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How To Beat The Last Giant in Dark Souls 2

How To Beat The Last Giant in Dark Souls 2

The Last Giant is probably the first boss you’ll fight in Dark Souls 2. Nevertheless, he is an optional boss at the start if you opt to go a separate route. This dopey giant is the last of his kind, literally. With your effort, this race will finally go extinct and the world will be better off with that outcome. Let’s find out together how to expedite this extinction.


Fighting the Last Giant in Dark Souls 2

Fighting the Last Giant in Dark Souls 2

When you enter the Last Giant’s arena, a cutscene will play where he bursts open from his imprisonment. Not gonna lie, it is an intimidating sight. Putting a fear in you of the monumental challenge ahead. However, the reality is farther from the truth.

The Last Giant is a “tutorial” starting boss of Dark Souls 2 and for that reason is designed to show you the ropes of the game’s combat mechanics. To top it off, it is a standard souls-like giant fight.

The boss only has his arms and legs to attack you, nothing special. He uses a mix of leg stomps, arm swipes, and hand slams to attack. Things get mildly interesting when he rips his hand and uses it as a weapon when his health reaches the 40% mark. The attacks in this “phase” remain relatively similar albeit with extended range.

The attacks are highly telegraphed so it is easy to react to them. You just have to be quick with your dodging skills.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when facing the Last Giant in Darks Souls 2:

  • The boss is weak to Dark damage.
  • His head is his weak point. Easy for ranged builds to exploit.
  • You can not parry any of his attacks.
  • Speak to Pate before this fight to receive the White Sign Soapstone. This will unlock his summon sign before the boss’s room. The fight becomes almost trivial with the help of Mild-mannered Pate.

Boss Strategy

Boss Strategy Last Giant

The strategy for beating the Last Giant in Dark Souls 2 is mind-numbingly simple. I know, all you new players will have a hard time reading this but trust me you’ll laugh looking back at this fight.

For melee builds, position yourself between his legs at all times, attack twice, and dodge before he stomps you. By staying close to his legs, the boss will be forced to use only his stomp attacks. Periodically he will attack with his arms only when you distance yourself from him. You can easily block these swipes.

Just move in betwixt his legs and slowly whittle away his health, alternating between his two legs while attacking. Also, store some stamina for dodging in time of the stomps. Do not get greedy while attacking the legs. He is still a boss and hits like a truck.

If he goes for the Belly Flop attack, this is your best opening to exploit his weakness. As soon as he drops to the ground, back away to avoid the attack and run back up to his head and start whaling on it. The long recovery time after this attack lets you really lay into him.

Last Giant Sorcerer builds

This boss fight is even easier for ranged builds, especially sorcerers. With the help of the Soul Arrow spell, you can exploit his weak head without him having to drop to the ground. Once you lock on, move your target to his head and spam that spell.

You need to keep moving as a ranged character. Let him come to you, dodge through between his legs, and run to the other side of the arena. Now, lock on to his head and start lobbing your Souls Arrow. Rinse and repeat this process and the fight will be over before you know.


These are all the attacks the Last Giant uses to pulverize you. We have also added the appropriate reaction to each attack:

  1. Stomp (Combo): When you are underneath the boss, he uses his legs to stomp you into the ground. The boss can use a single stomp or chain them thrice. Each stomp has a minor AOE.
    • Reaction: Always have some stamina saved up to roll away once he starts stomping. Conversely, you can put up your shield to block the attack, and the AOE provided you have enough stamina to withstand it.
  2. Overhead Slam: Uses his hand to vertically slam the ground in front.
    • Reaction: As soon as you see him raise his hand up, run between his legs and start pounding on them.
  3. Swipe: Uses either of his hands to perform a semi-circular swipe on the ground on the respective side. The range of this attack will be extended once he detaches his arm.
    • Reaction: Dodge away or run between his legs to put in some damage.
  4. Belly Flop: Falls straight in front using his entire body in an attempt to crush you. This attack can one-shot you.
    • Reaction: Back off once he goes stationary to prime this attack. After he lands, his head will be exposed accompanied by a long recovery time, which gives you ample time to go crazy on his head.

Rewards for Defeating Last Giant

Rewards for Defeating Last Giant

You’ll receive the following items for taking down the Last Giant in Dark Souls 2:

  • Soldier Key
  • Soul of the Last Giant
  • 10,000 Souls