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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List – Skills, Stats, Recommended Builds

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List – Skills, Stats, Recommended Builds

There are six classes currently available to aspiring Fatemakers. Whether you wish to be a tenacious frost-infused Brr-Zerker or a Spellshot that bombards enemies with spells from afar, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a class for just about anyone.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is that each class is utterly unique in its play style and has vastly diverging progression paths for the player to tinker or tweak. However, with this variety comes some disparity, and a few classes have been made a cut above the rest.

This does not mean that any of the classes are objectively wrong. Instead, our testing has proven that with the right equipment, all classes are viable to be used in the endgame.

That said, it’s only natural for players to want to figure out the best class in the game, and our tier list was explicitly made to answer just that burning question.   

The Best classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are as follows:

S – Tier (Which can be considered the most powerful classes in the game)

  • Spore Warden 
  • Spellshot 

A – Tier (Solid Classes with a variety of different tools)

  • Stabbomancer
  • Graveborn
  • Brr-Zerker

B – Tier (Needs some much-needed buffs, and requires equipment to be viable)

  • Clawbringer

We’ve constructed this tier list after testing many classes and extensive research on their strengths and weaknesses.

Nonetheless, it goes without saying that this list is our subjective opinion, and you might have a completely different experience based on your own preferences.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve further broken down each of our tiers and given an in-depth exploration to each class, so you can make sure your first or next play-through will suit how you want to play the game.

S – Tier

The S – Tier ranking is designated to those classes we’ve tested to contain an outstanding balance between high attack damage, survivability, and building synergy.

The high attack damage criteria is a no-brainer, but even then, we believe that the classes in the S – Tier has perhaps the largest capacity for the damage scaling. Simply put, they can quickly turn you into a destructive machine with the ability to solo-run through the entire game.

Survivability is another essential factor to consider because what’s even the point of hitting hard if you don’t live long enough to hit? This is why the classes we’ve selected in the S – Tier have inherent abilities that prolong the time you can stay alive in the game and allow you to continue whacking some badass monsters.

Finally, the build synergy criteria, this one is a little excessive for new players, but for those looking for endgame supremacy, this matters a whole lot. Whether the class in question adds valuable or meaningful buffs, abilities or passives is important if you want to make the best Fatemaker possible. So we’ve made sure that the S – tier classes are chosen, in such a fashion, that they allow you to do just that. 

Spore Warden

image 120

Whoever said that Druids weren’t powerful clearly had never played as a Spore Warden before. The Spore Warden is a ranged class with Elemental abilities and an incredibly feisty mushroom companion to help you decimate your foes. The class allows for using various guns, their companions, and even summon tornadoes.

 All the while, it can fire massive volleys of arrows that can wrack up some insane damage. The Mushroom companion has a dual role in the class in that it not only can cause poison damage to enemies you’re fighting but also acts as a personal healer keeping your Spore Warden alive. On top of that, any damage buff the Spore Warden receives also applies to the Mushroom companion, allowing for many damage stacking opportunities. 

The Barrage of Arrows skill has tremendous advantages as it has a very short cool-down and can increase your gun damage by over 40 percent. The best of all, however, is the skill Wrath of Nature which provides a 108 percent buff to all sources of damage against an enemy if the Spore Warden does Ability damage to that enemy. The Spore Warden clearly deserves to be ranked S – Tier with all these advantages in damage and survivability. 

However, we have to admit that the class isn’t one for hand-to-hand combat and relies on being able to stay at a distance to launch its powerful attacks. 

Class Feat

Class FeatDescription
Mushroom CompanionThe Fatemaker is accompanied by a Mushroom Companion that targets nearby enemies and deals Poison Damage. Pinging an enemy will cause your Mushroom Companion to lunge towards them.Any increases to the Fatemaker’s Damage also apply to their Companions.

Action Skills

Action SkillsDescription
BarrageThe Fatemaker summons an Ethereal Bow, firing 7 arrows that deal Ability Damage on impact. Arrows ricochet twice between nearby enemies.Barrage has multiple charges. Increases to Gun Damage apply to damage dealt by Barrage.
BlizzardThe Fatemaker creates 3 Frost Cyclones for a duration that seek out nearby enemies, dealing Frost Ability Damage over time.

