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Best Spore Warden Build In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Best Spore Warden Build In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands contains a wide array of backgrounds, amazing classes, and spectacular weapons, which make experimenting with builds incredibly fun. The Spore Warden class has many advantages and synergies that make it great for creating overpowered builds. However, it can be difficult to figure out precisely what you need for those builds to function.

Within this guide, we’ve laid out perhaps the best Spore Warden Build you can assemble in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

This Build requires that you play the Spore Warden as your Main-class and Brr-Zerker as your secondary class. You are also recommended to obtain and equip the following items:


  • Liquid Cooling of Impatience
  • White Rider of the Forest
  • Live Wire of the Osprey
  • Nightshade of Rushing Rivers
  • Goblin Pick-axe of Crushing (Melee)


  • Mood Ring of the Foul Fiend
  • Class Ring of Timely Incision


  • Moonstone of the Holy Warrior


  • Cursed Wit


  • Amalgam of the Furious Assault


  • Buffmeister

This build will provide large amounts of damage if you understand how to utilize the Spore Warden’s Wrath of Nature and Play the Angles.

Recommended Stats

It is important to recognize that this guide is intended for Level 40 characters. However, you can use this as a potential goal for what you think your character at the endgame should play like. With that said, the first choice players need to make is to select the Village Idiot Background.

This improves your character’s Strength Hero Stat by a whopping +8 and provides a 10% bonus to your Crit Damage. Both are immensely important stats in this build and where your focus should primarily be when deciding between additional bonuses.

AttributesHero Points
Attunement 12

Recommended Skill Tree Allocation

Perhaps the most important part of a Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands build is the proper allocation of Skill points. For this build, you want to remember that your strongest Skills come from the Spore Warden Skill tree. These include the two Tier 5 Passive Skills, Wrath of Nature and Head Hunter, and the Tier 6 Passive Skill Play the Angles.

Wrath of Nature provides damage buffs when you do Ability damage to an enemy, and Play the Angles does Ability Damage when its ricochet attack lands. Make sure to select the Barrage Action Skill. With that said, the allocation of Skill points for both the Spore Warden and Brr-Zerker required to create this build are as follows:

Spore Warden

Passive SkillSkill PointsDescription
Bounty of the Hunt1Increases Cool-down rate
Eagle Eye5Gun Damage and Handling increased
Affinity5Ability Damage Increased
Spore Cloud1Companion releases Poison Cloud
Bullseye5Gun and Companion Critical Ht chance is increased
Medical Mushroom1Companion will attempt to revive
Windrunner 3Movement speed and Fire rate is increased
Wrath of Nature6When enemy receives Ability damage all damage dealt is increased
Head Hunter1Damage done to Critical hit areas increased
Play the Angles1Critical hits cause shots to ricochet causing Ability Damage


Passive SkillsSkill PointsDescription
Ancestral Frost5Frost Damage is increased
Icebreaker3Frozen enemies receive more damage
The Old Ways5Increased bonus damage and increased damage reduction
Unarmored Defense1Maximum Health Increased
Bloody Frenzy3Restores percentage Enrage timer and maximum Health
Relentless Rage1Killing an enemy while in Save Your Soul will cause the Fatemaker to become Enraged
image 140

Where to Obtain Liquid Cooling of Impatience?

Liquid Cooling - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Liquid Cooling is perhaps one of the best Legendary weapons you can obtain in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. We mainly want this weapon for our build because as long as we keep hitting Critical hits, the gun will not run out of ammunition.

This, along with Wrath of Nature and Play the Angles, can allow us to decimate enemies with immense damage. Additionally, the weapon does cryo-damage, which lends extremely well to our Brr-Zerker passives such as Ancestral Frost.

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The weapon can be farmed from the Ancient Obelisk in the Crackmast Cove. Once the Obelisk is activated, you must eliminate all the enemies that spawn. And will then have to defeat the mini-boss Lissia, Iron-Wrought. The weapon will then drop for you to obtain.

Liquid Cooling Location - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Ancient Obelisk Location

Where to Obtain White Rider of The Forest?

image 154
White Rider

The White Rider is a solid additional weapon to have equipped within this build. Although it does not do exceptionally high damage on its own, its special ability allows you to link two enemies together and do simultaneous Ability damage to them. This plays nicely with our Passive Skills, repeatedly buffing the damage.

