume to gain Blood Echoes. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • One (2) found in a room in the Central Yharnam sewers behind the giant pig.
  • One (2) found in the Cathedral Ward before the church entrance with 4 hunter mobs patrolling.

Delayed Molotov

A special hunter tool crafted by the old Oto Workshop. These molotovs wedge into the ground when thrown, and explode on a timed delay. A shame that such a complex gadget must be sacrificed with each use of this inefficient hunter tool. Nevertheless, delayed molotovs are cherished by the minority of hunters who prefer the tricksier kill. This creation is one of the earliest- known roots of the Powder Kegs.

A molotov cocktail that explodes on a timed delay. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

*Purchasable at the messenger bath after obtaining the Firing Hammer Badge from the beast form NPC hunter in Hunter’s Nightmare.

Fire Paper

Coarse paper that applies fire to weapons when rubbed. A hunter tool found in the Healing Church workshop. Since the tragedy that struck Old Yharnam, fire has become a staple in beast hunts, and is thought to cleanse impurity. Certain types of beasts have an abnormal fear of flame.

Coats right-hand weapon in fire element for 60 seconds. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messengers after gaining Radiant Sword Hunter Badge
  • Sold by Insight Messengers after gaining Radiant Sword Hunter Badge
  • Three are given as a gift by the NPC Alfred in Cathedral Ward.
  • 3x Available in Old Yharnam’s upper section
  • 3x available in Old Yharnam next to shortcut.

Frenzied Coldblood

A rich droplet of coldblood containing Blood Echoes. Use to gain frenzied Blood Echoes. This manifestation of madness comes from a mind teetering on the very brink, but has a sane mind ever produced anything of true significance?

Consume to gain Blood Echoes. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Cainhurst Castle, courtyard, on a corpse being eaten by a blood licker.
  • Cainhurst Castle, courtyard, on the corpse being eaten by the bloated blood licker.
  • Cainhurst Castle, courtyard, behind the elevator tower.

Gold Pendant

Pendant of Vicar Amelia. Use to change into a Blood Gem, which fortifies weapons. This pendant, passed down among the vicars who head the Healing Church, is a reminder of the cautionary adage. To reveal the adage, touch the altar skull.

Consume to gain Blood Echo Gem. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

*Dropped by Vicar Amelia

Great One’s Wisdom

Fragments of the lost wisdom of the Great Ones, beings that might be described as gods. Use to gain Insight. At Byrgenwerth Master Willem had an epiphany: We are thinking on the basest of planes. What we need, are more eyes.

Consume to gain 2 Insight. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • You receive one when you kill Patches The Spider in the First Floor Lecture Hall.
    • If you kill Amygdala after meeting him in person, he will disappear, leaving the item behind on the desk where he once stood.
    • If you shoot him down from the cliff in Nightmare Frontier, he drops the item in the swamp below, but survives.
  • 1x Byrgenwerth, on a corpse under the Lunarium, behind building near the lake.
  • 4x Nightmare of Mensis, on several corpses near the Brain of Mensis. Drop off onto a hidden path via the broken cage elevator, or go through the iron door in the Micolash boss arena. Note: Easier to obtain once the Brain of Mensis is dropped into the pit.

Great One Coldblood

Relic containing the Blood Echoes of a Great One. Use to gain cosmically nightmarish Blood Echoes. Like a true revelation, this uncanny relic defies understanding.”

Use to gain nightmarish Blood Echoes. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Dungeon (On a corpse in layer 3 on the balcony that overlooks the flowery hill in middle + before the entrance to boss gate lever area)
  • Lower Hintertomb root chalice
  • Sinister Hintertomb root chalice
  • Lower Pthumeru root chalice
  • Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice
  • Isz root chalice

Hand Lantern

Small portable lantern. This hunting accessory provides light while leaving both hands free to hold weapons. The torch, however, provides a stronger source of light.

While activated, the Hand Lantern will illuminate the surrounding area. Here is the location where you can find this item:

*It’s sold by the Messengers after you acquire the Sword Hunter Badge.

Iosefka’s Blood Vial

Blood vial acquired from Iosefka’s clinic. This refined blood, highly invigorating, restores a larger amount of HP. The product of a slow and careful refinement process, this rare blood vial appears to be a clinic original.

The Hunter can use this special vial to regain 70% HP of his/her total health. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • After visiting the Hunter’s Dream for the first time, go to Iosefka’s Clinic, then go behind the lantern and up the stairs. Interact with the door once to obtain this vial.
  • It drops from a Celestial Mob at the Clinic, suggesting that the mob is the real Iosefka, while the one you talked to since reaching the Cathedral Ward is an imposter.
  • It’s found in a treasure chest in Mergo’s Lost: Middle near Queen Yharnam and a shortcut elevator.

Kin Coldblood

Coldblood of inhuman kin of the cosmos, brethren of the Great Ones. Use to gain unspeakable Blood Echoes. Dare not to delve into the world beyond humanity, the eldritch Truth touched upon long ago at Byrgenwerth.