Passive Skills

Passive SkillsTier
Bounty of the Hunt1
Kindred Heart1
Eagle Eye1
Spore Cloud2
Quiver of Holding3
Medicinal Mushroom3
Thrill of the Hunt4
Called Shot4
Wrath of Nature5
Play the Angles6

The Pros

  • Versatile companion
  • Strong self-sustain
  • Action Skills do massive damage 
  • Wrath of Nature combo potential
  • Low Cooldowns
  • Passive poison damage to enemies 

The Cons

  • Requires heavy stat investment 
  • Considerably weaker in the Early game 
  • Poor Melee Combat

Recommended Build

The best build combinations for Spore Wardens are with Brr-Zerkers as their secondary class. This build particularly increases the strength of Blizzard and can be used to significant effect by ensuring that your tornado ability is always available. It also solves the issue of the lack of melee in the base class. 

Skill Points Allocation
  • Recommended Weapon: Chaotic Blazing Volley of Unseen Depths
  • Secondary Weapon: Snowballing Hawkins’ Wrath of Timeliness 
  • Melee Weapon: Chilling Goblin Axe of Blistering 


Guns and spells are a match made in heaven. The Spellshot class is primarily focused on utilizing Guns and Spells in order to do some devastating amounts of damage. 

 One of the most fun aspects of this class is being able to transform enemies into various animals through the Polymorph ability and enjoy hunting them down with your spells. Your always-active Class Feat is called  Spell-weaving, which will increase the damage and fire rate of your spells, making you able to effortlessly shift around your method of dealing damage.

So you will feel very powerful both with your spells and your guns. The class’ Tier 6 Passive Skill is Sever the Thread makes the Spellshot truly a formidable class as it gives you the chance to reset all of your spell cool-downs whenever you land a critical hit with your Guns. 

The only issue with this class is its lack of defenses which require you to multi-class into tanker classes.

Class Feat

Class FeatDescription
SpellweavingCasting a Spell or reloading a weapon grants the Spellshot a stack of Spellweaving, increasing Spell Damage. Spellweaving stacks automatically decay after a few seconds.Casting a Repeating Spell has a chance to award additional Spellweaving stacks with each Repeating Cast.

Action Skills

Action SkillsDescription

The Spellshot may equip a spell into their Action Skill slot. Whenever the Spellshot presses the Action Skill Button, they cast that spell.

The Spellshot turns an enemy into a Skeep for a few seconds. If the enemy is immune, the Spellshot instantly casts a free Spell on that enemy and gains two free stacks of Spellweaving.While Polymorph is active, any player that damages the skeep has a chance to cast a free spell. This effect is guaranteed the first time the Fatemaker deals Gun Damage. If the Spellshot casts a free spell this way, they gain a stack of Spellweaving.

Passive Skills

Passive SkillsTier
Spell Sniper1
Magic Bullets1
Font of Mana2
Mage Armour2
Just Warming Up2
Glass Cannon3
Imbued Weapon4
High Thread Count4
War Caster4
Double Knot5
One Slot, One Kill5
Sever the Thread6

The Pros

  • Is able to deal massive amounts of damage 
  • Can lace their guns with magical damage 
  • Difficult enemies can be poly-morphed to be handled easily 

The Cons

  • They are not as tanky as other classes and require aid 
  • Has difficulty managing faster enemies that can close the distance 

Recommended Build 

The Spellshot class synergizes wonderfully with the Stabbomancer as its secondary class. This becomes the Stabbomancer class and can provide various active and passive skills that increase the critical hit damage and critical hit chance, which, as we know, resets the cool-downs for the Spellshot class. This build turns you into a mad wizard with neigh infinite casting potential. 

Skill Points Allocation
  • Recommended Weapon: Queen Cry of the Citadel
  • Secondary Weapon: Liquid Cooling of Nerves 
  • Melee Weapon: Any Melee weapon of your choosing

A – Tier 

The A – Tier are those classes that are fundamentally sound classes to choose from but lack in some minute way to stop them from being completely S – Tier. The significant aspect that a class must have in order to be considered A – Tier is their ability to play on the strengths of a New Player or provide a mighty Multi-class bonus.

These aspects are mainly self-explanatory. However, we wish to elucidate what playing on the strengths of a New Player means. We believe that new players like to engage with classes that provide them with simple combos, good damage, and fun abilities to engage with on a visual level. And we believe the classes we’ve selected in the A-tier can fulfill all those criteria.

Multi-class functionality is incredibly important. This is because each class ranked as A-tier has a specific feature they add to the overall build. This can be the Stabbomancer’s damage, the Graveborn’s survivability or the Brr-Zerkers cryo-damage. Each of the classes has something to offer that makes other classes significantly better as a result. 


