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Is Vampyr Worth It?

Is Vampyr Worth It?

Vampyr is a very unique game when it comes to all its content whether it be the enemies you fight or the people you talk to. There are so many stories to uncover and so much to explore in this very underrated game. The music is absolutely amazing and Dr. Reid is just a very interesting main character. If you like a game mixed with souls-like combat with a big story mixed in, then this game is totally worth getting. Here are some questions people might ask about the game.

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How is the combat?

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The combat in the game is very good. It can sometimes be buggy, but it is best to play with a controller, even on PC. The dodging is really smooth since you sort of teleport a few feet in the direction you pull the stick. Using the different weapons change up gameplay and depending on which weapon you choose, you will get different perks. These perks include more blood damage to boost blood and stun damage to easily get more blood from biting.

Is the story good?

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Jonathan Reid is a man returned home from the First World War. A high ranking surgeon, Reid implements new blood transfusion techniques to save lives. One night, Jonathan Reid regains consciousness in a mass gave. The memories of his life and who he is remain in intact, but, he realizes he’s been transformed into a vampire. He has no recollection of how he came to be in the grave or how he was transformed.

When he attempts to return to a normal life, Reid quickly learns that he needs the blood of others to survive. As a doctor, sworn to save lives and heal people, Reid is faced with a damning reality of having to Kill to survive if he is to last long enough to uncover the mystery behind his turning.

Are the mechanics unique?

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Players will be able to traverse the streets of an early 20th century London and interact with “a multitude of characters with their own identities and importance”. The structure of the gameplay is set up around “missions” given by the citizens Reid interacts with. Every person has their own story and the more you find out about them, the more Experience you get.

It is very unique from all the other souls-like games and it is really addicting. It makes a really nice combo of story and gameplay so the mechanics are very good compared to other games similar to it.

How is the upgrade system?

Vampyr Combat 01

Killing a character means they cannot return and the consequences will play into the environment that Reid inhabits. Feeding on human blood will not just keep Reid “alive”, it will also unlock new vampiric powers for the player to use. Vampyr also features combat that occurs in real-time. Combat varies, from melee combat to ranged shooting mechanics and the supernatural vampire powers.

Enemy types in the game vary from human to vampire to other supernatural creatures. Reid will also encounter vampire hunters who will attack him with situational weaponry, tools, and traps. When you upgrade, you can get a load of new abilities that can help you with combat.

Is it a fun game?

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It is actually a really fun game. If you like games that mix story with gameplay, then this game is totally worth it. Depending on what you do in-game, it changes the outcome of the story. What I love about the game is the fact that every person has a story and you can learn to know the people personally. There will be people you will like and people you won’t like so be prepared for a very interesting adventure.

Is it worth it?

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Yes, the game is definitely worth it. You can get the game for pretty cheap now since it has been out for a couple of years and you won’t be disappointed. I would say that the time period itself is enough to buy the game because it is just so interesting having something that happened in the past mix with things from fantasy makes the game very unique.

*All photos were taken from the Vampyr Fandom Wiki*