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Winged Horror Boss Guide – V Rising

Winged Horror Boss Guide – V Rising

V Rising places great emphasis on the multitude of bosses that roam these lands. All your powers are associated with these bosses and to grow your arsenal of demonic abilities you are required to defeat them. From the low-level easy-to-defeat ones to great monstrosities at higher levels, the game will always be challenging you as you progress.

The end-game bosses provide some even better loot upon defeat which the game doesn’t explain or guide you explicitly. These are called Soul Shards and they buff the players with great resistances along with enhancing your abilities. These are great for dicey situations.

Here we will be discussing how you can defeat the Winged Horror and acquire Winged Horror Soul Shard.

Winged Horror

Dread Peak

Winged horror is located at the top of the Dreaded Peak and can only be accessed once you have the bat form. The boss will drop Winged Horror Soul Shard which gives 50+ resistance to fire and silver, 10+ spell power, and +5% spell critical hit chance.

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Winged Horror Considerations

V Rising How to Find and Defeat the Winged Horror

This boss should not be fought during the day as the Dreaded Peak has very little shade and you will end up getting burned more often. The abilities we recommend for this fight are:

  • Veil of Chaos
  • Chaos Volley
  • Power Surge
  • Mirror Strike – Ultimate

Power Surge is very important for this fight. It is applied to yourself by hovering the mouse over your character and then pressing the hotkey that is assigned, if you place the mouse anywhere else the ability won’t work, it is primarily used to remove any debuffs inflicted on you. The Winged Horror will constantly try to apply two types of debuffs with its attacks;

  • The first debuff is Raging Fire which will continuously damage you for five minutes though it won’t kill you the damage will negate any health regain.
  • The second debuff is Desolate Frost which will slow your movement speed by 5%.

Use Power Surge to remove the effects of both the debuffs as soon as possible. Only one debuff can be active at all times as they get replaced by each other if you get hit by this boss’s respective debuff-applying attacks.

The weapons we used for the fight are:

  • Sanguine Crossbow for ranged attacks along with Rain of Blots ability.
  • Sanguine Slashers for melee attacks along with Camouflage ability.

Winged Horror Boss Fight Guide

Before we begin most if not all of his attacks will apply one of the upper-mentioned buffs so use Power Surge as and when you get inflicted.

V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 2 5 screenshot
Charge Attack

At the start of the fight, Winged Horror will slowly approach you and try to get into the melee range of you, once in the melee range, it will either jump back and perform one of its special abilities charge. The boss will stop and stand still for a second after which it will charge toward you with one fireball on each side. The safest way to avoid getting hit by this is to immediately turn 90-degrees and run to the right or left of the boss alternatively this is a great time to use your dash ability or veil of chaos to get out of the way.

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V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 2 18 screenshot 1
Paw Slash Ice Shards

At close range, the boss will try to hit you with its paw and alongside shoot a cone of ice shards, those ice shards will then split into two more ice shards after traveling a bit. So back off and move carefully through the gaps in the shard’s pattern.

V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 3 25 screenshot
Flying Fire Breath

The boss flies up in the air and breathes down fire from where it flew up. Out of the fire, several small fireballs will jump out and land on the ground setting it on fire. After breathing fire on the ground the boss will land from where it initially flew up. Stay out of the fire if you touch the fire it will apply a Raging Fire debuff. The ground set on fire will stop burning after some time.

V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 3 59 screenshot
Fireball Flyby

The boss will fly up in the air again and rain down waves of random fireballs on the ground, before these fireballs hit the ground red circles will appear so move out of the red circles as soon as possible to prevent taking initial damage and getting Raging Fire debuff. Areas where fireballs land will also set the ground on fire which will eventually fizzle out. The boss will then land at a different location from where it initially flew up so try not to get hit by the boss when it lands.

V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 4 17 screenshot
Ice Shard Spin

The boss will stop and spin resulting in ice shards shooting out in all directions and after traveling a few seconds the ice shards will split into two at different angles. If hit by ice shards you will be debuffed with Desolate Frost.

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V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 4 57 screenshot
Circle of Ice

The boss will stop and spawn a big circle of ice on the ground which will explode after a few seconds. The circle of ice will be marked with a big red circle on the ground so move out of the circle as soon as possible to prevent taking initial damage and getting Desolate Frost debuff.

V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 5 18 screenshot
Fireball Breath

The Winged Horror will stop and breathe fire which will result in a cone of fireballs of three rows emanating from the boss, each fireball when it lands will set the ground on fire. If hit by a fireball you will get Raging Fire debuff. To avoid getting hit by this ability move as far back as possible and wait for the fireballs to land on their own or dodge each wave of fireballs separately.

V Rising Detailed Boss Guide Winged Horror 5 35 screenshot
Wing Flap Fireballs

The boss will stand on its hind legs and flap its wings casting waves of fireballs that will fly towards you. The farther you are from the boss the easier it is to dodge this ability. If hit by a fireball you will get a Raging Fire debuff. The boss begins to use this ability at about one-third of their health. The overall strategy for this boss fight is to keep your distance and avoid as many boss special abilities as possible while using your spells and weapons to damage the boss.

Of the three Soul Shard-bearing bosses, this is the easiest and one that just requires you to read the attacks properly. These attacks are easy to read and dodge and quick use of the Power Surge will trivialize this fight. Use your basic and ability-based attacks in the windows where the boss doesn’t attack and soon it will be down granting you a powerful buffing shard.