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How To Beat Eater of Worlds in Terraria (Ultimate Guide)

How To Beat Eater of Worlds in Terraria (Ultimate Guide)

The Eater of Worlds is a Corruption world boss in Terraria, and instead of being a single boss, it is a series of targets conjoined together. In this article, we will cover in much detail what facing this boss is like and what you should do to prepare for the fight. So get ready for the ultimate guide to beating Eater of Worlds.

The Eater of Worlds is a simple but annoying Corruption world boss in Terraria. It follows you around and tries to hurt you with its huge slithering body. It can be summoned by using the Worm Food in the Corruption or by destroying 3 Shadow Orbs. The melee class is especially weak against this boss.


Let’s take a detailed look at the best strategies and builds for taking down the Eater of Worlds boss in Terraria.

How to Spawn Eater of Worlds?

Spawn Eater of Worlds

The Eater of Worlds stands as a Corruption World Exclusive boss encountered during the pre-hardmode stage. Summoning it requires consuming Worm Food within The Corruption or Underground Corruption, or it can be summoned by destroying 3 Shadow Orbs that materialize in Corruption worlds. The boss can be summoned irrespective of the time of day.

To create Worm Food, combine 30 units of Vile Powder with 15 Rotten Chunks at a Demon or Crimson Altar crafting station. Trying to use the Worm Food outside the Corruption biome will result in no impact and will not consume the item.

How to Defeat Eater of Worlds?

Defeating the Eater of Worlds in Terraria boils down to your class. Some classes will find it harder to beat this boss, while for others, it will be a breeze. We will go over which weapons best suit the class when fighting the boss.

Melee Class Strategy

Broadswords prove highly effective when facing this boss, with notable options being the Blade of Grass and Light’s Bane. For swift and agile combat, consider employing very fast swords like the Exotic Scimitar, Katana, or Mandible Blade, especially when combined with the Shark Tooth Necklace.

The Volcano showcases exceptional strength against this boss but can only be acquired by collecting Shadow Scales dropped by destroyed segments.

If fortune smiles upon you and you stumble upon an Enchanted Sword Shrine, obtaining a Terragrim or Enchanted Sword can yield significant advantages in battling the worm.


Thrown-type Flails such as the Ball O’ Hurt or Flaming Mace are adept at blocking nearly all Vile Spit when spun around, thereby rendering the fight relatively easy in most cases, albeit prolonged.

Moreover, they can be swung into the Eater of Worlds, dealing substantial damage to multiple segments. The Chain Knife, a launched Flail, is a slightly weaker yet still effective weapon for defeating the boss.

Spears such as the Swordfish have the ability to damage multiple segments simultaneously.

Shadow Armor can be acquired by defeating enough segments of the boss, even without completely defeating it. Alternatively, Ancient Shadow Armor can be obtained by farming Eaters of Souls.

Ranged Class Strategy

Ranged Class Strategy

Bows emerge as highly effective weapons in this encounter. The Demon Bow stands as a readily accessible and powerful option, while the Molten Fury offers even greater strength, albeit more challenging to obtain.

Jester’s Arrows possess the ability to pierce through an infinite number of segments, although their damage decreases with each segment penetrated.

They excel when the boss is aligned in a straight line. Unholy Arrows, obtainable as drops from the Eye of Cthulhu or through purchase, deal increased damage and exhibit a similar piercing effect, albeit traveling fewer segments simultaneously.

Bone Throwing Knives exhibit significant piercing capability, are autofire, and deliver excellent damage in this fight. They are heavily influenced by gravity, so throwing them straight downward or in an arcing trajectory yields the best results.


The Harpoon serves as an exceptional weapon but is most effective when used in close proximity to the Eater of Worlds. Acquiring it requires defeating the Goblin Army first. The Minishark and Boomstick both deliver decent damage and greatly benefit from the Shark Tooth Necklace.

The Flare Gun proves highly effective as it can pierce indefinitely and inflicts the On Fire! debuff.

For Rangers, Fossil Armor stands as a splendid choice, despite offering less defense compared to other available armor sets.

Mage Class Strategy

The Vilethorn demonstrates a balanced distribution of damage across the entirety of the boss’s body. It can be obtained from Shadow Orbs in the Corruption biome.

Notably, this weapon provides a relatively safe option against the worm, as it can be deployed in the worm’s path, remaining in place for a short duration to continuously deal damage while allowing you time to evade its attacks.

It is significantly affected by the target’s defense, making the Shark Tooth Necklace particularly beneficial when using this weapon.

The Ruby Staff or Diamond Staff possesses the ability to pierce multiple segments and deliver considerable damage while consuming minimal mana.

