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12 Best Skill Weapons In Bloodborne

12 Best Skill Weapons In Bloodborne

Bloodborne is full of many weapon types, and each weapon requires a certain number of attributes. It can be confusing at first, but once you learn how the scaling works for different weapon types, then you will have a better idea of how your build will be. No matter what you use, there is always going to be a weapon that you will enjoy using.

The attributes in Bloodborne are extremely important if you want to use certain weapons. The Skill attribute is probably one of the most useful since the scaling on the Skill weapons is some of the best in the entire game. The Skill attribute determines how your weapon will be with physical attack damage. It can also determine if you can use certain equipment or not.

In this article, we will go over 12 of the best Skill weapons that the game has. We are going to categorize them by the scaling that Skill gives them. Obviously, you will need to fully max out the weapon to get the full scaling for all the weapons on this list. Every one of them is an extremely viable option for a great build.

What does the Skill Attribute do?

The game identifies the Skill attribute as An Attribute governing more nuanced physical weapon ATK. Determines whether or not you can use certain equipment. What this means is that if you use these weapons that require this Skill attribute, then you will automatically deal more damage with it. It also means that you will need to have a certain Skill attribute level to wield a specific weapon.

Every weapon on this list will require the Skill attribute and will have better and better scaling depending on the upgrade level of the specific weapon. Obviously, you will get the best weapon scaling if you have the weapon at +10, which is the max you can upgrade a weapon.

Even if it is not a weapon on this list, another weapon might require you to have a few points in the Skill attribute, so it is a very important attribute to level up no matter your build. You can also mix and match other attributes with the Skill attribute to make some insanely fun builds.

Best Skill Weapons

We have 12 Skill attribute weapons on this list and want to let you know that we have put the better weapons first. If you don’t know how scaling works, there are letters for scaling and the letters go from best to worst: S, A, B, C, D, E. S scaling is the best and that basically means you will get the most damage out of a single level in that attribute.

We have put the weapons from best to worst on this list and we have also put the letter of scaling for a +10 version of that specific weapon next to the name of the weapon. This list is to show you what weapons are the best with just the Skill attribute leveled. You can obviously level up other attributes and build your character however you want to.

Here are the 12 best Skill weapons you can use in Bloodborne:

1. Blade of Mercy (S scaling at +10)

A special trick weapon passed down among hunters of hunters. One of the oldest weapons of the workshop. Splits into two when activated. The weapon’s warped blades are forged with siderite, a rare mineral of the heavens. Most effective in swift attacks, such as after a quick-stepping.

Location: Sold by the Bath Messengers for 40,000 Blood Echoes after acquiring the Crow Hunter Badge.

This is considered one of the best weapons in the entire game. The Crow Hunter Badge is given or dropped by Eileen the Crow who can be found in many places around the game. You can either follow and complete her questline or defeat her to get the badge. It will then unlock this weapon in the Bath Messenger shop.

It can also be found in the Chalice Dungeons ad a reward as well. Keep in mind that this weapon can’t be buffed with any elemental paper, so don’t expect it to do everything. It has S scaling for Skill on the weapon so it is a weapon that should solely be used for a Skill build. You can also add gems to it that boost the elemental damage of the weapon itself as well.

2. Simon’s Bowblade (DLC) (S scaling at +10)

Church hunter Simon despised firearms, and so the Church workshop had this specially fashioned to his liking. The large curved blade serves as a bow when transformed. But aside from a few close friends, Simon was scoffed at for his choice of arms, for who would dare face the beasts with a measly bow?

Location: Dropped by Simon the Harrowed, either by killing him or at the end of his questline.

This weapon is actually dropped by an NPC. You will have to either finish Simon the Harrowed’s questline or defeat him before you do to get this weapon. Keep in mind that this is a DLC weapon and you can only get it if you own the Old Hunter’s DLC. It definitely is a cool weapon since transforming it will make the weapon into a bow.

It takes Quicksilver Bullets, but it is a bow. When you transform it back to normal, it will be in your right hand and you can use the melee like normal. It is one of the most unique weapons in the game and it is worth at least having it in your arsenal even if you aren’t going to use it.

3. Rakuyo (DLC) (A scaling at +10)

Hunter weapon wielded by Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. A trick sword originated in the same country as the Cainhurst Chikage, only this sword feeds not off blood but instead demands great dexterity. Lady Maria was fond of this aspect of the Rakuyo, as she frowned upon blood blades, despite being a distant relative of the queen.

Location: Dropped by the second Giant Fishman at the bottom of the well in Fishing Hamlet.

