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When to Start True Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 3

When to Start True Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has a lot of content in just one playthrough, not counting all the other characters that you can play to change up the gameplay as well. Gearbox outdid themselves with this game and allowed for you to do soo many things that you could not do in the previous games, with the exception of the Vault Hunter Modes.

That is a huge highlight of the game because you can basically play through the game again with the character you are already using. Here is when you should start True Vault Hunter Mode.

Here are some questions about True Vault Hunter Mode and when to start it:

  • What is True Vault Hunter Mode?
  • When should I start it?
  • Why is it important?
  • What does it give me when I complete it?

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What is True Vault Hunter Mode?

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Before you actually start it, you must understand how it works. Once you start a new character and you make it to the end of the story, it will give you an option to start what is called True Vault Hunter Mode. Basically, you restart the entire game but you keep everything you had before with the exception of the story items. The only catch to that is all the enemies have even more health and are harder than when you first played. You also get a bunch more health and have the ability to get better items because of it.

This is important if you want to get even more items than in your normal playthrough. The best thing about it is that you can actually still play with your friends even if they are still just in normal mode because you can switch to any playthrough that you want to from the menu. It is not like Dark Souls where once you start NG+, you can’t go back to your previous playthrough.

When should I start it?

The best time to start it is after you beat a playthrough 100%. The way to see if you have completed everything is to look on your galaxy map and it will tell you in the left corner above the planet list your percentage of completion. Once you get it to 100% and you completed everything, then you should start True Vault Hunter Mode. If you start it then, you will be ready for the next playthrough and you will have a huge arsenal of weapons and gear to use later on.

Why is it important?

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It is important for the player who wants to play through the game again at a harder difficulty. It is also important for farming the best loot in the game because of the Mayhem Mode that is added to. If you are in True Vault Hunter Mode and have Mayhem Mode activated at the same time, then you are in for a hard game that will reward you big time if you can get all the way through the game again. Legendaries will be raining from the sky for you if you can get that far into the game and you will definitely be ready for the upcoming DLCs releasing later on.

What does it give me when I complete it?

It will give you everything that you can get in normal mode with the exception that it is a lot better and the rarer stuff will be less rare for you. If there is a weapon or shield that you are grinding for, then you will have an easier time trying to get that item because the loot drops are a lot more spread out in True Vault Hunter Mode. Just remember that every person that plays with you will scale the enemies to how many people are playing with you.

When you have Mayhem Mode on when True Vault Hunter Mode is on, then you will constantly be getting good loot. Loot is really important in Borderlands 3 because of the impact of certain items on enemies. The more Legendaries that you have, the easier time you will have because of all the different abilities and bonus damage come along with them. Make sure you are completing as much of the game in your playthrough as possible because the more you play, the better the items you will get.


In conclusion, the best thing for you to do is beat the game 100% and then start True Vault Hunter Mode. I would highly recommend doing this because of how easy the game is once you start your new playthrough. Remember, once you beat your second playthrough, you can always try out another character to change up how you play. There is always something to do in Borderlands 3, so don’t limit yourself to certain things. Make sure you are trying to get the best loot and trying to challenge yourself further by making the game a little harder.