If you’ve played any Dungeons and Dragons, you know the Stabbomancer is a direct homage to the classic rogue class. The Stabbomancer, much like its inspiration, specializes in Critical Hits and various Status Effects to silently wipe out its enemies. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, they also can utilize Guns, various Melee Weapons, and even spells to bolster their arsenal.

The Dirty Fighting Class feat significantly increases the chance for the Stabbomancer to land a critical hit. This makes the Stabbomancer especially dangerous as critical hits increase the damage you do to enemies in the game. Similarly, Actions Skill, such as Ghost Blade, is highly effective in taking out large groups of enemies and allows the Stabbomancer to handle multiple combatants at once.

Also, perhaps the most overpowered ability that the Stabbomancer has is the skill From the Shadows, which automatically critically hits any attack. This, in addition to various buffs that can be added to the Stabbomancer, can increase his damage to astronomical proportions. 

The Stabbomancer has a severe problem with survivability. The Stabbomancer has lower health and can only attain a small amount of armor compared to other classes. However, this is supplanted by the tremendous speed, and evasion characteristic of the Stabbomancer, which makes the obvious weakness not as apparent as one might be lead to believe.

Class Feat

Class FeatDescription
Dirty FightingThe Fatemaker’s Critical Hit Chance is increased.

Action Skills

Action SkillsDescription

Ghost Blade
The Fatemaker throws out a Ghost Blade which spins in place at target location, dealing Melee Damage periodically to nearby enemies based on the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon.Pressing the Action Skill Button while Ghost Blade is active causes it to teleport to the targeted location and reduces its remaining duration by a small percentage.
From the ShadowsThe Fatemaker enters Stealth, turning Invisible. While in Stealth, all damage dealt is automatically a Critical Hit, but Critical Hits deal reduced damage.

Passive Skills

Passive SkillsTier
Potent Poisons1
Follow Up2
Swift Death2
Exploit Their Weakness2
Nimble Fingers3
Shadow Step3
Sneak Attack4
A Thousand Cuts5
Alchemical Agent5
Executioner’s Blade6

The Pros

  • High Critical Hit Chance
  • Effective crowd control using Ghost Blade
  • Can Avoid fights
  • Massive Damage using From The Shadows
  • Powerful Multi-class option 

The Cons

  • Low survivability 
  • Difficulty with Ranged enemies 
  • Reduced Damage

Recommended Build 

A great secondary class to utilize with the Stabbomancer is the Spore Warden. These two classes synergize wonderfully as the Spore Warden provides more sustainability to the class that it otherwise would not have and would increase the damage output of combos like From the Shadows and Wrath of Nature. 

Skill Points Allocation
  • Recommended Primary Weapon: Liquid Cooling of Impatience 
  • Secondary Weapon: Masterwork Hand-bow of the Engineer 
  • Melee Weapon: Goblin Pick-axe of Blistering 


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To the delight of all edge-lords comes the class, Graveborn. This class perhaps has the most Multi-class synergy. The Graveborn are masters of Dark Magic and can wield them with various spells and Kill skills to bring hurt to their enemies.

The Graveborn also have their Demi-Lich companion, which has so many applications, especially the companion’s ability to cast a unique spell called Hellish Blast whenever the Graveborn themself cast any spell. This deals damage in an area upon impact, making it excellent for crowd control. Any increase to the Graveborn also applies to the Companion, which ultimately means that you can double the sheer amount of damage the class unleashes with the proper buffs.

The Active Skill called Dire Sacrifice is brilliant for just this combo, as it buffs the magic and Dark Magic damage done by the Graveborn after siphoning some of their health. The Graveborn is also immensely survivable. This is due to their ability called Reaper of Bones, which restores large chunks of their health, and if the Graveborn ever drops to zero health, then revives them, makes them invulnerable, and restores some of their HP. 

Despite the immense survivability of the Graveborn and damage output, they still have some flaws. The biggest is that new players will find them challenging to engage with to a certain degree simply because of the skill’s large tax on your health early game and needing to manage resources effectively.

Class Feat

Class FeatDescription
Demi-Lich CompanionThe Fatemaker is accompanied by a floating Demi-Lich Companion that targets enemies at range and deals Dark Magic damage. Whenever the Fatemaker casts a Spell, the Demi-Lich will cast Hellish Blast, creating a homing projectile of the Spell’s elemental type, dealing damage to nearby enemies on impact. Any increases to the Fatemaker’s Damage also apply to their Companions.

