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Ultimate Guide To The Oni in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Oni in Dead by Daylight

The Oni or Kazan Yamaoka came with Chapter 14: Cursed Legacy DLC of Dead by Daylight. What makes this demonic killer a menace? What are his distinctive abilities? How can you play these abilities just right to get consistent downs? All will be answered in this ultimate guide to the Oni.

The Oni is a standard killer in his normal mode but turns into a beast when he goes into his Blood Fury phase. He needs to pick up orbs from already injured survivors before he can go all crazy. This and his other accompanying abilities demand practice and precision. It all comes down to finding the rhythm and controlling his angry state.


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Oni in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Oni (Kazan Yamaoka) good for beginners?

The Oni (Kazan Yamaoka)

The Oni is not designed for beginners. He is very unique and you have to build up the muscle memory to handle him properly when he is smack dab in the middle of his Blood Fury rage. If you can’t get the hang of it then the fury will be a total waste and the whole killer loses its edge.

You need to practice with this killer extensively before you start seeing the fruits of your labor.

Are The Oni Perks worth upgrading?

None of his default perks are worth looking into. The only one that might work is Blood Echo. Its super conditional nature where you have to first put all or some survivors into an Injured State is pretty hard to pull off. However, if you end up tagging multiple survivors, this perk will make the ensuing chase very easy.

It is best to equip other perks like Whispers, Fearmonger, etc. to get the most out of this killer.

What are The Oni Perks?

The Oni has 3 unique perks with three tier levels in Dead by Daylight:

Zanshin Tactics

Zanshin Tactics

The Auras of Breakable Walls, Pallets, and Windows are revealed to you within 24/28/32 meters.

Blood Echo

Blood Echo

When hooking a Survivor, all other Injured Survivors suffer from the Hemorrhage and Exhausted Status Effects for 45 seconds.

Blood Echo can only be triggered once every 80/70/60 seconds.



Any Survivor who blinds you or stuns you using a Pallet or a Locker becomes an Obsession.

Anytime your Obsession switches to another Survivor by any means, that Survivor then suffers from the Oblivious Status Effect for 40/50/60 seconds and their Aura is revealed to you for 4 seconds.

What Weapon does The Oni have?

Yamaoka Blade

The Oni wields the Yamaoka Blade as his primary weapon. This katana is closely linked to his special ability for putting survivors in Injured States and is incredibly powerful in the right hands. The weapon transforms into a club when he is in the Blood Fury state.

What Powers does The Oni have?

Absorption Mode

There are two stages to The Oni’s Yamaoka’s Wrath power:

Whenever the killer hits a survivor it puts them in an Injured State. In this state, they will start dropping Blood Orbs on the ground. The killer is in Absorption Mode at this point and must collect these orbs to fill his power meter.

The survivors drop these orbs whenever they are crouching, failing Skill Checks, being hooked, passively over time, and interacting (pallets, lockers, windows, etc.). These do not despawn and are visible to the killer from 35 meters.

Blood Fury

Once he has absorbed enough Blood Orbs to fill up his power meter, he can then activate the Blood Fury. During this time, he becomes a killing machine. It stays active for an impressive 45 seconds unless he gets stunned by a pallet.

He gets additional abilities during this state only.

Demon Dash allows the killer to rapidly cover large distances. Demon Strike is an alternate attacking mode where you can charge your regular attack to perform an extended lunge and instantly put any survivor into the Dying State with a successful hit.

Blood Orbs won’t be visible and can’t be absorbed during Blood Fury.

Is The Oni fun to play?

Is The Oni (Kazan Yamaoka) fun to play?

The Oni in Dead by Daylight is all about finding the right rhythm. If you get the tempo just right then there is no stopping this demon from annihilating anything that stands in his way making him insanely fun to play. On the other hand, if you are a rhythm-less player then best leave this killer be. His skill ceiling is extremely demanding.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Oni?

tips and tricks - The Oni (Kazan Yamaoka)

Here are some tips that you can employ when playing as this killer:

  • The Cracked Sakazuki add-on will decrease both Blood Fury cooldown and most importantly Blood Fury activation time.
  • You can increase Blood Fury duration with certain add-ons like Chipped Saihai.
  • The killer can destroy pallets very quickly while in Blood Fury so use that to your benefit.
  • Chaining the Demon Dash into a normal attack is a good way to attack a pursuing survivor without having to charge up Demon Strike.
  • While Demon Dashing, you can maneuver the killer right at the end of the dash to hit a survivor taking a corner. This flick move does require a bit of practice.
  • Select a survivor to supply you with constant Blood Orbs. Leave him be while he drops these orbs for you to collect as and when needed.
  • Forcing an injured survivor to drop a pallet and baiting him to keep vaulting over it while you are on the other side of the loop will reap a ton of Blood Orbs. It is a nice way of creating an orb farm.
  • Slowly chasing injured survivors is another great method of collecting Blood Orb as they try to run away from you.
  • It is incredibly hard to control the killer while he is Demon Dashing so make it your duty to practice this.
  • Hitting healthy survivors will give you 40 Blood Orbs, and you need 100 in total to activate the power so use this information wisely.
  • The best cadence of his abilities is to injure most of the survivors at the start, collect the Blood Orbs, activate Blood Fury, and start unleashing hell on a select few targets. Hopefully, the other injured survivors would have spawned enough Blood Orbs while you were busy that once you run out of rage mode, you will have enough Blood Orbs on the ground to begin a new Blood Fury.

The Oni is hard, to say the least, but investing enough time in getting to know his individual playstyle will prove worthwhile. Get ready to dump a lot of time on this killer.