Consume to gain Blood Echoes. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Moonside Lake, after killing Rom, The Vacuous Spider.
  • NG+ and onward replaces the locations of Blood Gem Workshop Tool and Rune Workshop Tool assuming that the player already has these items.
  • Cainhurst Castle, on a roof after a narrow ledge, below a gargoyle.
  • Cainhurst Castle, on a bridge between a roof and a tower with a ladder near the boss.
  • Nightmare Frontier, in the very back of the tunnels filled with green poisonous water and tentacle beasts near the boss.
  • Nightmare of Mensis, at the upper level of the Micolash, Host of the Nightmare boss arena.

Lead Elixir

A heavy, syrupy liquid medicine. Temporarily shifts weight to make deflection of attacks easier, but must be used with care, as it also slows movement with no change to defense. Its recipe for this mysterious concoction is unknown, but some postulate that it materializes only within the most desperate nightmares.

It provides resistance to hit stun allowing you to attack through enemy attacks for 30 seconds. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Can be purchased in the Hunter’s Dream for 2 Insight.
  • Dropped from Giant Lost Children.
  • 2x Iosefka’s Clinic, quest reward for sending the Young Yharnam Girl there.
  • 3x Cathedral Ward, inside the building with the bath fountain, where you can enter Yahar’Gul.
  • 2x Nightmare Frontier, on a ledge near the lamp, next to the first silverbeast.
  • 3x Nightmare Frontier, on the bottom ledge of a cliff, right below the Brain Trust.
  • 2x Nightmare Frontier, on a coprse in the swamp where Patches kicks you down.
  • 2x Nightmare Frontier, on a corpse near a small bridge, through the tunnel above the gravestone shortcut.
  • 2x Nightmare Frontier, 1 dropped by each of the NPC hunters.
  • 2x Nightmare of Mensis, ground floor, on a corpse next to the elevator in the big hall.
  • Dropped by Labyrinth Mole in Chalice Dungeons.

Madman’s Knowledge

Skull of a madman touched by the wisdom of the Great Ones. Use to gain Insight. Making contact with eldritch wisdom is a blessing, for even if it drives one mad, it allows one to serve a grander purpose, for posterity.

Consume to gain 1 Insight. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Reward from Adella in Hypogean Gaol , While wearing Healing Church Attire (Executioner Garb,Church Set or Gascoine’s Set)
  • Treasure Central Yharnam Sewer, dead end near Rats and boats.
  • Treasure Central Yharnam Sewer, after climbing up a ladder near the shortcut to the fountain plaza, on a corpse surrounded by crows.
  • Treasure Cathedral Ward, plaza outside the Lamp.
  • Treasure Cathedral Ward, next to the tomb lever.
  • Treasure Cathedral Ward, right below tomb lever.
  • Treasures x5 scattered around the Inner Cathedral Ward Plaza.
  • Treasure Old Yharnam, in an alcove at the bottom of the building with the altar.
  • Treasure Old Yharnam, on a beam at the top of the building with the altar. Area accessed from halfway up the ladders to Gyula’s tower, drop down onto a wooden walkway.
  • Treasure Healing Church Workshop, on a beam while dropping down to the bottom.
  • Treasure Healing Church Workshop, on the streets below tow/er near a sackboy.
  • Treasure Hemwick Charnel Lane, on a corpse next to the npc/lamp house and shortcut elevator.
  • Treasure Hemwick Charnel Lane, in the hidden room above the stables, can be seen from outside.
  • Treasure Hemwick Charnel Lane, inside the Witch’s Abode entrance, behind some barrels.

Quicksilver Bullet

Special bullets used with hunter firearms. Ordinary bullets have no effect on beasts, and so Quicksilver Bullets, fused with the wielder’s own blood, must be employed. The strength of Quicksilver Bullets depends greatly upon the wielder’s bloodtinge.

This is the main form of ammo found in the game. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • At the beginning of the game, it’s sold by the Messengers.
  • Common drop from several different enemies, most noticeably ones who wield firearms.

Red Jeweled Brooch

A woman’s bright-red brooch, engraved with the name Viola. Perhaps the jewel is a gift from a hunter. Use to change into a droplet blood gem that fortifies any weapon. With the proper workshop tool, various weapons can be fortified.

Consume this item to gain a Blood Gem. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

*Ledge above Father Gascoigne arena.


Liquid medicine concocted at Byrgenwerth. Calms the nerves. Those who delve into the arcane fall all-too-easily to madness, and thick human blood serves to calm the frayed nerves of these inquisitive minds. Naturally, this often leads to a reliance on blood ministration.