Action Skills

Action SkillsDescription
Dire Sacrifice
The Fatemaker sacrifices some of their Current Health to deal Dark Magic Damage and apply Dark Magic Status Effects to all enemies nearby. Dire Sacrifice deals bonus damage proportional to the sacrificed amount of Health.
Reaper of BonesThe Fatemaker is fully Healed, gains Leech Efficiency, and deals Bonus Dark Magic Damage for a duration, but loses an ever-increasing amount of Health per second. When the Fatemaker would die, they become Invulnerable for a duration, restore some of their Health, and Reaper of Bones ends.

Passive Skills

Passive SkillsTier
Mortal Vessel1
Essence Drain1
Faithful Thralls1
Sanguine Sacrament2
Dark Pact2
Dread Covenant3
Stain of the Soul3
Dark Hydra3
Lord of Edges5
Blast Gasp5
Morhaim’s Blessing6

The Pros

  • The Demi-Lich Companion significantly boosts damage potential
  • Inherent survivability mechanisms 
  • Can wield powerful magic and Dark Magic Spells 
  • Synergizes exceptionally well with other classes to create powerful builds

The Cons 

  • Managing your HP loss is difficult for new or inexperienced players 
  • Many of the powerful skills require heavy stat investments to be made viable 

Recommended Build 

We recommend a Graveborn Companion build. This can be done using the Graveborn class and the Spore Warden Class. Both of these classes gain access to companions, and they can increase the power wielded by each other to become an immensely overpowered build.

Skill Points Allocation
  • Recommended Primary Weapon: Single Jack of the Monocular 
  • Secondary Weapon: Carrouser
  • Melee Weapon: Smash Hammer of Mirth


The Brr-Zerker class is all about being enraged and hitting things – really, really, hard. The Brr-Zerker is a Melee specialist class that specifically utilizes cryo-damage or Frost Damage as its elemental modifier. 

The Brr-Zerkers class feat called Rage of the Ancients allows the Fatemaker to enter an enraged state, giving them almost otherworldly powers. This manifests in the form of additional frost damage that the Fatemaker can do using any and all of their weapons, significantly boosting the damage capabilities of the class.

Additionally, the Brr-Zerker class has an inherent instant-kill ability when they use Feral Surge, which allows you to leap towards an enemy and smash into them with your weapon. If the non-boss enemy’s health is below a certain percentage, they will instantly be killed, and your Feral Surge cooldown will be reset, allowing you the opportunity to go and smash the next poor fool who dared challenge your might.

The other Action Skill available to the Brr-Zerker really lasers into the wild nature of the class’ namesake. When you use Dreadwind, you spin around with increased movement speed and immunity while damaging a host of enemies in quick succession. 

However, the thing that makes Brr-Zerker, so fun is its biggest weakness. Its Active Skills are all wonderful when used in close-quarters combat. However, the abundance of ranged weapons and combatants in the game means that you will constantly be pushing to get closer and being at a disadvantage while trying to do so. 

Class Feat

Class FeatDescription
Rage of the AncientsUsing an Action Skill causes the Fatemaker to become Enraged, adding bonus Frost Damage to their attacks. Enrage Duration will not deplete while an Action Skill is active and ends if the Fatemaker enters Save Your Soul. Activating an Action Skill when already Enraged restores a portion of the Enrage timer.

Action Skills

Action SkillsDescription
Feral Surge 
The Fatemaker leaps toward their target, dealing Frost Damage to all nearby enemies. Any non-Boss enemies damaged will be instantly killed if their Total HP is below a certain percentage. If Feral Surge kills an enemy, its cool-down is reset.
DreadwindThe Fatemaker spins, slashing anything nearby with their melee weapon and essentially becoming a pain tornado. Grants increased Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for a duration.

Passive Skills

Passive SkillsTier
Ancestral Frost1
Ice Breaker2
The Old Ways2
Cold Snap3
Unarmored Defence3
Blood Frenzy3
Ancient Fury4
Relentless Rage4
Blast Chill5
Iron Squall5
Blood of the Fallen6

The Pros

  • Frost Damage can slow enemies
  • Frost Damage is highly effective on many enemies
  • Easy crowd control using Dreadwind
  • Instant-kills using Feral Surge 
  • High Defense
  • Siphon vitality from fallen enemies 
  • Enrage increases damage

The Cons

  • Poor Ranged Combat
  • Long Cool Down Timers
  • Needs support

Recommended Build 

A class combination that we will definitely recommend is the Brr-Zerker Class along with the Graveborn class. This build has immense tanking potential while also having a massive one-shot nuke.