This weapon is another DLC weapon. You will have to own the Old Hunter’s DLC just to be able to get it. What makes this weapon great is the fact that you can transform it into a Twinblade. Transforming it back will turn it into a Sword and Dagger. It isn’t super difficult to get, but you do need to defeat an enemy in the DLC to get it.

It is a pure Skill weapon so that means you can focus just on the Skill attribute. It is definitely worth getting because it does have A scaling and makes for a great weapon to build around. The weapon itself is very combo heavy so make sure you know the ins and outs of the weapon before you start using it.

4. Reiterpallasch (A scaling at +10)

Weapon wielded by the Knights of Cainhurst. Combines an elegant knight’s sword with the peculiar firearm wielded by the Cainhurst order. The old nobles, long-time imbibers of blood, are no strangers to the sanguine plague, and the disposal of beasts was a discrete task left to their servants, or knights, as they were called for the sake of appearances.

Location: Sold by the Bath Messengers for 18,000 Blood Echoes after acquiring the Cainhurst Badge.

This is a weapon that is actually pretty easy to get. All you have to do is pledge yourself to the Cainhurst Vilebloods and you can get the Cainhurst Badge. Once you receive it, you can go back to the Bath Messengers and purchase the weapon. Transforming this weapon will turn it into multiple types of Rapiers.

You can either have a faster but less damaged Rapier or a slower but more damaged Rapier. It is totally up to you how you want to use it. It has one of the weirdest names in the game and makes for a great weapon to combo with. If you enjoy Rapiers, you might want to give this one a try.

5. Threaded Cane (A scaling at +10)

One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used by hunters on their duties. Sufficiently deadly as a rigid bladed cane, but also serves as a whip when its blade is split into many. Concealing the weapon inside the cane and flogging the beasts with the whip is partly an act of ceremony, an attempt to demonstrate to oneself that the bloodlust of the hunt will never encroach upon their soul.

Location: A starting weapon available from the Messengers. Sold by the Bath Messengers after acquiring the Saw Hunter Badge.

This is one of the three starting weapons of the game. It definitely is a unique choice as most players just end up using the Saw Cleaver. It is totally worth using though because not only does it have attacks like a sword, but it is also a whip when you transform it. If you are starting a new game, then maybe try this thing out.

If you didn’t choose it and want to use it, you will need to get the Saw Hunter Badge and purchase it from the Bath Messengers. It isn’t super difficult to get this badge, but you are probably better off choosing it as your starting weapon. There is a Strength-based version called the Beast Cutter if you want that one instead of this one.

6. Beasthunter Saif (DLC) (B scaling at +10)

A trick weapon used by the old hunters. A second blade is found inside the curve of the main one. In its initial form the saif can be wielded like a long curved sword, but when transformed, its blade is contracted allowing for quick, repeated stabs. Although this trick weapon allows for adaptive combat, it was later replaced by saws and similar weapons that were more effective at disposing of beasts.

Location: Found in Hunter’s Nightmare, on a ledge near the ladder that leads to the Nightmare Church.

This is another great DLC weapon. You can only get it if you own the Old Hunter’s DLC. It is not super difficult to get. It is on a ledge near the ladder that leads you to the Nightmare Church. It can either be a Cleaver or a Longsword depending on your playstyle and it can also be used both ways if you enjoy transforming the weapon back and forth.

The weapon is very similar to the Burial Blade so they definitely took some inspiration from there. It has some insanely good scaling and is totally worth using if you have the DLC. It is a useful weapon in pretty much any circumstance whether that be against NPCs in PVE or even real players in PVP.

7. Burial Blade (B scaling at +10)

Trick weapon wielded by Gehrman, the first hunter. A masterpiece that defined the entire array of weapons crafted at the workshop. Its blade is forged with siderite, said to have fallen from the heavens. Gehrman surely saw the hunt as a dirge of farewell, wishing only that his prey might rest in peace, never again to awaken to another harrowing nightmare.

Location: Sold by the Bath Messengers for 60,000 Blood Echoes after obtaining the Old Hunter Badge.

This weapon can be acquired after you get the Old Hunter Badge. You can get this badge by defeating Gehrman, the First Hunter and you won’t get this till basically the end of the game. This weapon is one that you should use in NG+ or even the DLC areas. It is one of the most expensive weapons in the game and is worth the Blood Echoes.

It has two modes. You can use it as a Curver Sword or as a Scythe. It definitely is a fun weapon to use and it is extremely useful for groups of enemies. The Scythe attack has a very wide range to it so you can easily hit multiple enemies at once with one single swing. Overall, it is definitely a great choice for anyone who wants to use it.

