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Does The Host Have to Be Online in Palworld?

Does The Host Have to Be Online in Palworld?

Palworld is best played with your real-life pals, duh! In reality, though, you and your friends can’t always be online at the same time, forcing one of you to play alone. As with most survival games, only a single person can host the game while others join them. How does Palworld work in this regard? Does The Host Have to Be Online in Palworld for you to continue your game or is there a workaround?


Since private servers and their progression are saved on the host’s machine, the host needs to be online for you to join them. Sadly, you can’t play by yourself on the host’s server.

Multiplayer in Palworld

Multiplayer in Palworld

Multiplayer in Palworld is a bit peculiar. But for those who have dabbled in a lot of recent survival games, it comes as no surprise. The ways you can play online are as follows:

  • Dedicated Servers: These are open servers where you can join 32 other random players in Palworld. The public servers are hosted on Steam and open for anyone to join. You can even host your own dedicated server. Additionally, you can pay for a hosting website to keep the servers active and easy to manage.
Invite Code Palworld
  • Private Servers: These servers are created on the host’s machine and allow a maximum of 4 players to join. All the progression in this server will be saved on the host’s computer and not the players.

    The host can create these servers by toggling the Multiplayer setting ON in the World Settings when creating a new world.

    You can only join said servers by getting the Invite Code from the host. The invite code is visible in the options tab. Every new session will generate a new code so keep that in mind. The host can either join your guild or you can join their guild to work together as a team.

There are some things to consider when playing online:

  • Every player on the map has to independently uncover the map and unlock the fast travel points. Your friend’s map and world progression won’t be unlocked in the host’s world.
  • All the loot is on a first come first serve basis. Whoever gets their hands on the loot gets to keep it. The other players have to wait for it to respawn.
  • Syndicate Tower bosses and open-world Alpha-Pals can be faced together.
  • If you are part of a guild, your bases will be shared with your members. If you want to make your own base then you need to be in your own guild.

Private Server in Palworld – Host Needs to be Online

Private Server in Palworld - Host Needs to be Online

As we’ve mentioned before, the host needs to be online for you to join them if you’ve opted for private servers in Palworld.

For those solo sessions and times when the host is away, you need to create a new world for yourself. Furthermore, you will have to start from scratch. Whatever progression you made in the host world will be saved in their computer and not yours. Get ready to start fresh.

To make it easy, you and your friend host must create their personal world and join each other to play. This will allow you both to have separate progressions. Unfortunately, your progression in both these worlds will be separate. It will be annoying to live this dual life but that’s how the game works right now.