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How Many Quartz Are There in Lies of P?

How Many Quartz Are There in Lies of P?

In this guide, we navigate Krat in Lies of P to help you discover and acquire all the Quartz in the game! In this immersive experience, your journey is guided by the enhancement of your P-Organ using Quartz, unlocking a myriad of perks that prove to be game-changers. Unlike conventional items scattered throughout the game Quartz are quite resourceful.

Obtaining Quartz is crucial for enhancing your P-Organ and gaining valuable perks, which involves conquering specific challenges. From defeating bosses like the Parade Master and scrapped Watchman to exploring hidden areas like Workshop Union Culvert, St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, and Arche Abbey, each Quartz is strategically placed. Additionally, some Quartz demand solving puzzles.


This guide navigates you through all 27 Quartz locations, ensuring you conquer every challenge Lies of P has to offer.

What Are Quartz in Lies of P?

What Are Quartz in Lies of P?

In Lies of P, the P-Organ serves as a focal point for character development, and Quartz plays a pivotal role in its enhancement. You need quartz to enhance the P-organ. These enhancements translate into tangible benefits, offering players a competitive edge in the challenging gameplay. 

There are 27 Quartz spread throughout the game. Additionally, the journey to collect all 27 Quartz is not merely a quest but a gateway to get many perks for your gameplay. Here are all the locations of Quartz guided to you below:

Quartz 1: The Triumph over the Parade Master

Lies of P Quartz Location 1

Your journey commences with a triumph over the Parade Master in Chapter 1, a feat that automatically rewards you with Quartz 1. This victory sets the stage for your Quartz collection adventure.

Quartz 2: The Defeat of the Scrapped Watchman

Lies of P Quartz Location 2

In Chapter 2, your path converges with the scrapped Watchman boss. Overcoming this formidable adversary ensures the automatic acquisition of Quartz 2, a testament to your growing prowess.

Quartz 3: Workshop Union Culvert

Lies of P Quartz Location 3

Delve into the mysteries of Workshop Union Culvert, where Quartz 3 awaits behind the trinity door. Unravel the secrets within to claim this valuable gem.

Quartz 4: Workshop Union Culvert

Lies of P Quartz Location 4

For those seeking optional challenges, the Puppet of the Future drops Quartz 4 in Workshop Union Culvert. Although the boss is optional you must face it to enhance your P-Organ.

Quartz 5: St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

Lies of P Quartz Location 5

Chapter 5 presents Quartz 5 as an automatic reward for defeating the elite foe at the end of St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. Your prowess grows, and so does your Quartz collection.

Quartz 6: Cryptic Vessel

Lies of P Quartz Location 6

Navigate the Crafted Cryptic Vessel to reach its end and claim Quartz 6 as your reward. This crafted journey promises not only challenges but also significant enhancements.

Quartz 7: The House near the Fountain in Malum District

Lies of P Quartz Location 7

Explore Malum District, where Quartz 7 lies concealed in a chest within a house near the fountain. It’s not just about combat; sometimes, the treasures are hidden in plain sight.

Quartz 8: Malum District Town Hall

After the Brotherhood boss fight, take a moment to explore behind the counter at Malum District Town Hall. Quartz 8 awaits those with a keen eye for hidden treasures.

Quartz 9: Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

Descend into the sewers of Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert to find Quartz 9. The subterranean journey adds a layer of mystery to your quest for Quartz.

Quartz 10: Mad Clown Puppet’s Offering

At the end of Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert, a miniboss, the Mad Clown Puppet, drops Quartz 10. Defeat the puppet, claim the Quartz, and enhance your P-Organ.

Quartz 11: Estella Opera House Entrance

As you delve deeper into the Lies of P universe, Quartz 11 reveals itself in a safe tucked away in the basement of Estella Opera House Entrance. Navigate the intricacies of the opera house to secure this hidden treasure.

Right next to a shortcut in the Grand Exhibition Gallery lies Quartz 12. Discovering this Quartz adds an extra layer of strategy to your journey, encouraging exploration and mastery.

