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Ultimate Guide To The Blight in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Blight in Dead by Daylight

The Blight or Talbot Grimes is another original killer added to the Dead by Daylight roster with the Chapter 17 DLC. What is his unique ability that gives him unimaginable swiftness? Are there any perks that give him an edge? This and various other tips and tricks will be answered in this ultimate killer guide to the Blight.

The Blight’s Rush ability makes him an incredibly zippy killer. He can make most chases trivial and entire map traversal is easy as pie. Though this ability is just as hard to master as it is amazing. Knowing when to ricochet off surfaces, controlling this advance movement, and having the patience to curtail spamming are extremely important.


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Blight in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Blight (Talbot Grimes) good for beginners?

The Blight (Talbot Grimes)

The Blight is not the killer of choice for inexperienced players. His ping-pongy Rush and Lethal Rush ability demands expert control and map awareness for effective use of collision and caroming off to catch survivors. As a beginner, steer clear from this killer unless you are willing to give him the time he deserves.

The fruits of your practice will eventually pay off as he is one of the best killers in the game. Owing to his breakneck speed at taking out survivors. Use him sparingly when you start your killing career and only commit once you have got the basics of other easier killers down.

Are The Blight Perks worth upgrading?

Hex: Blood Favour is a great perk at disabling pallets so you can continue chasing survivors without worrying about getting stunned. And since it is a Hex perk, survivors will have to actively locate the Totem to cleanse it if they want to remove the effect.

The Hex: Undying perk synergizes with the previous perk really well. It will essentially protect the aforementioned perk’s effect even after the survivors cleanse its Totem. It also delivers some valuable information about the survivors’ location by revealing their Auras even in dull states.

What are The Blight Perks?

The Blight has 3 unique perks with three tier levels:

Dragon's Grip

Dragon’s Grip

Performing the Damage Generator Action on a Generator activates Dragon’s Grip for the next 30 seconds:

  • The first Survivor interacting with the damaged Generator will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds, and suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 60 seconds.
  • Dragon’s Grip has a cool-down of 120/100/80 seconds.
Hex: Blood Favour

Hex: Blood Favour

Whenever a Survivor loses a Health State by any means and thus enters the Injured State or the Dying State, Hex: Blood Favour calls upon The Entity to block all Pallets within 24/28/32 meters of that Survivor’s location from being pulled down for the next 15 seconds.

All effects of the Hex Perk persist until its Hex Totem is cleansed or blessed.

Hex: Undying

Hex: Undying

The Auras of Survivors within 2/3/4 meters of any Dull Totem are revealed to you.

  • When another Perk’s Hex Totem is cleansed or blessed, its Hex is transferred to the Hex: Undying Totem, including any accumulated Tokens, disabling Hex: Undying instead.

What Weapon does The Blight have?


The Blight uses the Bonebuster as his primary weapon. This seemingly flimsy pickaxe-type weapon packs quite a punch in the killer’s snappy hands.

What Powers does The Blight have?

Blighted Corruption

This killer has a very complicated Tokens/Charges-based ability called Blighted Corruption. He starts off the trial with 5 tokens already. His powers consume these tokens with every use, and it gets recharged passively over time when the power isn’t active.

When his Blighted Corruption power is fully charged, he can perform a Rush that rockets him forward. This ability consumes 1 Token with each use. It is great for catching survivors. However, while rushing the killer can’t use his attacks and thus must exit the rush to hit the target.

If the Blight bangs a wall or any obstacle while rushing, he executes a devastating special Slam attack. After the Slam, he has the opportunity to chain another special Rush (mentioned below) within a 1.25-second window.

During the chaining window, you can use the power button again to go into a Lethal Rush. It differs from the regular Rush since he can attack during this rush. He can also swiftly break pallets and walls from this attack. Ultimately, his playstyle is all about bumping into walls and springing off either for traversal or getting a kill.

When the tokens run out from ability usage or you don’t capitalize on the Chain Rush Window, the killer will suffer from a 2.5-second Fatigue downtime.

Is The Blight fun to play?

Is The Blight (Talbot Grimes) fun to play?

As you get acquainted with his powers, you will be using them constantly. It will help traverse the map at great speeds, close gaps in chases instantly, and get hits like no big deal. This makes him one of the most fun and top-tier killers in DBD.

Practice makes perfect resulting in him holding the podium 3rd position on our ranking list for all the right reasons. It is paramount to know the proper execution of bouncing or pinballing off surfaces to catch survivors.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Blight?

Here are some tips that you can employ when playing as The Blight in Dead by Daylight:

  • Any other perk like Hex: Thrill of the Hunt that can protect Hexs or Totems is a great addition to this killer’s kit.
  • Fox Glove and Canker Thorn are good add-ons to lower the recovery time of Rushing.
  • His other perks are extremely powerful but kind of complex so use the ones that are the best fit for your playstyle.
  • Do not always opt to Rush while chasing. Sometimes it is better to just go for a normal chase and then a regular hit. The initial Rush won’t give you the chance to hit and the recovery time after the rush is counterproductive in some instances.
  • The very basic use of his power when pursuing a survivor at a distance is to aim your Rush at a wall near the survivor and bounce off it into a Lethal Rush attack towards the survivor to get a hit.
  • Do not spam Rush for close distances where you are bumping into every surface to continue your speed burst. Not only will you cover a relatively shorter distance, but it also take a significantly greater time to get your Rush Tokens back. If you really want to cover the most distance then aim for obstacles further and then chain into other farther obstacles for unparalleled reach.
  • Contrary to the previous point, it is preferred to bump into a single surface to perform a Lethal Rush and cover the maximum distance. This is the efficient use of this power for both chasing/hitting and traversing.
  • Utilize the Chain Rush Window to orient yourself for better control. There is no need to immediately perform a Lethal Rush and lose all control.
  • Increasing mouse DPI is a great way to flick move while chaining rushes.

The Blight is by far among the best killer in Dead by Daylight. His ability is straightforward on the surface but since it is super unique, controlling it and getting the best results will be a feat to work towards. Take your time training with this killer, and you will surely be rewarded.