8. Chikage (B scaling at +10)

Foreign-made weapon wielded by the royal guards who protect Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods at Cainhurst Castle. When the intricate, rippled engraving that spans the Chikage’s blade is imbrued with blood, the sword sings in scarlet hues. However, the rite eats away at the wielder’s very essence.

Location: Sold by the Bath Messengers for 50,000 Blood Echoes after obtaining the Cainhurst Badge.

This is one of the more interesting weapons that you can choose to use, but it definitely has some pretty decent scaling to it. The transformation actually covers the whole sword in blood and deals Bleeding damage. You can purchase this weapon once you get the Cainhurst Badge from the Bath Messengers.

The odd thing about this weapon is the fact that your health will drain when you have it transformed. It will Obviously deal a ton of damage, but you are going to have to use a bunch of Blood Vails to heal yourself to make up for the loss of health. It is hard to use, but it is worth it if you can get good with the weapon itself.

9. Church Pick (DLC) (B scaling at +10)

One of the old trick weapons of the Healing Church, a hunting weapon formed from one of the giant picks that appear in old beast tales. The Church Pick initially serves as a long sword, but when transformed functions as an extended war pick. In spite of its origins, it is a highly practical weapon.

Location: Found in Underground Corpse Pile, dropped by a Yahar’gul Hunter in one of the underground cells.

This weapon is the fourth DLC weapon on this list. As we said with the other DLC weapons, you will have to own the Old Hunters DLC just to be able to get this. It is a very cool weapon that is dropped by a Yahar’gul Hunter in one of the Underground Cells in the Underground Corpse Pile area. It serves as two different weapon types when transformed.

You can use it as either a longsword or a war pick. Both are extremely fun to use and the scaling on the weapon is pretty decent. This weapon is very similar to the Burial Blade so if you enjoyed that weapon, you will like this one a lot.

10. Ludwig’s Holy Blade (B scaling at +10)

A trick weapon typically used by Healing Church hunters. It is said that the silver sword was employed by Ludwig, the first hunter of the church. The Healing church workshop began with Ludwig, and departed from old Gehrman’s technique to provide hunters with the means to fight more terrifying beasts, and perhaps things still worse.

Location: Sold by the Bath Messengers for 20,000 Blood Echoes after obtaining the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.

This weapon is definitely worth getting your hands on. You will need to get the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge to be able to purchase this from the Bath Messengers. The Radiant Sword Hunter Badge is located inside a chest in the Healing Church Workshop. Found after reaching the top floor of the tower from the lift inside Oedon Chapel.

It can be used as both a regular sword and a greatsword when transformed. It is based on the Holy Moonlight Sword which is basically a version of the Moonlight Greatsword from the Dark Souls series. You can also infuse this weapon with Gems if that is what you want to do as well. It is also a great weapon to use if you have high Arcane stats.

11. Rifle Spear (B scaling at +10)

A trick weapon crafted by the workshop heretics, the Powder Kegs. A prototype weapon serving as a simple firearm and spear, possibly created in imitation of a lost Cainhurst weapon. Lacks any notable functions, saving that it is the only trick weapon with an attached gun.

Location: Sold by the Bath Messengers for 4,000 Blood Echoes after obtaining the Powder Keg Hunter Badge.

This is one of the only weapons on this list that have some type of ranged attack. This weapon can be used as a spear or a rifle. It will use Quicksilver Bullets when you are using the rifle part and when you transform it, you can melee using the spear part of it. It doesn’t have the best scaling, but it is great if you don’t want to have multiple weapons at once.

You can swap back and forth pretty quickly and this makes it great for a person who likes to multi-task. The weapon itself can be found pretty early on in your playthrough so it can be an extremely viable weapon for most builds that you want to create.

12. Saw Spear (C scaling at +10)

One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used by those who dedicate themselves to the hunt. This saw, effective at drawing the blood of beasts, transforms into a medium-range spear. The saw, with its set of blood-letting teeth, has become a symbol of the hunt, and only grows in effectiveness the more grotesquely transformed the beast.

Location: Sold by the Bath Messengers after acquiring the Saw Hunter Badge.

This weapon is considered the better version of the Saw Cleaver for many people. It works basically the same with the exception of the cleaver part being a spear. It has the lowest scaling of any weapons on this list, but that means it is super useful in other areas besides the Skill attribute. You can purchase this weapon once you get the Saw Hunter Badge.

You can also find the weapon on a corpse in Central Yharnum if you don’t want to purchase it. Keep in mind that the spear part of this weapon is the aspect that is Skill attribute-based. The weapon as a whole has some seriously different movesets that make it a very good choice for people who like varied movesets.