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How to Dry Clothes in DayZ (Easy Guide)

How to Dry Clothes in DayZ (Easy Guide)

DayZ has many real-world elements baked in to make the survival experience feel more authentic. If you are not careful enough, your actions can cause many kinds of problems like illnesses to your character. Amongst these illnesses is Hypothermia which you contract by wearing wet clothes. So having a bunch of soaked clothing on you can lead to death. For this reason, we will help you in keeping your clothes dry at all times.

You can dry your clothes in DayZ by air drying i.e. running around in windy environments, wringing out your clothes by placing them in your hands or sitting/placing them near a fire/fireplace.



The overall level of water saturation affects a character’s clothing and possessions. Characters get wet when they are exposed to rain or when entering a body of water (partially when wading, fully when swimming). As a character’s level of wetness rises, a status indicator in the HUD appears to warn you of your character and your items being wet. After leaving the body of water or getting out of the rain, the character’s level of wetness will decrease gradually until they are completely dry.

There are 4 stages of wetness that affects your clothes and equipment. Each level will progressively impact your wetness meter and also make you more susceptible to Hypothermia. The 4 stages of wetness are:

  1. Damp
  2. Wet
  3. Soaked
  4. Drenched

A character’s level of wetness has no direct effect on their health, instead, it affects clothing by reducing its heat insulation value as well as equipment by making saturated items heavier (this reduces maximum stamina). This will cause a reduction in the character’s body temperature, which can be beneficial if they are suffering from hyperthermia (being too hot), otherwise, it may cause them to eventually suffer from hypothermia (being too cold).

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Drying Wet Clothes

If a character has gotten wet, there are a few options for getting dry again, like:

  • Run around for a while. If you keep moving, especially at a quick pace, you will “air dry” over time.
  • Wring out your clothes. If you open the inventory screen and drag wet clothing to your hands you will have the option to wring them out (twist them to get the water out). Each spin of the action timer equates to a reduction in one level of wetness (Drenched -> Soaked -> Wet -> Damp), dramatically speeding up the drying process. (This is pointless, of course, if you are still in the rain.)
  • Sit next to a fireplace. This is by far the most effective method, particularly fast when combined with wringing out your clothes. This will completely dry both you and your items in a matter of minutes. You can even unequip the wet clothes and place them near the fire and they will dry out, it is not necessary that you have to have them on you to dry.

A quick method for drying on the go is:

  • Make a torch or set a broom on fire.
  • Drop torch/broom.
  • Drop your wet clothes.
  • Wring your face mask (by the time you’re done, all of your dropped wet clothes are dry).
  • Drop your damp face mask.
  • Pick up your dry clothes (by the time you’re done, your face mask will be dry).


There is a stat attached to pieces of clothing called Absorbency. This dictates how much water the clothing will absorb if the wearer gets wet. 0% means waterproof, higher numbers mean the item will absorb more water. So it is ideal to wear clothes with lower absorbency when you are outside in the rain or going into water bodies.

The table below has all the clothes and equipment with lowest absorbency:

Clothe NameAbsorbency
Santa Hat4.9%
Ballistic Helmet24.9%
Hard Hat24.9%
Head Torch24.9%
Tactical Helmet24.9%
Hockey Helmet24.9%
NBC Hood24.9%
Enduro Helmet24.9%
Combat Helmet24.9%
Great Helm24.9%
Leather Hat24.9%
Welding Mask24.9%
Skate Helmet24.9%
Firefighter Helmet24.9%
Head Torch24.9%
Santa Beard4.9%
NBC Respirator24.9%
Hockey Mask24.9%
Gas Mask24.9%
Leather Shirt24.9%
NBC Jacket24.9%
Leather Jacket24.9%
Firefighter Jacket24.9%
Patrol Jacket24.9%
Leather Gloves24.9%
Surgical Gloves24.9%
NBC Gloves24.9%
Chest Holster24.9%
Reflective Vest24.9%
Drybag Backpack24.9%
Leather Backpack24.9%
NBC Pants24.9%
Leather Pants24.9%
Firefighter Pants24.9%
Patrol Pants24.9%
Civilian Belt0%
Tactical Belt0%
Leather Belt0%
NBC Boots24.9%
Leather Shoes24.9%

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When your character is suffering from Hypothermia you will continuously lose Health as well as you will lose energy faster. This can lead to starvation or death if not treated in time.

To avoid getting Hypothermia it is advised to not stay out in the rain for too long and if you do, you should stay under cover such as trees. If your clothes do get wet you should start a fire or wring your clothes or else you will get cold rather fast. You should also use highly insulated clothes and stay away from open fields to avoid the effects of the wind. In case you do get cold a Heat Pack or any item that has been on a fire such as cooked meat will ensure that you regain your temperature faster.

Surviving in the world of DayZ is no small task and your smallest neglect can lead to fatal consequences, so try to be aware of your situation and health. A small thing as getting wet can lead to hypothermia and eventually death. So dry those wet clothes and stay away from the rain. Place yourself near a fire and avoid the pain.