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Why Are There Gender Locked Classes in Lost Ark?

Why Are There Gender Locked Classes in Lost Ark?

There are probably a lot of questions you might have about Lost Ark, but one huge question that a lot of people are asking is why there are gender locked classes in Lost Ark?

One reason is that some of the job skills have different effects when used on a specific gender. Lost Ark doesn’t want to add extra skills just for the sake of having them so they locked certain genders to certain jobs so they have enough unique skill sets.

The second reason is that Lost Ark wants to make Lost Ark a fair competitive game and because there’s an advantage in Lost Ark to playing certain genders, they wanted to make it so that the advantage isn’t unfair.

Which classes are gender locked?

There are a ton of classes to choose from, but some are locked for specific genders. You might be wondering which classes are locked to each gender.

Here’s a list of all the gender locked classes:

  • Knight – Male Only
  • Cleric – Female Only
  • Wizard / Witch – Male Only
  • Archer – Male Only
  • Merchant – Female Only
  • Thief / Assassin – Male Only
  • Pirate – Male Only
  • Lahn – Female Only
  • Valkyrie – Female Only
  • Berserker – Male Only
  • Ninja / Kunoichi – Female Only

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Can you change your gender class?

The first Lost Ark CBT was over a year ago and people who played Lost Ark back then definitely remember that you could change your gender. Lost Ark has received many changes since the first CBT, so Lost Ark changed it to be gender locked instead.

It’s not yet known if Lost Ark will completely remove the possibility of changing your gender class. Lost Ark is looking at the data they collected over CBT1 and if Lost Ark didn’t get enough feedback on it, Lost Ark will probably make it so you can change your gender class like before.

Is certain gear locked to specific classes?

You will earn a lot of gear in Lost Ark and not all can be used by your specific class. Lost Ark does have a class accessory system where there are specific accessories that can only be used by your gender class.

They are going to release a ton of different accessories, so Lost Ark wants players to be able to play what they want without worrying about not being able to equip a specific accessory.

If Lost Ark decides to change the gender locked classes to non-gender locked classes, players will probably be able to use all gear regardless of their gender.

Which class should you play?

There are a ton of classes in Lost Ark, and it might be difficult to choose one class because you will be playing that character for a long time. Lost Ark recommends that you play the class that you feel is the most fun for you.

The game is designed so that each class has a unique playstyle to it, so just play the class that looks the most interesting to you. Lost Ark does have a class trial system, so Lost Ark recommends that you try out different classes before deciding.