The Wand of Sparking is capable of applying the On Fire! debuff to multiple segments simultaneously, making it a fairly effective choice.

The Water Bolt, sometimes obtainable early by examining books in the upper sections of dungeons, exhibits great strength against this boss.

The Demon Scythe, although challenging to acquire at this stage, stands as the most potent weapon available for this encounter. It performs exceptionally well when the boss is positioned in a straight line.

If the player has obtained it, the Gray Zapinator proves to be an ideal weapon due to its piercing capabilities, and its erratic nature may lead to inflicting extreme damage.

For magic-based armor, the Jungle Armor is the best option available. Alternatively, the Wizard set serves as a good alternative choice.

Summoner Class Strategy

The Vampire Frog ranks among the most powerful summons at your disposal at this point in the game.

When facing the Eater of Worlds, the Finch Staff proves to be an excellent summoning weapon, thanks to its ability to pierce through the boss’s segments. As a slightly weaker alternative, the Flinx Staff can also be considered for summoning.


For swift eradication of the Eater of Worlds, the Snapthorn excels, delivering swift destruction. However, the Leather Whip presents a noticeably weaker alternative option.

Summoners can easily acquire the Flinx Fur Coat as a suitable armor choice.

Other Strategies

Other Strategies

Slime Mount:

The Slimy Saddle offers a potent means of inflicting substantial damage during this battle. By utilizing the mount’s unique abilities, such as getting trapped between the Eater of Worlds and the top of a cavern, it can rapidly bounce, swiftly eliminating segments.

Another effective strategy involves employing the mount in a vertical arena, enabling the player to continuously bounce upwards and away from the boss while simultaneously firing a weapon downward, maintaining a safe distance from the boss’s attacks.


A straightforward method to defeat this boss involves setting up a brief section of Minecart Tracks and utilizing bumpers to secure its ends. By swiftly riding a minecart back and forth along this track, the player can unleash rapid and highly penetrating damage to effectively dominate the boss.


If the player possesses a melee weapon equipped with Autoswing functionality (achieved through means like Feral Claws, the auto-swing option in the menu, or weapons such as the Falcon Blade or a Katana with built-in auto-swing), a Grappling Hook can be employed to anchor oneself to the ground, allowing for stationary combat. Alternatively, the Gladiator armor grants immunity to Knockback.

Once the Eater of Worlds is summoned, commence swinging your weapon. As the boss attempts to inflict damage by passing through your character, the Autoswing weapon will swiftly and effectively dismantle its segments, resulting in a relatively quick victory.


This method can also serve as an efficient farming technique. To enhance the damage dealt through this approach, the use of Thorns Potion is recommended.


Defeating the Eater of Worlds can prove to be a lucrative venture by selling the Demonite Ore and Shadow Scales it drops, providing a good source of income. Even with late pre-hardmode gear, armor, and weapons, this boss can be swiftly overcome since it is relatively easy to summon.

Once the Tavernkeep NPC is recruited, his Lightning Aura sentries become particularly lethal against the Eater of Worlds. As the head passes a certain point, all the body segments must follow, making the sentries highly effective.

The player can utilize the Rod to “cleanly” eliminate the boss by attacking from the head towards the tail in a few passes while simultaneously evading the worm and adjusting the sentry’s position as necessary.

Another viable option is the Medusa Head, which offers a relatively quick method of execution by hitting every segment within its line of sight.

By creating an arena with sufficient height for the Eater of Worlds to emerge completely from the ground, combined with a moderate damage boost, the Medusa Head can obliterate the entire boss in just three strikes.

However, it is worth noting that this approach is less practical in Expert mode due to the presence of Vile Spit projectiles.

What are the Difficulty Differences?

Difficulty Differences Eater of Worlds in Terraria

Eater of Worlds has different stats depending on the difficulty you are playing Terraria on and the phase it is in. The Eater of Worlds has different stats for each segment of the body. These differences are as follows:

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode the Eater of Worlds has the following stats:

  • Head Segment:
    • HP: 150
    • Damage: 22
    • Defense: 2
  • Body Segment:
    • HP: 150
    • Damage: 13
    • Defense: 4
  • Tail Segment:
    • HP: 150
    • Damage: 11
    • Defense: 8
  • Max HP: 10050
  • Knockback Resistance: 100%
  • Immune to Confused

The Eater of Worlds presents itself not as a single target but as a connected series of segments, each possessing its own health. In total, there are 67 to 72 segments forming this boss. Whenever an inner body segment is destroyed, it divides into multiple smaller worms, each equipped with its own head and tail.

Caution is necessary when eliminating segments, as once a segment dies, the adjacent segments in front and behind it detach and independently attack the player.


