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3 Ways To Get Ancient Coins In Sea Of Thieves

3 Ways To Get Ancient Coins In Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is one of those games that have improved over time. Not only did it come from a lot of controversies, but it also has constantly been updated since day 1. The developers have tried to look at what the community wants and have done a fantastic job of keeping the game up to date. If you played the game when it first came out you know what we mean.

One major thing that has had many mixed feelings is the Ancient Coin system. This system allows you to purchase in-game currency that you can use to buy cosmetics and pets for your character. It is a cool system, but it is very annoying since you will have to put some real money in if you want a lot of the shop items.

There are 3 main ways to get Ancient Coins and we will go over each one in detail and give you all the information you need. You can purchase the coins from the shop, earn them by defeating Ancient Skeletons found around the world, or earn them from the Plunder Pass by leveling yourself up with the Renown system.

All the information you will need is going to be in this article for you. If you don’t want to spend money on Ancient Coins, then you will probably have to defeat a ton of Ancient Skeletons to even get enough for the Plunder Pass. If you want to know more, keep reading the rest of the article to find out.

What are Ancient Coins?

Ancient Coins are the premium currency in Sea of Thieves. It is possible to earn it in other ways without spending money, but the main way is to send some of your well-earned cash directly over to Rare Studios for them to enjoy. It does suck, but if you want to get multiple items within the shop, then you will have to spend some sort of money on the game.

Once and a while, there are Twitch Prime benefits that will give you a bunch of cosmetic items or even Ancient Coins themselves, so always keep an eye out if you have Amazon Prime. If you want to get a lot of Ancient Coins, then you will need to do a lot of grinding to find enough Ancient Skeletons.

How to get Ancient Coins?

As we said before, there are only a few ways to get Ancient Coins. If you want to get a bunch of stuff in the shop, you will have to spend at least some of your money to do so. There is actually a bunch of stuff you can buy from the shops.

You can purchase pets, pet outfits, costumes, emotes, and ship cosmetics from the shop and you will need Ancient Coins to be able to get whatever you want. The shop is called the Pirate Emporium and it is constantly updated with new items for you to get.

Here are the 3 main ways to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves:

1. You can purchase them from the Microsoft Store/Steam Store

The first way to get Ancient Coins is to purchase them with actual money. If you own the game on Microsoft or on Steam, you have access to the shop if you do actually want to purchase it. This is the reason that Sea of Thieves has gotten a bit of slack since you need to pay $40 to even play the game in the first place.

Yes, you can play it through Xbox Game Pass, but there are a lot of people, including us, who have bought the game on Steam. It doesn’t make the game look good when there are microtransactions in a pretty expensive title. It is dumb, but they added them so the people who want to spend their money can if they want to.

Here is a chart showing the pricing in USD for Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves:

150 Ancient Coins$1.99
550 Ancient Coins$5.99
1,000 Ancient Coins$9.99
2,550 Ancient Coins$22.99
4,250 Ancient Coins$34.99

2. You can find them by defeating Ancient Skeletons

The second way you can earn Ancient Coins is by defeating enemies called Ancient Skeletons. They look very unique to other skeletons out there because they are a totally different color. They basically look like a skeleton that was made out of Ancient Coins. They are very rare, so if you do see one, make every second count.

Not only are they rare, but they only spawn for 20 seconds. It is up to you to spot them and defeat them before they go back down into the sand again. They have a random chance to spawn on any island or fort you make your way onto. They will spawn alone, so it is obvious that they are there. This is by far the best way to get Ancient Coins in the game besides buying them.

Here are the different tiers to each Ancient Skeleton and how many Ancient Coins they give:

  • Tier 1 – Skeleton’s Ancient Stash: Gives 100-200 Ancient Coins
  • Tier 2 – Skeleton’s Ancient Fortune: Gives 200-400 Ancient Coins
  • Tier 3 – Skeleton’s Ancient Hoard: Gives 400-800 Ancient Coins

3. You can get them by completing the Plunder Passes

The third and final way to get Ancient Coins is through completing each Season’s Plunder Pass. It is basically the game’s version of a Battle Pass, and all you have to do to earn items from it is to play the game like you normally would. The downside to it is that there is a free and a paid version to it. It is yet another way of making the player dump more money into the game.

You will need 1,000 Ancient Coins to buy the premium version and if you complete the whole thing you will get 500 Ancient Coins back from it. If you don’t have the premium version of the Plunder Pass and you want to get through the Plunder Pass, you will only get 250 Ancient Coins back. It is dumb, but if you don’t want to pay, just get all the free stuff and you should be fine.

What is the quickest way to get Ancient Coins?

The quickest way to get Ancient Coins without spending a dime is playing through each Season’s Plunder Pass and getting the 250 Coins or going out hunting for Ancient Skeletons. There really isn’t any other way besides getting free Ancient Coins every once and a while as a Twitch Prime benefit. Ancient Skeletons will give you the most, but it is random whether one will spawn for you.

The quickest way to get Ancient Coins while spending money is to straight-up purchase some from the shop. If you are one of those people who spend hundreds on premium currencies, then you might just buy a ton of them. If you are someone like us and we don’t care about premium cosmetics, then Ancient Coins will probably not mean much to you at all.

Is the Plunder Pass Worth

The big thing in the game right now is the Plunder Pass. We mentioned it before, but there might be some people who ask if it is worth the money or not. It takes 999 Ancient Coins to get the premium Plunder Pass, so you will have to spend around $10 to be able to get it. You will get 500 Ancient Coins back with the premium, so if you want to get another season’s pass, you will have to buy more.

So, is the Plunder Pass worth it? Well, that is up to you. Some people might like the cosmetics that you get with it and others might not. It is up to you to determine if you want to spend that extra money to get cosmetics that look as good as the ones you can earn with the Gold currency. If you like the rewards, then the Plunder Pass will definitely be worth it.

Are there any other currencies in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves actually has a few currencies in the game. We do have to say that since they removed the Arena PvP part of the game, you can no longer make or use the Silver currency that was a part of that game mode. All the other currencies are in the game and they are extremely useful.

The Gold currency is by far the most useful since you will need it to buy pretty much everything in the game. Keep in mind that everything is cosmetic with the exception of the promotions for the Trading Companies. Everything else is just for looks. The Doubloons are a reward for finishing commendations and Mercenary Voyages.

Each one is useful in its own way, but the Ancient Coins are the currency that is used the least. You can go through the game without even using a single Ancient Coin. Also, try not to use up all your Doubloons right away because there is always new stuff added to the Black Market for you to get.

Here are the 4 Currencies that you can use to purchase items in Sea of Thieves:

GoldIt is the main currency in the Sea of Thieves, used to purchase Promotions, Upgradable Equipment, Weapons skins, and Cosmetic Customization Variants of virtually every Item in the Player’s Arsenal. You can earn Gold by selling treasure to the different Trading Companies in the game.
DoubloonsIt is the currency used by the Bilge Rats, acquired by completing Commendations and Mercenary Voyages for the Company. You can spend Doubloons at the Black Market for some really good items.
SilverIt was the currency of the Arena PvP game mode, but Rare Studios has shut that part of the game down. If you earned this currency before, there is no way to transfer it or get something back with it. You can’t earn Silver in the game anymore.
Ancient CoinsIt is the premium currency of the game. As we said previously in this article, you can earn it by purchasing the coins from the shop, earning them by defeating Ancient Skeletons found around the world, or earning them from the Plunder Pass by leveling yourself up with the Renown system.