The weapon can be found as a random loot drop from the enemy Son of a Witch, who can be found at the Purple marker in Karnok’s Wall – Positive Head Space.

image 155
Screenshot from SiegeOC

Where To Obtain Live Wire of the Osprey?

Live Wire SMG.jpg

This is one of the best Legendary SMGs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The best part about this weapon is that on top of doing amazing damage, it attacks multiple enemies next to you. This means you will hit several enemies multiple times, thus vastly increasing your chances for both Critical hits and Ability damage.

You can find this weapon anywhere in the world, but most players find luck getting this weapon to drop from the enemy in Shattergrave Barrow called Zomboss.

Where to Obtain Nightshade of Rushing Rivers?

image 156

The purple Nightshade weapons are incredible SMGs. This is especially true for their Cryo-damage variant, which is the one we recommend for this build. This is because it has amazing synergy with the Brr-Zerker abilities, and even if you want to change builds, the gun can be extremely versatile later on.

With that said, however, the weapon is a random loot drop from the open world. So while you’re running through the game, keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Where to Obtain Goblin Pick-Axe of Crushing?

▷ Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: How to get the Goblin Pickaxe

The Goblin Pick-Axe of Crushing is a brilliant weapon for multiple reasons. The most important of these reasons is the massive stat bonuses that this weapon provides to damage, Critical hit chance, and Critical hit damage. All of these stats are extremely important to our build.

Its ability allows you to gain gold, and also every successful hit increases your movement speed and reduces your cool-down rate.

To obtain the Goblin Pick-Axe of Crushing, you must first head to Mount Craw and teleport to Furious Gorge via the Fast Travel Menu. Once there, you must break the goblins out of their cages to finish their objective. You will then see a big frozen lake.

On the other end of the lake will be an Obelisk, and interacting will activate the Obelisk challenge. You must defeat Pigwart for the weapon to spawn/drop.

How to get the Goblin Pickaxe in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Gamepur


The rings within this build provide various important stat bonuses that can greatly increase the overall damage potential. The two necessary rings are the Mood Ring of the Foul Fiend and the Class Ring of Timely Incision.

The rings mentioned above can be found as random loot drops from the Open World. This is called a World drop.


image 157

We recommend using the Moonstone of the Holy Warrior amulet for this build. This amulet is a brilliant add-on for its additional Frost or Cryo-Damage and its Brr-Zerker power boost. You can obtain this item by farming the Chaos Chamber.


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Cursed Wit - Legendary Ward Guide

The Cursed Wit ward is a Legendary ward and is perfect for this build. This is because the effect of the wards activates when it is depleted, causing your damage and damage reduction to increase. This Cursed Wit ward is best suited for all those builds oriented towards pumping out big damage numbers.

You can find this ward from any notable loot location since it’s a World Drop. However, one of the best spots in the game to find this Ward is by defeating and farming Ribula, the game’s first boss.


image 159

Amalgam Of The Furious Assault is a Legendary Armor that provides amazing defenses to the player. Many of these defenses work in tangent with our class abilities to provide massive buffs to the player. It can be farmed from the Obelisk challenge in Weep Wild Dankness.

image 158


How to Get Buffmeister in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

The Buffmeister might be the best spell to wield for any build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This is because it increases elemental damage done and increases Critical hit Chance by 100 percent. This is powerful in our current build, which consistently relies on Critical Hits for ammunition and additional combo damage.

It can be obtained as a World Drop. But we have had a lot of luck getting it to drop from the Zomboss. We’ve outlined where to find this encounter above, so refer to that for farming these essential pieces of equipment.

How to Play this Spore Warden build?

  • The main aspect of this build is wracking up as many critical hits as possible.
  • This build is about being aggressive.
  • Use Wrath of Nature and Play the Angles as your main Abilities
  • If you feel like your Guns are not activating your passive combo, use the Active Skill Barrage, which guarantees 7 Ability Damage Arrows that will initiate the Wrath of Nature combo damage.
  • Keep an eye on your resources. The Guns listed can regain their ammo in the best-case scenario; however, if critical hits do not land, you will lose bullets fast.

That is it for our Best Spore Warden Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Give those enemies a real reason to fear the Fatemaker.