Instantly clears frenzy status build-up and beasthood build-up. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messengers after gaining Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge from the Upper Cathedral Ward.
  • 8x Quest “reward” for sending the Lonely Old Woman to Oedon Chapel and talking to her multiple times after the sky turns night.
    • Answer “I have my woes” and she will give you 1, then 2, then 3. She will leave the chapel and when she comes back later will give you 1 more sedative. After giving you 7 sedatives she will again leave her seat. Her corpse can then be found outside with 1 last sedative, leaving the Oedon Chapel Dweller distraught and speculating what happened.
  • Drops from Slime Students in the Lecture Building.
  • Drops from Byrgenwerth flies.
  • 3x Drops from Rosmarinus wielding npc hunter in Nightmare of Mensis.
  • 5x Byrgenwerth, near the lake close to the shortcut gate.
  • 6x Lecture Building 2nd Floor, in the circular room across the hall from the Lamp.
  • 3x Nightmare of Mensis, on the spiral staircase inside Micolash boss arena, go down instead of up.

Shaman Bone Blade

A blade of bone coated with gruesome spinal fluid. Used by old labyrinth watchers, in particular, those presiding over rituals. When a Victim is cut by this blade, the green spinal fluid temporarily numbs the senses, disturbing the target’s gross motor skills. The blade, never intended for battle, must cut deep to be effective, and breaks.

Slash foes to cause them to temporarily lose their sense of direction. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • 6x Nightmare of Mensis, on a praying corpse in the room with the Giant Spider.
  • Sold by Messengers for 1 Insight a piece after defeating Pthumerian Descendant in the Central Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon.
  • Rare drop from Brainsucker.

Shining Coins

Various Coins that are particularly luminous. There are very few uses for spare change during the hunt, but these will serve as guides through the darkness. Or, one could save them until morning, if it ever comes.

Use these coins as bread crumbs to show paths taken. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Sold by Messengers after gaining Radiant Sword Hunter Badge
  • Drops from Brick Troll

Thick Coldblood

A thick droplet of coldblood containing Blood Echoes. Use to gain larger amount of Blood Echoes. A strong will produces thick blood. Doubtless, the product of obsession, a potent source of human strength.

Consume to gain Blood Echoes. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

*Possible drop from Crawlers in Nightmare Frontier.

One-third of Umbilical Cord

A great relic, also known as the Cord of the Eye. Every infant Great One has this precursor to the umbilical cord. Use to gain Insight and, so they say, eyes on the inside, although no one remembers what that truly entails.

This is an item used for the third ending of the game. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • 1. After killing Mergo’s Wet Nurse.
  • 2. It can be found in the Abandoned Old Workshop.
  • 3. Killing the baby Arianna gives birth to in Tomb of Oedon sewers or killing her at Iosefka Clinic if you brought her there (after killing Micolash, Host of the Nightmare). (Missable)
  • 4. Dropped by Iosefka in her clinic in 1st Floor Sick Room through the entrance from the Forbidden Woods once Rom, the Vacuous Spider has been defeated, as long as you didn’t kill her prior to the boss fight.

Tear Stone

Silver-shining tear stone. Use to change into a droplet blood gem that fortifies any weapon. A doll sheds neither blood nor tears and thus its nature remains unknown. Whoever thinks this is precious must be troubled by severe naivete.

Consume it to gain a precious Tear Blood Gem. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

*Give the Small Hair Ornament to the Plain Doll in Hunter’s Dream to receive the Tear Stone.


A centipede-like creature discovered on successful hunts by League hunters. Vermin, found hidden within filth, are only seen by League confederates, and are the root of man’s impurity. The League has assumed the task of finding and crushing all vermin.

Crush this item to obtain +1 rank in the covenant The League. Here are all the locations where you can find this item:

  • Obtained by completing a successful co-op session as a phantom whilst wearing the Impurity rune.
  • Additionally, if you are not a member of the league, but complete a co-op session with another phantom who is, you may receive one.
  • You may also obtain Vermin for completing Chalice Dungeon’s objectives as a phantom whilst wearing the rune.
  • Three Old Hunters in Hunter’s Nightmare drop Vermin. These hunters do not respawn, so a total of 3 vermin can be obtained this way. The aforementioned Old Hunters can be told apart, due to having red eyes. They are also stronger than the other Old Hunters in the area.
    • One can be fought on a rooftop across where the player comes from at the gate square, before reaching the Nightmare Grand Cathedral. He wields a Boom Hammer.
    • One can be fought guarding the Beasthunter Siaf. He wields a Beasthunter Siaf.
    • One can be fought behind the Nightmare Church downstairs, where the Whirligig Saw can be found further down. He wields a Beast Cutter.
  • One Vermin can be obtained by slaying Ludwig with Valtr summoned, provided Valtr survives.
  • Another Vermin can be obtained in the same way by having Valtr survive the fight with Laurence.


Bloodborne is very much a souls game, and with that comes all the different mechanics and items you must learn to use. There are just soo many, but hopefully, you got what you came for when clicking on this article. Don’t give up on Bloodborne if you are having a hard time. Just try to push through it. You will be proud of yourself after the fact.

*All pictures were taken from the Bloodborne Fandom Wiki*