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Overwatch 2 Supports Tier List

Overwatch 2 Supports Tier List

Overwatch 2 is the second installment in Blizzard’s incredibly popular shooter which has been released to roaring success. With so many new and returning players and massive mechanical changes, we decided to make an updated Overwatch 2 Support tier list to help you out.

We graded each Support hero you can play in Overwatch 2 right now, and based their relative positions on the conceptual strengths and weaknesses of the characters themselves:

S TierKiriko, Ana, Lucio
A TierBaptise, Zenyatta
B TierBrigitte, Moira
C TierMercy

Within this article, we’ll discuss all the unique strengths and weaknesses of each of these characters. And highlight why they’re performing so well, or so poorly, in the current meta. So keep reading to find out more!

S – Tier Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

Mobility is everything in the current meta of Overwatch 2. An S-Tier Support Hero thus has an incredibly reliable movement skill. Movement skills allow Supports to be part of a flank or assassination attempt on a particular target. Mobility moves are thus key in recognizing the best of the best when it comes to supporting.

Another aspect necessary to be on the S-tier of support heroes is diversity in skills. Various skills should enhance the survivability, attack strength, or defense of a particular team. Support on the S-tier should have a variety of skills that they can use in different situations.

With that said let’s delve deeper into what strengths compelled us to rank these heroes. Within the Overwatch 2 Support S – Tier we have the following:


Lucio - Overwatch 2
Lucio – Overwatch 2

As we stated above, what truly makes a Support Hero Stier in the current meta is their mobility. And there aren’t many other heroes that can stand toe-to-toe with the high mobility of Lucio. He is the definition of speed and is an exceptional choice for any team composition that you place him within.


What is spectacular about the power that Lucio brings to the field is that he can make other characters faster as well. Lucio can passively increase the mobility of his teammates.

Thus merely having him on the team is a great aid. Since he can increase the effectiveness and speed of all Overwatch 2 characters that play alongside him. There are, however, other factors that make Lucio such an exceptional Support within the game.

One of these other factors is his immensely powerful Ultimate. Additionally, he has an area of effect, which heals all of Lucio’s teammates. They just have to make sure they are standing in the right spot. Unfortunately, this adds a bit of complexity to the hero. Lucio allows for more options for you to engage with it.

Finally, Lucio’s self-sustain makes him expert support. And if you become a master of the wall ride, he is one of the hardest heroes to kill in the game. Lucio feels like he has it all going for him right now. 


Kirko - Overwatch 2
Kirko – Overwatch 2

Kiriko is perhaps one of the most versatile Supports in Overwatch 2. This makes her arguably one of the strongest Supports in the game. The hero outputs a tremendous amount of healing potential and has several additional tools that can safeguard her entire team.


Kirko’s Protection Suzu can save her teammates instantly by protecting them with a necessary shield. She even has deadly Kunai at her disposal that can rip enemies apart if you give her a chance. Finally, her teleportation ability can allow her to zip across the map anywhere she needs to be for support and saves.

As you can probably tell by this point, Kirko’s basic setup is similar to Mercy’s. However, Kirko’s kit is finely tuned for Overwatch 2 and its specific combat system. Kirko’s kunai can be deadly with lethal critical hits and the extremely short cooldown timer for her Onafuda can seem downright broken.

Kirko synergizes best with Speedy DPS units such as Tracer and Genji. These heroes can scale and climb walls, allowing them to zip across the map and strike the enemy fast and hard. A flanking DPS setup is made more effective with the addition of Kirko as she’s exceptional in pursuit kills.

Kirko’s strong right now, and truly deserves her spot in the S-tier of our list.

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Ana - Overwatch 2
Ana – Overwatch 2

The support that we would place close to the bottom of the S-tier is Ana. She has everything that you could ever want from S-tier support in Overwatch 2, but there do exist some drawbacks when it comes to utilizing her effectively. You cannot deny that Ana is an excellent ranged support that has a diverse playstyle.


So what’s so great about Ana? Well, the first thing is that she’s a broken Sniper. And can dish out spectacular damage when her shots hit their target. On top of that, she’s got a wicked healing ability that is potentially the most unique out of all the supports on this list.

When you try and heal with Ana, you throw a medical grenade at your allies that heals them. On top of the healing effect, it also works as an exceptional damage ability. The medical grenade damages all nearby enemies that are caught in its AoE burst. Finally, the grenade also stops enemies from healing.

Finally, Ana trades in her mobility skill for a sleeping dart that can be shot from a long distance. This means she’s exceptional for catching unsuspecting enemies or chasing them down. In the hands of a skilled support player, you can make Ana lethal. She can push your team to victory all on her own if provided the chance.

Ana has incredible synergies with Winston, Genji, D.Va, Sojourn, and Sombra. And in such pairings, she’s able to overcome many of her weaknesses that might otherwise hold her back from the top-tier spot.


Sadly, unlike the other members of the S-tier, the downsides of Ana are self-evident. Ana’s biggest weakness is her lack of mobility. In the current meta of Overwatch 2 being able to travel distances quickly and efficiently is important. And support that can’t support flanking positions isn’t seen too favorably.

