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Do Cows Need Grass In Minecraft?

Do Cows Need Grass In Minecraft?

Minecraft has all sorts of blocky animals that you can interact with, and if you happen to like the rural lifestyle, then you can even start a farm where you can keep, breed, and farm different animals. You can essentially simulate a proper poultry farm in Minecraft, and it’s super fun when your fields are filled with moos and baas.

To keep your cows healthy and fed you need to give them Grass and if the ground is covered in, it then get ready for them to rip it out for dinner.

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What Do Cows Do In Minecraft

Cows in Minecraft spawn on grass blocks at the surface at light level 9 or above. The exceptions to this are Snowy Tundra and also Mushroom Fields. They spawn in herds of 4, they also spawn in animal pens and butcher houses, and villages.

You can get various items from killing a grown up cow like:

  • They drop 1-3 XP
  • 0-2 Pieces of Leather
  • 1-3 Pieces of Raw Beef

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If you dangle/aim wheat at cows, they will start to follow you around and they keep doing so for up to eight blocks away if you get further away than eight blocks they will lose interest. Wheat puts cows into love mode, indicated by the red hearts that float from them. Put two cows in this mode, and it allows them to breed and create a third baby cow.

You won’t get anything from killing baby cows, so refrain from doing so. Feed the baby cow, and eventually, in 20 minutes, it will grow up. There are different variants of the cow; they only breed with their own kind.

Keep the cows properly fed with Grass, and soon, with enough breeding. You will have a whole farm full of bovine buddies.

Minecraft is great when it comes to making your own little adventure/world, and if you are one to like animals and hope to build a poultry farm, then this game is for you.