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Smart Armor: Legendary Armor Guide in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Smart Armor: Legendary Armor Guide in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The insane build diversity in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is truly magnificent, but the players may often get overwhelmed by the staggering number of choices. Despite this massive amount of customization present in the game, there will be gear pieces preferred by players, and the “Smart Armor” is one of these gear pieces.

Though not the best armor in the game, it is quite a reliable piece of gear for any player. Which can fully accompany any DPS-heavy build.

The Smart Armor is an armor that reduces Critical Hit chance is reduced by 50% and instead provides a massive 50% increase in Critical Hit damage. The armor has a dedicated drop spot in Mount Craw by defeating the boss called Vorcanar.


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Like many other armors and equipment in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, some stats in the Smart Armor are not fixed or persistent. These stats are drawn from a pool of randomized attributes on every drop. However, some stats are fixed and don’t change on subsequent re-rolls or farms.

The Smart Armor’s fixed stats are 50% Critical Hit chance reduction and a 50% increase in Critical Hit damage, which is a lot, especially if you run with an LMG or any large magazine-size weapon.

These are the type of stats you can look into for this particular armor, so to get your best roll, a bit of grind must be done to get the perfect piece that will complement your build to the fullest and push it to the next level.

Stat NameBonus
Stat NameBonus %
Critical Hit Chance -50%
Critical Hit Damage+50%
Main Perks

Where to get the Smart Armor?

Unlike many other Legendary armor sets within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, obtaining the Smart Armor is quite easy. This is because the Smart armor has a dedicated drop location. To reach this location, you must travel to Mount Craws and defeat the Vorcanar boss, and that’s all there is to the process.

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The Step by Step process to obtaining the Smart armor is:

  • Fast Travel to Mount Craw – specifically the Tributes Way Fast Travel point.
  • Once you have spawned, make your way through the Cave to your East.
  • At the end of your way, you will find a wall with a small space to slide underneath.
  • Once you make your way through the small slide space, you will enter Vorcanar’s Boss Room.
  • Volcano will immediately spawn once you enter the Room
  • Once you have defeated Vorcanar, the Smart Armor will drop as part of his Loot.

How to Defeat Vorcanar?

  • Avoid the Blazing Horizontal pillars of fire that rotate around Vorcanar.
  • Avoid attacking the reinforced headpiece and focus fire on the body.
  • Once the boss reaches critically low HP, it will stagger.
  • The Boss will remain in an immunity state until Jar recommends placing a bomb on Vorcanar’s head.
  • A green glowing bomb prompt will be highlighted for the player. Place the bomb and let it explode.
  • Vorcanar’s headpiece is now exposed and takes massive critical damage when attacked.
  • Attack the boss until Vorcanar is defeated.

This can be done multiple times for you to obtain the Smart Armor variant that perfectly fits your build and class. This armor will allow your build to transcend the damage it is currently able to do with its massive bonuses. And this is precisely why we believe you should not miss out on this Legendary Armor.

If you’re looking for a piece of armor that provides you with a sizeable damage boost, then there is almost no armor that competes with the Smart Armor. We hope this guide was helpful and would love to have you share your cool builds in the comments below. Till next time, Fatemakers!