Ana’s strengths vastly outweigh her shortcomings in close-range combat and mobility, however. She might not be able to quickly set up a flank, but she’s able to stun enemies you wish to engage with, and can chase down enemies that try and flee an encounter.

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A – Tier Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

These are Supports with exceptional abilities and powerful group synergies. However, A – Tier is different from S – Tier in that they have glaring weaknesses that produce inconsistent results with the other Heroes, depending on the skill of the player wielding them.

In this category we have the following heroes:


Baptise - Overwatch 2
Baptise – Overwatch 2

You would think that Baptise would be at a lower Tier simply because he is the most vanilla support on this list. However, sometimes being good at the basics can be a massive positive. Baptize does everything you want your support to be able to do and then some. He’s exceptional but has a few flaws that hold him back.


The so-called average medic with a gun is far flashier than his descriptors would have you believe. Baptise has perhaps the largest and most reliable healing abilities in the game. He’s able to top off the health of his tank and damage dealers after every encounter and can keep your party at full strength when they need it most.

Baptise’s main skill is a powerful biotic blast, and you can deal some pretty high amounts of damage with it. Baptise is also able to switch this gun’s setting and fire a healing round instead. The short cooldown on this skill means he can stay at a safe distance while healing his tanks and damage dealers.

Baptise is the perfect support for any damaged dealer or tank that considers itself too squishy or in need of some specific care. He even has an Immortality Field that literally can prevent allies within his field from dying. With Baptise as a support, your team will be fighting for ages and won’t be stopping anytime soon.


However, no Support can be so powerful without having some major drawbacks that hold them back. The same is true for Baptise, unfortunately. These issues are so poignant they, unfortunately, push the hero down to A-tier from his almost well-deserved S-tier spot within this list.

One of the major issues that Baptise has is his lack of self-healing. Unlike other Supports, Baptise’s skill cannot heal himself. This usually means that Baptise will rack up damage over time, which can reduce his overall effectiveness in long drawn-out rounds of combat.

Additionally, this means that there is limited sustain for the main Support of any team. Most enemy teams end up honing onto Baptise and killing him before he’s able to make a meaningful impact within the round. This greatly reduces the overall effectiveness of the hero and why we’ve placed him in the A-tier.

In the hands of someone who can survive for a long period, Baptise is incredible. However, for the average player, it will take time to understand how to bring the most out of Baptise during long fights and complex encounters.


Zenyatta - Overwatch 2
Zenyatta – Overwatch 2

Our next Support character within the A-tier is Zenyatta. He’s extremely versatile and goes a long way as a flanking hero. If you’re into fast-paced gameplay and enjoy being the playmaker for your team then Zenyatta will be the perfect Support hero for you.


As many might tell you, Zenyatta is really powerful in the Overwatch 2 meta right now. He has excellent healing abilities and can set Healing Orbs on allies that might be jumping into or out of combat. This makes him great at buffing the party before initiating and revitalizing them after a fight.

However, this is all because his strongest ability is his Discord Orb. This is the ability that makes Zenyatta worth playing if you’re a playmaker for your team. Zenyatta uses the Discord Orb to hone his team onto specific targets. Enemies with Discord Orb will find it harder to stay alive due to the debuffs that it causes.

Zenyatta is especially great at shutting down some meta Tanks with his Discord Orb ability. He is great at winning games with strategic depth and brevity.


The problem with Zenyatta is that he needs extensive support to be effective. Similar to other supports we’ve mentioned, he’s very squishy and can easily be taken out of a fight if poorly positioned or not given ample backup. If he’s hunted by meta heroes like Winston, Genji, and Sombra then he’ll need good placement to survive.

Zenyatta’s biggest weakness is his susceptibility to being dived. Enemies that can quickly close the gap with him will take him out in no time. And his Kick ability might give him some distance, but ultimately it is too little to make him a formidable Support.

There are simply other better strategies that can win you games, and the issue with Zenyatta is that he requires far too much investment to keep him alive, and the pay will only occur if he’s being controlled by a god-tier playmaker. Otherwise, you’ll find more issues in his plays than benefits.

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B – Tier Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

The B-Tier is reserved for heroes in Overwatch 2 that do not have the same level of advantages that the other Supports named above have but do not have so many disadvantages either that they simply cannot be utilized to win competitive matches.


Brigitte – Overwatch 2

If you’re wondering what middle-of-the-pack Support looks like in Overwatch 2, look no further than Brigitte. She has a diverse range of abilities that let her do lots of damage. But in the same breath has lost many of her utility abilities in the transfer to Overwatch 2. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Brigitte a B – Tier Hero.


Brigitte has some really good damage as we mentioned earlier. Most of her new abilities in Overwatch 2 are centered around and focused on her being a good Support damage dealing Hero. She’s a wonderful deterrent to any enemies that wish to jump into and attack the backline.

She can pump some spectacular refutational damage to such DPS enemies and can brawl if needed. On top of that Brigitte can come quite clutch with her healing. She has comparatively a good healing kit. And can make quite an impact in her capacity as a basic support hero.