To achieve victory over the Eater of Worlds, it is compulsory to eliminate each section of the entire boss. It’s important to note that the Eater of Worlds, like other worm-like creatures, remains impervious to the damaging effects of lava.

Expert Mode

In Expert Mode the Eater of Worlds has the following stats:

  • Head Segment:
    • HP: 210
    • Damage: 48
    • Defense: 4
  • Body Segment:
    • HP: 210
    • Damage: 20
    • Defense: 6
  • Tail Segment:
    • HP: 210
    • Damage: 17
    • Defense: 10
  • Max HP: 15120
  • Knockback Resistance: 100%
  • Immune to Confused
  • There is a 5% chance it will inflict Weak Debuff for 10 minutes

In Expert Mode, the Eater of Worlds demonstrates increased agility, moving approximately 20% faster than in normal mode.

Throughout the battle, the Eater of Worlds periodically launches Vile Spit projectiles from its body segments.

These projectiles possess a 5% chance of inflicting the Weak debuff on the player, which lasts for a duration of 10 to 12 minutes. However, these Vile Spit projectiles can be destroyed with a single hit from any attack or projectile.

When confronted on the surface, the Eater of Worlds exhibits heightened speed and continuously unleashes volleys of Vile Spit at the player, intensifying the challenge.

It is worth noting that the Eater of Worlds in Expert Mode of Terraria significantly reduces the damage received from various projectiles and explosives employed by the player, reducing the effectiveness of such attacks by 80%.

Master Mode

In Master Mode the Eater of Worlds has the following stats:

  • Head Segment:
    • HP: 267
    • Damage: 72
    • Defense: 4
  • Body Segment:
    • HP: 267
    • Damage: 31
    • Defense: 6
  • Tail Segment:
    • HP: 267
    • Damage: 26
    • Defense: 10
  • Max HP: 19224
  • Knockback Resistance: 100%
  • Immune to Confused
  • There is a 5% chance it will inflict Weak Debuff for 12 minutes and 30 seconds.

The boss’s behavior stays the same as in Expert Mode, with a considerably enhanced health pool and damage output. The Weak Debuff also tends to linger for longer in this difficulty.

Is Eater of Worlds Harder Solo or With Friends?

If a solo player can easily predict the movement of this boss and is sufficiently prepared then it can be taken out in a cinch. Strategies like Tanking and Slimy Saddle can make quick work of this seemingly menacing boss.

However, the boss’s erratic actions can prove to be a bit too much for a single player. This can lead to either player dying unnecessarily or drawing out the fight for a much longer time.

Having a team of strong players can make this fight relatively trivial. Players could easily team up and annihilate the segments left and right. Even the stray segments can be much more manageable with friends.


Eater of Worlds is not a huge challenge in Terraria, but can be a frustrating fight for a solo player and a breeze for a team. Depending on your class and preparation for the fight, the boss can be either extremely hard or extremely effortless.

What are the Rewards for Defeating Eater of Worlds?

Rewards for Defeating Eater of Worlds in Terraria

The rewards for defeating Eater of Worlds in Terraria differ according to the difficulty. The majority of rewards are the same for all difficulties except a few, and sometimes the drop rates increase at higher difficulties. We will highlight all these rewards and changes below:

Classic Mode Rewards

RewardQuantityDrop Rate %
Silver Coins8100%
Shadow Scale0-134100%
Demonite Ore20-395100%
Eater’s Bone15%
Lesser Healing Potion5-15100%
Eater of Worlds Mask114.29%
Eater of Worlds Trophy110%
Extra Demonite Ore (Head)2-550%
Extra Shadow Scale (Head)1-250%
Extra Demonite Ore (Body)2-550%
Extra Shadow Scale (Body)1-250%
Extra Demonite Ore (Tail)2-550%
Extra Shadow Scale (Tail)1-250%

Expert Mode Rewards

RewardQuantityDrop Rate %
Silver Coins20100%
Treasure Bag1100%
Worm Scarf1100%
Demonite Ore30-59100%
Shadow Scale10-19100%
Gold Coin3100%
Extra Shadow Scale (Head)2-350%
Extra Shadow Scale (Body)2-350%
Extra Shadow Scale (Tail)2-350%
The rest of the rewards will remain the same as Classic Mode

Master Mode Rewards

RewardQuantityDrop Rate %
Writhing Remains125%
Eater of Worlds Relic1100%
The rest of the rewards will remain the same as Classic Mode and Expert Mode.

There you go; this was the ultimate guide to beating Eater of Worlds in Terraria. The difficulty you chose and the class you play will greatly impact your experience, and hopefully our guide will have pointed you in the right direction.