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Best Amalgam Legendary Armor Guide in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Best Amalgam Legendary Armor Guide in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

It is safe to say that the amount of build diversity that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands provides has completely upstaged any other game in this franchise. Being able to customize your classes, weapons, rings, amulets, spell-book, and even armor generates a wealth of choices for you to choose from.

This, however, often begins to overload you with the number of decisions you need to make. This is why certain equipment in games become the best. These pieces of equipment become so objectively good that they deserve to be added to your build. So you must wonder, what is that Best Legendary Armor in the game?

Keeping that in mind, the Best Legendary Armor is the Amalgam Legendary Armor. This armor comes with the unique benefit of providing 2 Class Modifications bonuses. And depending on the randomization provides 5 passive buffs in different offensive or defensive stats. The Amalgam armor can be dropped from the Obelisk Challenge boss called Monstrous Shroom in Weep Wild Ruins – Busted-Ass Ruins.

The Amalgam is quite different from other armor equipment in the game and thus can be quite confusing at first glance. It also does not help that the equipment is tucked away in an obscure part of the game and requires you to be thorough in your early game exploration. Do not fret, for our handy dandy guide will be the answer to all your woes.


All weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands have some aspect of them that is randomized while another aspect is fixed. This means most equipment has a particular effect that activate when equipped, while also having other seemingly random bonuses independent of that effect. However, this is not the case with the Amalgam Legendary Armor.

The armor has essentially two effects; the first effect involves Class bonuses or Class modifications. These are percentage bonuses to the power of two randomly selected classes. The armor when dropped permanently provides a bonus to a primary and a secondary class. The primary class receives a 30% power bonus and the secondary class receives a 15% power bonus. An example is provided below:

The second effect that the armor possesses is that rather than having a persistent ability between all the versions of the armor it instead randomly selects 5 major stats and provides bonuses to them. This may appear as the following:

Stat NameBonus
Fire Rate+10%
Melee Damage +25%
Health Regeneration1.5% per second
All Damage Dealt+15%
Movement Speed+20%

This stat block may look like the following in-game:

Where to Get the Amalgam Legendary Armor?

For how exceptionally good the Amalgam armor is, it is also incredibly simple to obtain if you know what you’re doing. A randomized version of the Amalgam Legendary Armor always drops after defeating the Monstrous Shroom boss. This boss is part of the Obelisk Challenge found in Weep Wild Dankness.

How to Find the Obelisk Challenge in Weep Wild Dankness?

  • Teleport or Travel to the Buster-Ass Ruins in the Weep Wild Dankness
  • Begin by traveling North-East and make sure to avoid enemies
  • After crossing the large area to your East make your way North
  • Just moving a little forward will place the Obelisk to your East
  • Head into the area and interact with the Obelisk

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How to complete the Weep Wild Dankness Obelisk Challenge?

After interacting with the Obelisk in the center the player will be engaged with a host of mushroom type enemies. It is recommended that players carry Fire weapons with them as the mushroom’s typing will cause them to take extra damage from it. Once the Obelisk is powered up the Monstrous Shroom will come popping out. Be wary of its poison attacks as well as the puddles of poison it throws at you both can stack to do some heavy damage. Once the Monstrous Mushroom has been defeated it will drop the Amalgams Legendary armor.

The Amalgam armor truly is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. Give us your thoughts on this Legendary Armor in the comments. Till next time, Ciao!