Quartz 13: Polendina’s Offer 

Polendina, a key figure in your Lies of P adventure, will part with Quartz 13 in exchange for 2 Krat supply boxes. This transaction unveils the symbiotic relationship between exploration and resource acquisition.

Quartz 14: Barren Swamp’s Puppet of The Future

Venture into the eerie landscapes of Barren Swamp, where Quartz 14 is dropped by a Puppet of the Future. The swamp conceals not only danger but also valuable Quartz waiting to be claimed.

Quartz 15: Second Puppet of the Future 

The Barren Swamp holds another secret—Quartz 15. Defeat the second Puppet of the Future to add this Quartz to your collection. The swamp’s challenges are as diverse as the Quartz it conceals.

Quartz 16: Krat Central Station Platform Chest

Chapter 9 brings you to the Krat Central Station Platform, where Quartz 16 awaits discovery inside a chest. Your journey unfolds not just through battles but also through strategic exploration.

Quartz 17: Corrupted Parade Master’s Reward

In Chapter 9, Quartz 17 becomes an automatic reward for overcoming the Corrupted Parade Master. This Quartz serves as a milestone, a testament to your progress through Lies of P.

Quartz 18: Polendina’s Second Offering

Your ongoing relationship with Polendina yields Quartz 18 after giving him 3 Krat supply boxes. The dynamic nature of resource acquisition in Lies of P keeps the adventure engaging.

Quartz 19: Hermit’s Cave and the Rusty Cryptic Vessel

Unlock the mysteries of Hermit’s Cave using the Rusty Cryptic Vessel to unveil Quartz 19. The game’s interconnected world rewards those who embrace its secrets.

Quartz 20: Hermit’s Cave’s Hidden Treasure

Continue your exploration of Hermit’s Cave to discover Quartz 20. The cave’s depths hold more than just Quartz; they hold the essence of Lies of P’s immersive world.

Quartz 21: Reward for Defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Chapter 10 introduces Quartz 21 as an automatic reward for defeating the formidable Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Your journey unfolds, and so does your Quartz collection.

Quartz 22: Trinity Door Surprise

Arche Abbey’s outer wall conceals Quartz 22 behind the Trinity Door. The game’s architecture intertwines with your journey, adding a layer of discovery to Lies of P.

Quartz 23: Big Toy Elite Foe’s Bounty

The Broken Rift in Arche Abbey is home to an Elite Foe dropping Quartz 23. Defeat this formidable adversary to secure this Quartz and progress in your Lies of P adventure.

Quartz 24: Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Near the conclusion of Arche Abbey’s Broken Rift, Quartz 24 emerges as the culmination of your journey through this particular segment. Every Quartz is a step closer to Extreme Potential.

Quartz 25: Cryptic Vessel’s Frozen Feast

A unique challenge awaits those seeking Quartz 25. Complete the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel and present the Frozen Feast to the vendor. This intricate quest emphasizes the game’s diversity, merging puzzle-solving with combat.

Quartz 26: Arche Abbey Upper Part – Inside

Dive into the inner sanctum of Arche Abbey Upper to find Quartz 26. The game’s architecture becomes a playground, rewarding those who delve into its recesses with hidden treasures like Quartz.

Quartz 27: Elite Foe’s Drop 

As you traverse the internal bridge part of Arche Abbey Upper, defeat the Elite Foe to claim Quartz 27. This marks the final Quartz in Lies of P, solidifying your journey towards Extreme Potential.

Ultimately, in the expansive universe of Lies of P, the Quartz collection transcends a mere resource hunt, intricately woven into the game’s narrative. Strategically placed throughout key locations, each Quartz requires conquering unique challenges—defeating bosses, solving puzzles, and engaging with characters like Polendina

Additionally, as you revel in Extreme Potential, understand that Lies of P isn’t just a game; it’s an evolving journey, with each Quartz symbolizing a milestone in your progression.

Follow us for more Lies of P guides and similar game insights, ensuring you stay ahead in the world of immersive gaming adventures. Moreover, unravel mysteries, conquer challenges, and let the Lies of P Quartz Odyssey be your ongoing saga of triumphs. Your P-Organ’s enhancement awaits, and Extreme Potential is within your grasp!