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How to Get Tech Trash in Rust (6 Easiest Ways)

How to Get Tech Trash in Rust (6 Easiest Ways)

Rust is an unforgiving game that is full of hard-to-get materials. Tech Trash is one of those materials that you need to get for some serious items later on. If you are going to get Tech Trash quickly, then you are going to need to know how and where to get it. If you know what you are doing, then it won’t be that hard to find.

Tech Trash can be found in Loot Boxes and recycled from a ton of items in the game. A lot of items give you Tech Trash, but the ones we put on this list are ones that have a 100% drop rate for them. Most of the items are pretty hard to get, but if you can get your hands on them, they will help you a lot.

If you are struggling to find Tech Trash, then consider talking to other people about buying some from them. They might give you a higher price, but is it worth you losing a bunch of items while trying to go and loot these dangerous Monuments?

Is Tech Trash Hard to find?

Tech Trash is pretty difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. One big way to get it is if you have a ton of Scrap. You can purchase Auto-turret from the Outpost and then Recycle it for Tech Trash. It is not a super-easy way, but if you do have a ton of Scrap, it does help.

Tech Trash is used for a lot of things. From high-tech weapon attachments to wiring for your base, Tech Trash is an extremely important material. There are only 6 guaranteed ways to get Tech Scrap, and each one is not super hard to get.

Here are all the guaranteed ways to get Tech Trash in Rust:

1. Found in Loot Boxes

Crates are containers that can be found in Monuments and other high-tier locations. It can be opened by pressing the Use key and typically contains various components as well as mid/high-tier items such as weapons, attachments, and rare materials.

These crates contain loot that tends to be rarer than red toolboxes and Wooden crates. These crates, may be about the same in loot quantity and items but they may also contain more items than regular crates, it really just depends but chances are rare crates will contain more loot than any other crate.

Here are all the Loot Boxes Tech Trash is found in:

  • Locked Crates – 45% Chance
  • Treasure Boxes – 42% Chance
  • Underwater Lab Tech Crates – 31% Chance
  • Elite Crates – 28% Chance
  • APC Crates – 25% Chance
  • Military Crates – 17% Chance
  • Supply Drops – 8% Chance

2. Recycling CCTV Cameras

Here are the items it yields:

  • 2x Tech Trash
  • 2x High Quality Metal

A CCTV Camera can be placed down to capture video footage and sound when powered and paired with a Computer Station. It has its own unique ID used to pair with a Computer Station. Once the CCTV Camera is powered with 5 rWm, the ID will then be available for anyone to pair with their own Computer Station. Always keep the IDs randomized as people can find out your camera IDs to monitor your base.

3. Recycling Targeting Computers

Here are the items it yields:

  • 3x Tech Trash
  • 1x High Quality Metal
  • 50 Metal Fragments

Used for crafting auto-turrets, or recycling large amounts of scrap, Targeting Computers are actually pretty rare to find. If you do end up finding this, make sure to think about scrapping it because it takes a lot to find them.

The Computer Station can be used for real-time surveillance by pairing with any available CCTV Cameras, and it is crafted with Targeting Computers. Make sure you don’t want to use the Computer before you scrap it for Tech Trash.

4. Recycling MLRS Aiming Module

Here are the items it yields:

  • 2x Tech Trash
  • 50x Metal Fragments

The MLRS Aiming Module is a required item to use the MLRS, it can only be found in Locked Crates considering the power of the MLRS. After using the MLRS, the aiming module gets consumed. If you don’t know what the MLRS is, it is a giant rocket system that you can use to bombard a spot on the map. You only get one use, but it does help if you want to deal damage to someone’s base.

5. Recycling Night Vision Goggles

Here are the items it yields:

  • 1x Tech Trash
  • 5x High Quality Metal

Enables vision at nighttime by projecting and amplifying infrared light. The batteries can be recharged at a Lvl 2 workbench. Cannot be worn with a helmet. It is very similar to the weird headlamp candle, but it is extremely high-tech. It is a newer addition to the game and it is extremely helpful if you are doing night-time raids of getting materials in caves.

6. Recycling Large Rechargeable Battery

Here are the items it yields:

  • 1x Tech Trash
  • 5x High Quality Metal

A Large Rechargeable Battery. Must have a minimum charge of 5 seconds to discharge. Can be wired in series. The charging rate is dependent on power, with a maximum of 80% efficiency. These are only found in high-tier crates and it is another rare item. It is another one of those items that you really need to think about scrapping.

Monuments that have Tech Trash

There are a ton of Monuments in the game and each of them come with their own secrets. The developers are also adding a ton of new Monuments and areas to the game that it can be hard to keep up with what is new to the game.

If you are new to the game, then make sure to read up on the updates from Facepunch to know what is new and what is coming to the game. There are a ton of Monuments in the game that have Tech Trash, and there might be more, but these are the main ones.

Here are all the Monuments that have Tech Trash:

  • Airfield
  • Harbor
  • Launch SIte
  • Military Tunnels
  • Power Plant
  • Satellite Dish Array
  • The Dome
  • Water Treatment Plant