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How To Move Furniture In Dwarf Fortress

How To Move Furniture In Dwarf Fortress

What and where you place furniture in Dwarf Fortress is significant. This is because the furniture you place in your rooms dictates how happy your dwarves are. With how many systems there are in Dwarf Fortress. However, it can be hard to know how to move furniture around. So in this guide, we’ll tell you just that.

You can move Furniture in Dwarf Fortress by pressing Q to view the furniture, then selecting the furniture and pressing X. This will disassemble the furniture. You may then select it from your stockpile to rebuild it in a more desired location.

If you wish to know more about how you can move furniture in Dwarf Fortress then continue to read this article and find out more!

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Moving Furniture in Dwarf Fortress

If you’ve played Dwarf Fortress at all then you know that half the charm is designing the various rooms in the game to your specifications. Mainly, because you’ll have to establish various rooms with different functions to keep your dwarves happy.

Although it might be easy enough to create and place furniture, many people get confused about how to move it around. If you’re wondering the same then I suggest you follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Press “Q” to view the Built Object Menu
  • Click on the Furniture that you wish to Move in Dwarf Fortress
  • A Menu should pop open, providing more details regarding the item
  • Click on the icon with a house with a red strike-through it
Item Menu with the option to Remove item circled - Dwarf Fortress
Item Menu with the option to Remove item circled – Dwarf Fortress
  • Alternatively, you can Press the “X” button on your keyboard
  • Either of the two actions will issue the order to have the piece removed.
  • You can then simply select the furniture in your stockpile for rebuilding
Build Menu - Dwarf Fortress
Build Menu – Dwarf Fortress

Now that your furniture has been disassembled and returned to the stockpile. To move it to your desired location, all you have to do is select it from your stockpile and rebuild it. We recommend you do this in the last section of the guide mentioned above.

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Tips for Moving Furniture

Setting Up Furniture in Rooms - Dwarf Fortress
Setting Up Furniture in Rooms – Dwarf Fortress

You need to ensure a couple of things to make the process of moving furniture easier. First, when you give the command to a dwarf to disassemble and move furniture to a stockpile, the item will still be considered in use. The item will remain in use even before your Dwarf can operate on it.

This means you will have to remain patient because you won’t be able to rebuild your furniture in another spot until it has been removed from the last location by the dwarf. This can seem very frustrating at first. But it naturally gives you time to consider the area where you wish to set the item next more thoroughly.

Another thing to make sure of is that your dwarfs do not have a backlog of prior commands when you give them the option to remove the furniture. This can cause them to execute the disassemble command far too slowly. And will increase the overall time it might take to redecorate your Fortress.

It can also be beneficial and save time if you create a new stockpile for the furniture. Usually right next to where you are constructing a space. This is done because even if you happen to miss-click or need to rearrange something later then you can move the furniture around a lot more quickly.

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Relocating Walls and Floors in Dwarf Fortress

Smoothening and Relocating Walls in Dwarf Fortress
Smoothening and Relocating Walls in Dwarf Fortress

The last thing that’s important for you to know is that walls and floors act differently from furniture in Dwarf Fortress. So if you were planning on moving them around then you’ll have to utilize a slightly modified version of what we discussed earlier.

Essentially, walls and floors are not considered pieces of furniture in Dwarf Fortress. So they are usually removed in a completely different way. You will have to give the removal orders for walls and floors through the Digging Menu. You won’t be able to simply Press Q and select the wall or floor you wish to move.

It is thus important to be mindful of the differences between various items, structures, and objects in the game. Especially if you’re aiming to create a specific vision for each room in your Fortress.

And that’s all you need to know on how to move furniture in Dwarf Fortress. If you’ve got any other questions then let us know.