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Weekly Missions Not Showing Up in Valorant (Here’s Why)

Weekly Missions Not Showing Up in Valorant (Here’s Why)

Riot’s incredibly popular team-based FPS has been selling its battle pass like hotcakes and you get to unlock loads of cosmetics along the way. Daily challenges and weekly missions make casual games a lot more fun in Valorant. But, what’s this? Weekly missions aren’t showing up in Valorant. What’s the catch?

If weekly missions aren’t showing up in Valorant, you might be playing the game early into the season. It’s a common issue that resolves itself. If you’re mid into the season, try a reboot and see if they pop back up. It might be a bug on part of the game too. Submit a ticket and see where it goes.

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Weekly Missions in Valorant

Valorant Weekly Missions

Weekly missions are a pretty good way to level up, obtain some extra XP, and unlock some neat weapon skins, knives, and icons, especially if you’ve got your hands on a seasonal battle pass. You get 3 missions every week. As the name suggests, you have a week to complete them.

You get three weekly missions to complete every week after which the weekly missions reset every Tuesday.

Weekly Missions Aren’t Showing Up in Valorant?

Valorant Weekly Missions

So, you boot up the game and check out your weekly missions to take a look at your progress. Aaand they’re gone? What’s going on?

You Failed To Complete Them

If your weekly missions aren’t showing up, then the most logical conclusion is that you failed to complete them on time and the next set of missions hasn’t shown up yet. Reboot the game client and check them again. You should see your next batch of weekly missions now.

It’s a Bug

If your weekly missions still aren’t showing up. It might be a bug. Submit a ticket on Valorant forums and wait it out. This was previously an issue during the game’s initial launch days but was soon fixed. This bug occurred sometime before Patch 3.0 and was quickly fixed with a subsequent update.

You’re Playing Early Into The Season

This problem occurs when you’re playing too early into the season as well. We don’t know the exact reason but some players get their set of weekly missions while others don’t. The best solution is to just wait it out.


And that’s pretty much a wrap for why weekly missions might not be showing up in Valorant. A simple reboot might do the trick but if that isn’t working, submit a ticket and see what happens!