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Ultimate Guide To The Executioner in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Executioner in Dead by Daylight

The Executioner strikes fear into the core of every Survivor that dares to cross him in Dead by Daylight. Find out everything you need to know about this Killer right here in our detailed guide!

The Executioner, or ‘Pyramid Head’, was first revealed in Chapter 16: Silent Hill. This Killer is all about the aggressive playstyle with Powers that increase his attack range, and Perks that leave Survivors defenseless. He is a difficult Killer to master, but worth the investment!


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Executioner in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Executioner (Pyramid Head) good for beginners?

Dead by Daylight The Executioner

“Merciless and Unforgiving, The Executioner brings his form of twisted justice to The Fog, tormenting Survivors with hazards around the map.”

The Executioner is a vicious Killer who can utilize the map to his advantage to torture his prey. Any Survivor that comes across this ruthless inhumane Murderer will submit before his special Hook, the Cage of Atonement.

Now, having provided all of these alluring Stats about Pyramid Head, the discussion would still be incomplete without addressing the most crucial aspect of playing as this Killer: just how hard would it be to master him?

Since The Executioner will require a huge amount of practice from players to be able to understand his mechanics, you will most likely get little success starting Dead By Daylight with him. As you begin to learn just how The Executioner is played, you should start with a simple build such as a build utilizing Trail of Torment.
Difficulty: Very Hard.

Are The Executioner Perks worth upgrading?

The Executioner’s Perks are incredible for hunting down Survivors and invoking the most terrifying forms of fear into their weakened hearts in The Realm.

Since the Executioner is a difficult Killer to learn, his Perks work incredibly well if you truly understand the Stats and mechanics of playing him inside out. His Perks complement his playstyle and abilities.

With a Terror Radius of 32 meters, and 115% Base Movement Speed (4.6 meters per second), The Executioner strikes fear into everyone’s hearts. The Executioner uses his Special Attack (PotD Attack) to strike his knife and wedge it deep into Survivor’s guts.

For these reasons, upgrading The Executioner’s Perks is really advised in case you wish to master him.

What Perks does The Executioner Have?

The Executioner provides 3 unique Perks that you can acquire with him:

Forced Penance

Anyone who dares come in the path of The Executioner’s duty shall receive harsh judgment. Any Survivor that gets a Protection Hit will then obtain the Broken Status Effect for 60/70/80 seconds.

Trail of Torment

You will take all your victims along the path of torment and suffering. Upon performing the Damage Generator Action in the game, you will activate this Perk.
This Perk gives you the Undetectable Status Effect for as long as the Generator is regressing.

Just keep in mind that all Survivors can view the Aura (yellow) of the damaged Generator. This Perk will have a cooldown of 80/70/60 seconds.


Those who stick close together will suffer together as well. Once any Survivor heals an ally at a distance of at least 32 meters away from you for an equivalent of 1 Health State, Deathbound becomes active.

During this Perk’s active state, that Survivor will scream and cause a Loud Noise Notification. He will also experience the Oblivious Status Effect for the next 60 seconds if they are farther than 16/12/8 meters from the healed Survivor.

What Weapon does The Executioner have?

Dead by Daylight The Executioner Weapon

The Executioner utilizes a bloodied, powerful Knife. The Primary Weapon you will be provided with as this Killer is called the Great Knife, which is a huge Chef’s Knife with a long blade.

What Power does The Executioner have?

Dead by Daylight The Executioner

Power: Rites of Judgment

“Open the Gates of Suffering and be judged! The Great Knife splits the ground, giving rise to an internal construct and spreading agony to all those who approach.”

When you hold down the Power button while going in the forward direction, you will carve a Torment Trail in the ground. Any Survivor that walks over that Trail will instantly trigger Killer instinct and also become affected by Torment.

All Survivors afflicted with Torment can be sent to the Cage of Atonement once you strike them and cause them to enter the Dying State.

Getting rescued by an ally from the Cage of Atonement will remove Torment State.

Is The Executioner fun to play?

The Executioner can be fun to play with as long as you invest the necessary time to learn this Killer through and through.

The Executioner is a very difficult Killer to master, so if you are new to Dead By Daylight, you will struggle with him and not have a fun time. But with enough patience, experience, and time, you will surely end up loving playing as The Executioner.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Executioner?

  • A basic mistake you can make even as a veteran Executioner is to misjudge his range and reach. The range of his swings is not as far as it may seem when you are trying to strike his Knife down onto fearful Survivors. Judge the reach of his attacks better to be more effective.
  • This powerful monstrosity is primarily a melee-focused Killer. His Knife can get very difficult to evade in small areas and cramped spaces for Survivors. So, a good tactic is to scare a Survivor into a corner before landing the blow.
  • Try your best to utilize Rites of Judgement and leave Torment Trails all over the place as any Survivor moving over those trails get their Aura exposed to you.
  • The Executioner can get a team kill with his Punishment of the Damned ability. You can use this while Rites of Judgement is active to unleash a colossal wave of force that deals immense damage within an AoE of 8 meters.
  • The Executioner has his unique hook in a trial that is called the Cages of Atonement. These deathly beds can act with the same primary functions as a hook but with some additional benefits. For example, certain Survivor Perks that can use hook interactions do not really work with Cages of Atonement.
  • The Executioner is ideal for indoor map settings as you find the most amount of cramped spaces there.
  • The best way to use The Executioner as a Killer is to adopt a very aggressive playstyle. Do as much damage to Survivors as you can. Utilize his Demon Dash and Demon Strike as often as you can. Spam his attacks. Deal Damage!

That’s everything for now on Executioner in Dead by Daylight. We hope you find this guide helpful and stay tuned for more on DBD in the days to come.