Brigitte is simply an excellent partner for other Support Heroes like Ana and Zenyatta. She can be an answer to their squishiness because she can provide them with much-needed protection. What makes her especially strong in brawling comps is her passive healing for her team.


Brigitte has her strengths, but will not be taking some of the strongest meta-heroes in the game This is because a lot of utility in her original kit was lost when she was moved from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2. This wouldn’t be bad for her, as we’ve mentioned she has quite a bit of an advantage for her.

However, there are fundamental weaknesses that simply can not be ignored when it comes to Brigitte. The first is her susceptibility to being hunted down by ranged damage-dealing enemy heroes. These types of heroes are all currently in the meta of Overwatch 2. So you can imagine that Brigitte is going to have a terrible time trying to deal with these enemies in-game.

Other weaknesses for Brigitte include her speed and her weapon. The flail through power attacks very slowly. And Overwatch 2 is an intensely fast game and needs to be played with finesse, accuracy, and most importantly speed. Brigitte simply cannot compete against assaults that target her weakness and overcome her basic attack speed by a vast margin.

Finally, even Brigitte’s shield can be used against her in many meta battles. This is because she can be quite easily flanked, even after her Shield is applied, and enemies can defeat her with relative ease. It takes a lot to make Brigitte work, and we have to agree that she only works under certain circumstances.


Moira – Overwatch 2

No one does brawl-y comps quite as good as Moira. And if your team is more brawl or close-ranged combat reliant then Moira is going to be the best Support you can pick. She’s an exceptional healer and provides great value within 5v5 situations. However, she begins to lose her luster if there is a lack of team coordination.


It cannot be understated how good Moira is as a duelist. Some might even say that she is the best one-to-one duelist in the entire game. There is quite a lot of value that people obtain from treating Moira as an additional DPS that can scrap if needed, and will defend herself fiercely.

Moreover, she is one of the best supports when it comes to healing through a brawl-heavy comp. This is because her skills are well suited for the madness and chaos of the encounter. And does not get weaker on account of there being too many opponents to contend with.

Moira has a lot of value to add to your team if you’re in a well-coordinated 5v5 battle. If there are other players that you can communicate with and ensure that they provide you backup, and engage with you simultaneously then you’re going to be winning a lot more engagements.


Let us delve deeper into some of the flaws that make Moira into a B – Tir Support, shall we? The first issue with Moira is that it is quite difficult for new players to know when they should commit dives with her. Going on the offensive seems like a smart plan until you execute it and figure out that your attack strength isn’t as well coordinated.

When Moira loses her Fade Ability or her Charge, she becomes vastly more vulnerable. This susceptibility of Moira makes her struggle at various ranges of combat, even if she’s good in brawl-heavy, close-combat, scenarios.

Also, Moira will struggle to heal from a distance. This is because her range was cut when she was moved into Overwatch 2. It is quite annoying when your Moira is just out of range of her healing ability and cannot save your teammate.

With Moira, you will need to pick and choose your fights, even if you’re more willing to jump into the deep end with her. She can do an enormous amount of damage but can be easily circumvented and killed off early. The only way to reliably make sure that you win engagements is by ensuring that you never abandon your Tank and that you have good synergies.

C – Tier Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

This tier belongs to the Support that is currently at the bottom of the meta for one reason or another. Their kit has some critical flaw that makes them practically unusable in competitive matches, but can be used if one merely wants to have fun, and not worry about ranking up too much.

We will highlight that in the hands of a skilled player, even these heroes will be powerhouses. However, on average their performance will be lower than the other tanks we have mentioned above.


Mercy – Overwatch 2

Mercy is probably one of the most iconic Overwatch 2 heroes ever, and it is a shame to say that she is also at the bottom of the current meta. She is the weakest support that you can currently play in Overwatch and has several key flaws that can make it quite difficult for you to provide your team with worthwhile utility.


In a 5v5 combat, Mercy’s Resurrect is a very powerful ability. This is due to the lack of revives that can bring a player back into action. With Mercy’s ability, you can bring a fallen ally back and continue the force of the assault.

Moreover, she has an amazing synergy of abilities with characters like Pharah and Ashe. In the hands of skilled players, you will find that Mercy can work wonders in team composition. However, on average you will find players struggling to use the hero to their full effect.


In the current meta, sadly, Mercy is just too squishy and too easy to spot. Opponents can laser focus on Mercy, due to the lack of Tanks. The coverage additional tanks provided in covering up defenses have been lost in the new 5v5 format.

The battles are far more hectic and frantic, and require Mercy players to adapt on the fly. If they don’t then there are serious drawbacks that you provide to your team, and will not be much help except for reviving the odd ally here or there.

Mercy also has limited protection and is very easy to catch with good flanking and appropriate skill usage. In the current meta, Mercy is struggling a lot. We hope that Blizzard finds a way to bring her back into the meta. We want our meme queen back! Is that too much to ask?

At the end of the day, the player’s skill will largely decide the outcome in lower-rank matches, but even small nerfs and buffs can become tremendously significant at the highest level of competition. We hope you gained a better understanding of the Overwatch 2 Support meta from our tier list.