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Can You Gift Skins in Valorant?

Can You Gift Skins in Valorant?

If you’ve been playing Valorant with the paid Battle Pass, then you know it has some pretty cool weapons, skins, and gun buddies to inspect and use. But what if you wanted to gift weapon skins in Valorant to an unfortunate friend that doesn’t have the cash to buy one?

No, you can’t gift weapon skins in Valorant. The devs promised to bring a Gifting system like in League of Legends back in 2020 but it’s 2023 now. You can buy a Gift card and send the code to your friend. That counts!

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Can You Gift Skins in Valorant?

Gift Skins in Valorant?

If your friends feel left out from all the fun skins, gun buddies, and knives. Then, the logical thought process would be to buy or gift a weapon skin for them. But we wish it were that simple in Valorant.

You can’t buy or gift skins to friends in Valorant. Riot still hasn’t added a gifting system to the game. Earlier in 2020, the developers promised to add a gifting system the likes of what we’ve seen in League of Legends but it’s been almost 3 years now, and we’ve yet to see the addition of a gifting system.

Valorant Gift Cards

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Your next best bet would be to buy a Valorant Gift Card for a buddy and send them the code. Valorant Gift Cards range from 5 dollars all the way up to a hundred bucks and they allow you to use Valorant Points which is the in-game premium currency.

PriceValorant Points Bonus PointsTotal
4.99 Dollars475 VP0 VP475 VP
9.99 Dollars950 VP50 VP1000 VP
19.99 Dollars1900 VP150 VP2050 VP
34.99 Dollars3325 VP325 VP3650 VP
49.99 Dollars4750 VP600 VP5350 VP
99.99 Dollars9500 VP1500 VP11000 VP

So What Can Your Friend Do With Their Gift Card?

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Players can spend their Valorant Points in the Night Market to obtain weapon skins individually or in bundles. Whenever the Night Market is active, you’ll be able to purchase a total of six random weapon skins discounted at random rates. Each Night Market is curated to each particular player and you get one assortment of offers for every Night Market.

You’ll find select, deluxe, and premium edition skins in the night market along with some knives for sale. But if you’re looking for tactical knives above 3000 VP, agent contract skins, battle pass skins, or any Exclusive or Ultra Edition gun skins, you’re pretty much out of luck.

We’re currently in Act 3 of Episode 6. So the night market for this episode will last from February 15 to March 7.


Sadly, Riot is yet to implement a Weapon Gifting or Trading System for Valorant. And we might see it sometime in the future. Till then, just gift your friend a Valorant  Code or Gift Card and let them buy whatever they want!