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5 Best Amulets in Lies of P And How to Get Them

5 Best Amulets in Lies of P And How to Get Them

Pinocchio’s journey through Lies of P is no walk in the park, and having the right amulets can make all the difference in facing the horrors that lurk around every corner. These Amulets act as accessories that provide passive buffs against enemies, which can be life-saving. But which amulets are the best in Lies of p? Let’s find out!

The Blue Guardianship Amulet tops the Best Amulets in Lies of P, allowing Pinocchio to significantly increase his HP, Stamina, and Legion resources. Though you’re only allowed 2 Amulet slots, you can gain more slots by expanding the P-Organ.


Let’s have a detailed look at the best Amulets in Lies of P and see what they have to offer!

Best Amulets in Lies of P

Best Amulets in Lies of P

Here’s a complete stat table for the top 5 amulets in Lies of P:

AmuletStats BoostedHow to Obtain
Blue Guardianship AmuletHP, Stamina, Legion resourcesConstruct using the Rare Ergo of the Nameless Puppet.
Arm of God AmuletTemporary damage boostExchange Reborn Champion’s Ergo with Alidoro.
Recharged AmuletContinuous health restorationFind it in a chest beside a Junk Centurion Puppet. Visit Lorezini Arcade in NG+ for an upgrade.
Conquering AmuletDamage bonus after Perfect GuardExchange a single King’s Flame Ergo with Alidoro.
Piercing Hatred AmuletImmunity to Attribute ailmentsExchange Nameless Puppet’s Ergo with Alidoro.
5 Best Amulets in Lies of P

1. Blue Guardianship Amulet

Blue Guardianship Amulet - best amulets in Lies of P

The Blue Guardianship Amulet is by far the Best Amulet in Lies of P, with its incredible boost to Pinnochio’s Stamina, Health, AND Legion. The Amulet provides all-rounder stats and is pretty solid when it comes to Pinocchio’s defense and offense.

In addition to the stats, the Blue Guardianship is the lightest among the rest of the Amulets in Lies of P. However, the effects can only be seen to work when your character has high Stamina, Health, and Legion, AND the additional Health given seems to nullify when you switch the Amulet slot!

With these things in mind, you’ll surely find the Blue Guardianship a worthy amulet. If it helps, it’s my favorite so far!

How to get this amulet:

  • You’ll need two items: Incredible and Fancy Venigni Collection.
  • The Incredible Venigni Collection can be found inside the Opera House.
  • The second item can be found on the eastern side of the Barren Swamp area.
  • Once you have both items, hand over the Fancy Venigni Collection item to Pulcinella and purchase the Blue Guardianship Amulet for 1,750 Ergo.
  • The second method to obtain the Amulet (+1) is through the Arche Abbey Outer Wall (NG+) after your first playthrough.

2. Arm of God Amulet

Arm of God Amulet

This Amulet is perfect for all those aggressive players out there. With its exceptional boost to physical damage (5%), players can get the edge over the enemies for the first 5 seconds after a successful attack.

One good thing about the Arm of God Amulet is that you can stack it up to four times! Ultimately giving you a temporary 20% boost in Pinnochio’s physical damage.

Do note that the buff resets automatically and shows no drastic changes to effects other than the Physical Attacks.

How to get this amulet:

  • You can exchange the Reborn Champion’s Ergo item for the God of Arm Amulet after defeating the Champion Victor Boss.
  • The Boss can be found in the Grand Exhibition Gallery.
  • Secondly, you’ll need to find Alidoro, who can be located at the Barren Swamp Entrance next to a burning barrel.
  • Access his shop and trade the Reborn Champion’s Ergo item!

3. Recharged Amulet

Recharged Amulet

As the name suggests, the Recharged Amulet gradually restores 2% of Pinnochio’s Health per second. I find this Amulet extremely useful in situations where I’m surrounded by multiple enemies chewing me down!

The only downside to its regenerative capabilities is against tough bosses that pack a tough punch! You’ll notice a slight increase in your Health, which won’t benefit you from the hard-hitting attacks of tough bosses in Lies of P.

How to get this amulet:

  • Head to the Barren Swamp Entrance from the Stargazer.
  • Follow the path until it loops back around through a small tower.
  • Exit the tower and turn right to find a ladder leading to another floor of the tower.
  • Defeat the Junk Centurion Puppet and open the chest to claim the Recharged Amulet.
  • Visit Lorenzini’s Arcade in New Game Plus from the Stargazer.
  • Navigate to the underground area using the Arcade Underground Passage.
  • Explore the depths to discover the Recharged Amulet +1, waiting to boost your abilities.

4. Conquering Amulet

Conquering Amulet - Lies of P Best Amulets

The Conquering Amulet is second to none in Lies of P, considering it’s an early-game item. What if I tell you the Amulet provides a 20% damage boost upon a successful Perfect Guard? If you’re more focused on a Strength Build, you can equip this Amulet and reap its benefits!

Additionally, the Amulet’s effect can be paired well with the Aegis Legion Arm and get the highest damage buff regardless of your weapon choice.

I might add that it requires great precision with respect to the Perfect Guard, as it is not easy to master. Try it for yourself, and keep practicing!

How to get this amulet:

  • You can obtain the Conquering Amulet from Alidoro in Hotel Krat, the Barren Swamp or St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Library.
  • You’ll need to exchange the King’s Flame Ergo item, which can be acquired after defeating Flame King Fuoco.
  • You can find the Boss in Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer, and after defeating him, you’ll obtain the High-powered Flame Amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo, and the Flame Glindstone.

5. Piercing Hatred Amulet

Piercing Hatred - Lies of P Best Amulets

Immunity to all Attribute status ailments is no joke. The Piercing Hatred Amulet provides a boost to all the attributes of Pinnochio except for Break, Disruption, and Shock. Whatever attributes you have will be upgraded.

The Piercing Hatred Amulet is perfect against various enemies that do Status Effects, especially Decay, in Lies of P. However, acquiring this god-like Amulet requires you to defeat the final boss

How to get this amulet:

To conclude my guide, Amulets are added in Lies of P for a reason, and no player in their right mind would avoid using them, especially to get out of sticky situations.

Without a doubt, these are the best Amulets, in my opinion; however, I would advise players to switch around and play with the other 25 remaining Amulets in Lies of P. Who knows, you might actually grow fond of a few!