This is done by the use of the Graveborn ability called Dire Sacrifice. With this ability, you can give up a portion of your large health pool in order to do massive amounts of damage to your enemies. 

Skill Points Allocation
  • Recommended Primary Weapon: Ruby’s Spite of Peak
  • Secondary Weapon: Red Hellion of Screams 
  • Melee Weapon: Goblin Pick-axe of Blistering

B – Tier 

So far, the B – Tier of Classes only contains a single class within it, but it is differentiated from the other Tiers based on one major factor. That is the synergy that the class has with other classes.

This is of particular importance as we’ve seen all of the other classes play off of the best abilities of each other and utilize them to devastating effect. This, however, is not the case with the B – Tier as the class simply is unable to mesh wholly with other classes to a highly effective level.

This issue is compounded by the fact that other better options exist for our multi-classing needs. Nonetheless, the B – Tier class is still viable, albeit difficult to fully synergize with the rest of your load-out. And will require a lot of investment into its equipment to come to par with the other classes. 


The Clawbringer invokes the most badass imagery from a visual perspective. The massive hammer to boink your enemies with, and a companion wyvern to scorch them to ashes. Who can say no to that? 

The focus of this class is on utilizing the elemental damage of both Fire and Lightning in order to make your enemies kneel. The Clawbringer’s ability called Dragon Aura is an incredible buff that doesn’t just increase your own Fire damage but also empowers your entire party.

This class has a spectral hammer that they can both throw toward enemies and slam down into the midst of their foes. These attacks have a dazzling Lightning or Fire effect and can decimate a single or group of foes. The Fire breath of the wyvern companion is another boon that lays enemies to waste, and their sharp claws and teeth help rip any remaining shreds. 

However, there are tons of skills available for players to upgrade on the tree, and without a proper guide, many new players can get lost in trying to make the most out of this class.

Additionally, the Skill tree is all over the place, making it difficult to simply invest in one type of damage and ensure it can carry you through the game. Finally, the cool-down timer for all of the Action skills is simply too long for them to be utilized to any natural effect in-game. 

Class Feat

Class FeatSkills
Wyvern CompanionThe Clawbringer is accompanied by a Wyvern Companion that flies through the environment and attacks enemies with its claws and Fire Breath.Any increases to the Fatemaker’s Damage also apply to their Companions.

Action Skills

Action SkillsDescription
Cleansing FlamesThe Fate maker summons their Hammer and slams it into the ground, dealing Melee Damage and creating a massive Fire Nova, dealing Fire Ability Damage to nearby enemies.
Storm Dragon’s JudgementThe Fate maker summons their Hammer and hurls it, dealing Lightning Ability Damage to all enemies it touches. It sticks wherever it lands and deals Lightning Melee Damage every second to all nearby enemies. The Fatemaker can recall the Hammer, damaging enemies along its path, ending the Action Skill early, and refunding a portion of the cooldown.

Passive Skills

Passive SkillsTier
Oath of Fire1
Oath of Thunder1
Dragon Aura2
Blasthamut’s Favour3
Fire Bolt4
Friend to Flame4
Storm Breath4
Storm Smite6

The Pros

  • Fire Breathing Wyvern Companion 
  • Fire and Lightning Damage
  • Effective Hammer Abilities 

The Cons

  • Poor synergy with other classes
  • Convoluted Skill Tree 
  • Long Cool Downs

Recommended Build

The build we will recommend for endgame and leveling with the Clawbringer class is multi-class with the Spore Warden. Although this build focuses a lot more on Spore Warden even so it utilizes the best parts of Clawbringer to maximize its efficiency. 

Skill Points Allocation

Recommended Primary Weapon: Liquid Cooling of Nerves

Secondary Weapon: Liquid Cooling of Impatience 

Melee Weapon: Goblin Pick-axe of the Crusher

It’s clear that Spore Warden and Spellshot are the best games classes. Although ultimately, this tier list is based on our subjective experiences with the game, and yours might differ completely. Regardless, we hope it expanded your understanding of the classes of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and hope you keep fighting the good fight, Fatemaker.