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How to Cook Meat in the Witcher 3 (Easy Guide)

How to Cook Meat in the Witcher 3 (Easy Guide)

There are many foods available in the Witcher 3 for Geralt to eat and utilize for regenerative purposes. However, many wonder if the game has raw uncooked meat so that Geralt could cook them through the crafting menu. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to cook meat in the Witcher 3.

Unfortunately, you cannot cook meat in the Witcher 3. Instead, Geralt can eat food regardless of whether it is raw or cooked and receives a similar HP regenerative benefit from it for 20 minutes regardless of preparation. There are, however, various mods that can add cooking to the Witcher 3.

Food in the Witcher 3 is far more straightforward than in various other RPG games. In most games, it is often a given fact that there would be some form of a cooking mechanic. However, this has not been the case. If you would like to add a mod to your game that allows you to cook then read the article!

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Cooking Meat in the Witcher 3

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Photo Credits: CD Project Red

There are various food groups available in the game for the Witcher to ingest. The chewable foods include apples, bananas, blueberries, baked apples, baked potatoes, candy, cheese, chicken leg, meat, chicken sandwich roasted ham, etc., while drinks or beverages include apple juice, different kinds of alcohols, vinegar, water, goat’s milk, etc.

Out of these, some of the items such as chicken and meat seem as if they’re uncooked, raw materials that need to be used in cooking. However, that is not the case. They need to be fed to Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) as is.

Even though cooked foods provide a greater value of regeneration, the game, as is, does not have any mechanism for cooking. However, there may be some way around it.

How to Add Cooking to the Witcher 3?

In-game Screenshot of Geralt in front of a Stove
In-game Screenshot of Geralt in front of a Stove

Even though it is generally not possible to cook raw meat, there is a way around it for PC players. You’ll need to employ cooking-related mods. The What’s For Dinner mod by Az0r3, which lets you create a variety of meals from food ingredients, much like creating oils and elixirs in the alchemy menu, is a popular example right now.

Remember that this is only accessible to PC users. This mod will soon have several recipes that can be used to cook up interesting dishes. However, the game has a lot more content than just doing a barbecue with farmed meat.


When downloading a mode, there is a risk of breaking a game. Thus, it is important to mod the Witcher 3 slowly and carefully. All the mods should be added one by one and the player should try running the game with each mod, instead of running a bunch of mods together.

In addition, the player should always be careful to make a copy of the saved file backed up, just in case something goes wrong or glitches while downloading the mod.

Instructions on How to Download the Witcher 3 Cooking Mod

Using a mod manager, one can easily add mods to the Witcher 3. However, for the players who do not want to download a mod manager, here are the steps they should be following for downloading the mod manually: 

  • First, the players should identify where their game, the Witcher 3, is located on their computer. For example, if a player is using Steam on their PC as a platform for playing the game, they should open it. 
  • Players should add a new folder in The Witcher 3 file, titled ‘Mods’. 
  • Once this folder has been formed, players can place their downloaded mods into said folder, and they should work. Most mods should work this way.

For the mods that don’t immediately run, after having done this process, there may be a few additional steps to keep in mind. The mods who don’t work this way will explain whether to extract files or rename the files, etc.

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How to Install the Cooking Mod via Mod Manager

Screenshot of the Vortex, Nexus Mods, Mod Manager
Screenshot of the Vortex, Nexus Mods, Mod Manager

Since we know some mods may break the game, it is always better to use a mod manager. The mod managers prevent the mods from breaking a game because they can filter harmful mods.

One of the best Mod Managers that you can download is called Vortex. Which is the official mod manager of Nexus Mods. When you download a mod manager, you do not have to worry about any of the complex processes involved in installing a mod. Simply select it in the manager and add it to your game.

Mods for most games can be found on the Nexus Mods website, and if you find other mods that might catch your fancy, then consider checking them out as well. That is unless they break your game and put Roach on the top of a house or something.

  • Click on Download the Latest Version now from the official page of Vortex
  • Scroll Down the page and locate the Main Files Section
  • On the next screen Click on Manual Download, and then choose the Custom Install choice
  • Once the file has been downloaded Open the EXE file and Run it.
  • Vortex should automatically install upon your system now.
  • Once that’s done login to the Client and Select the Games Tab
  • Navigate and Search for the Witcher 3
  • Select the Plus Sign + in the Top-Right-Corner and Select Manually Set Location
  • Find the Witcher 3 in your Computer’s files
  • Select Confirm
  • Now you can download and install all the mods that you wish.
  • Once they’ve downloaded, drag them into the MODS tab in Vortex, and voila.

What Can Be Done With Raw Meat in the Witcher 3?

In-game Screenshot of Geralt Eating in Witcher 3
In-game Screenshot of Geralt Eating Cutscene

Geralt of Rivia, or the Witcher, is the playable character in the game. Geralt is unaffected by eating whatever flesh he can get his hands on and does not experience any negative consequences as a result (Witchers are canonically immune to most diseases, so we can assume that includes food poisoning or salmonella, too).

You may consume it without worrying about consequences, but you should be aware that it rarely promotes healing as effectively as cooked or prepared food, typically providing a reduced regeneration impact for only half the duration. However, it can be consumed raw without any worries of negative outcomes.

How to Farm For Raw Meat?

Raw meat can be gathered by hunting and killing fowl, within the game. Killing the cows within the game gives the players cow hides and cow milk, alongside raw meat. The cow hides can be sold for a good amount of money, whereas the raw meat and cow milk can be ingested by Geralt (The Witcher).

Another thing that can be done to collect raw meat is to farm the sheep, like the ones at Down Warren. You can stand at the top of a hill and fire your crossbow, creating a sheep massacre. Other than that, players can look for dog packs or wolf packs to farm.

Most of the packs have 6 to 7 animals in them. Farming this way can provide the players with a substantial amount of Raw Meat.

What is Food Used For in the Witcher 3?

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you can replenish your health by eating and drinking. Each item has a related ability that specifies the impact’s size and duration. There are three meal quality tiers and three drink quality tiers.

The Food products mentioned in the game used to be categorized by their weights as well, however, this was eventually changed in later patches.

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Can Food Effects Be Stacked?

Another thing, that used to happen interestingly before Patch 1.10, was that food and beverage effects could have been stacked (one could consume one food and one drink to gain various health restoration effects).

However, this is no longer valid, and the latest meal or drink ingested now determines the outcome (i.e: if one consumes chicken and then water right after that, the water will replace the effect of the chicken, even though it gives less restoration than chicken).

And that’s practically everything to know about how to cook meat in the Witcher 3. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of details that we can give you regarding how to specifically cook in Witcher 3, because there is no involved cooking mechanic within the game.

Nonetheless, the community has wanted to create mods that we can use to enhance our own experience of Witcher 3, and bring it more in line with traditional RPG games that have involved cooking and crafting mechanics.

The Witcher 3 is a spectacular game that has captured the hearts of many. To think that it can still be improved is outstanding, but nothing is perfect after all. If you found our guide helpful then let us know in the comment section down below. If you have any further questions then tell us those as well.

Till next time! Ciao.