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10 Best Base Locations on Valguero in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Valguero in Ark: Survival Evolved

PVE has always been a massive part of Ark Survival Evolved, and having bases built around locations that are abundant in resources, is mandatory for the progression of the game. This got us thinking about the best locations to build a base on the Valguero map of Ark Survival Evolved.

Valguero is rich in resources and exciting spots where you can build your ultimate base. Waterfall, Forest Castle, Redwood Island, and many more locations await you to explore them.


Here, we have covered some of the best base locations the Ark Survival Evolved Valguero expansion offers, especially for those looking to grind for PVE in the game.

1. Waterfall (37.7-10.5)

The first best base location lies in the waterfall area, and you can look for it on the snow biome’s edge. This location is quite magnificent and has a variety of excellent places where you can build your base.

You can check out the pond side; some bridges can be used effectively. You also get to see the land area here as well with several platforms that diversify your options for base building.

You also get to see tunnels here, so in a nutshell, it is a great place to try making different bases, and it is the best location for PVE bases.

2. Small Lake (31.0-84.3)

This location is stunning as it is in the lake area or, more like, underwater. You can build a solid base under this wide lake. The surrounding area also looks cool enough as it is surrounded by trees.


You must consider this place for your water bases, and you get good space here to keep and breed your creatures. This lake area appears to be Peaceful and aesthetically pleasing, so there seems to be no excuse for missing out on an outstanding location.

3. Forest Castle (37.7-90.4)

Our next best base location is the Forest Castle or Temple. The biggest pro of this location is that it is built already, but you can make certain changes and add stuff to make it a super good base location.

By entering inside, you get to see how spacious and significant it is, with many rooms and areas for the base building. You can put floors in the unfinished areas and can fix other rooms.

It doesn’t end here as you can also go down; from there, you can enter the cave, which leads to the outside. It is most suitable for the PVE bases.

4. White Cliff Ruins (83.6-88.8)

This one is an awesome and best base location, especially for those who are looking out for a castle base. This location is massive and also has bridges, and rebuilding is going to play the most significant role here as you can reconstruct a lot of stuff here,

And the sections in this area are great. You can effectively lay out your fun and unique base-building ideas here. This place is in the best location. Water is nearby, so you can access the essential resources easily.

If you have got some skills, you can also turn it into a town, so gear up and get ready to build a base on such a highly recommended location.

5. Redwoods Island (90.6-4.4)

Redwood Island is fascinating enough to rank among the best base locations. You get access to almost the whole island, and it offers you a variety of platforms to build a base. There are tons of trees around, and also the availability of water.


You can try different base-building ideas here and challenge your creativity. The resources are also accessible conveniently, so you don’t have to be stressed about them. One can utilize the trees or can go for the cliff surface.

This island is all yours to build a strong base so no one may dare to attack quickly.

6. Cliff Castle “Helms Deep” (61.6-9.9)

So the Cliff Castle is our next massive location. You can make a great base out of it and can rebuild the whole structure to get the fantastic base as an outcome.

You may get limited access to the building area, but overall it is the best protective place.

You also get an ample amount of metal and other valuable resources here, so you won’t have to go far to gather them, and also, there is water on its side which will fulfill the water-based needs. This area offers isolation, and you can do creative activities here to build a castle.

7. Winters Edge Ruins (33.5-21.0)

Moving on to the other location, which is Winters Edge Ruins. This is a versatile land. You get the already-built walls here that can offer a great defense. There is also a small surface tower and ruins where you can reconstruct to increase the area.

This location allows you to build your base on a number of surfaces and have multiple entrances, so you can think of adding gates to make them better and more secure. The tower can also be used to make a base over it;

Although it won’t be a big one but still an innovative idea. This land offers plenty of resources to survive and stay away from any kind of trouble.

8. Raised Pond (30.1-57.8)

The next location is breathtaking because of the view you get there, and it’s serene to look at. This pond is located above the main water and is a smooth place to begin building your base.


You can also check the sides to get the maximum benefit out of this location. The wonderful base can be constructed over the water, so you must check this one. It’s a great spot for your water dinos and to breed other tameable creatures.

9. Arch Way Ruins ( 40.7-67.4)

The second last base location on the Valguero map will be at the Arch Way Ruins. This place also demands creativity, so if you have something bombastic in your mind, this location will be perfect for you. This area is flat and has a somehow smooth surface.

These ruins can be turned into an attractive base where you can add things around or be built into a cathedral-type building. So the overview is that this place is in an amazing location and has enough area for you to use.

So, definitely visit it and build some cool bases for your creatures out there.

10. Red Wood Forest Ruins (77.4-49.5)

Last but not least location is Red Wood Forest Ruins. These ruins are exquisite to have your base here. Rebuilding here might be challenging, but spending time here is worth it.

You can rebuild the floor and doors and also look up at the trees to make something on them. You get a pretty lovely environment and resources around. This location holds the potential to have a fantastic base here,

So don’t forget to visit it while you are looking to build your dream base.

Are These Areas Dangerous?

The base locations we picked on the Valguero map in Ark Survival Evolved are likely to have some levels of predators around, but if you play smartly, you should stay protected from harm’s way.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building toward the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you save time and cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind.


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.

This will cover all the best base locations on the Valguero map in Ark Survival Evolved. We hope you like and build your next abode on a few of them.