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How To Beat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

How To Beat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

Lies of P is filled to the brim with mechanical monstrosities, and no boss is more mechanical-looking than King’s Flame Fuoco. In this article, we will go over how to deal with King’s Flame Fuoco in both of his phases and how can you equip P to take him down quickly.

The King’s Flame Fuoco is literally a living furnace. This boss has two phases. The first phase is just him dealing physical damage while in the second phase, he adds fire to his repertoire that causes the Overheat status effect. The boss is weak to Electric Blitz and Acid so equip yourself accordingly.


King’s Flame Fuoco Boss Fight in Lies of P

Electric Blitz Canister Flame King Fuoco

The King’s Flame Fuoco is not an optional boss in Lies of P. Staying true to its name, this boss’s moveset revolves heavily around spewing fire and causing the Overheat status effect. You meet him in the Furnace Room in the Center of Venigni Works.

Before initiating the fight against King’s Flame Fuoco, having these items on you will prove extremely helpful in the fight:

  • The boss is weak to Electric Blitz:
    • Buy a number of Electrical Blitz throwables from the merchant. Electric Blitz Cannister and Throwing Cells are good. 5 of each would suffice. You can also farm these throwables out in the world by killing the enemies chucking them.
    • Any weapon with Electrical Bltz properties like Electric Coil Stick will passively inflict the status effect.
    • You can use Electric Blitz Grindstone and Electric Blitz Abrasive to coat your regular weapon with Electric Blitz.
    • Fulminis Legion Arm is great for dealing Electrical Blitz at close range.
  • The boss is also weak to Acid:
    • Bring a couple of Acid throwables like Acid Canister and Carcass Body Fluid Bottle to the fight to inflict Acid on the boss. You can either buy them from the merchant or farm them from enemies.
    • You can equip Acidic weapons like the Acidic Crystal Spear to proc acid on the boss.
    • Acid Grindstone and Acid Abrasive turn any weapon into an acidic weapon.
    • Pandemonium Legion Arm throws acidic substances onto the boss.
  • Have some curing items that negate status ailments if you feel like you’ll get burned a lot.

The boss’s moveset is very clunky so there is a need to be a perfect parry master for this boss fight.

Phase 1

Phase 1 Strategy - Flame King Fuoco

In the first phase, King’s Flame will use regular attacks instead of fire based so you are relatively safe. The Throwing Cells are your best friend during this phase.

They deal insane damage to the boss while you remain safely away from him. As mentioned before, anything that deals Electrical Blitz will decimate the boss’s HP.

As for his moves, he likes to initiate a charge Fury Attack if you distance yourself from him. You will see this attack coming from a mile away and the speed isn’t even anything to worry about.

Let him charge at you while you dodge to the side and then quickly punish him during his recovery window. For added damage, make sure to coat your weapon with Electrical Blitz using either the Grindstone or the Abrasive.

His smash and uppercut attacks are easy to spot, and you can quickly block them and even parry them if you are confident.

Right before this boss fight, you can craft the Fulminis Legion Arm which comes incredibly handy when you are all up in his face.

Whenever you are close to him, especially behind him, he performs a series of sweep attacks that can catch you off guard. The attack looks menacing, but you can block it without any problem, or you can run out of range if you want to avoid chip damage.

The attack is sometimes accompanied by fire so look out for that. Try to dodge into Fuoco at the last spin so you are close to him to lay some smackdown while he recovers.

Phase 2

Phase 2 strategy - Flame King Fuoco

At around half point into the fight, he will open up his stomach furnace and bend down to send out an AOE of fire. Try to move behind a pillar to avoid this attack or run out of the radius otherwise, it will build up Overheating. If you have a curing item then by all means stand next to him and keep poking him until he recovers from this long animation.

His normal attack can destroy the pillars so make sure there are a couple of them still standing up during this phase as they will prove useful.

Most of his attacks will remain the same during this phase so react as before. Moreover, distancing yourself from him will force him to start shooting fireballs at you which you can easily avoid by running or dodging to the sides.

You can get cover behind the pillars to completely nullify this attack. He can use this attack while you are close to him but there is a huge chance it will go over your head.

When he starts to prime his weapon for the flamethrower attack, immediately run into him. This attack hits like a truck but standing on his sides or behind him will render it useless. The attack animation is long so go to town on him.

Every now and then he will shoot small pools of hot oil on the ground that linger for a while. Avoid them by all means, they deal massive damage.

Keep timing your dodges and moving in those openings, and soon his flame will die out.

King’s Flame Fuoco has a daunting presence, owing to the lore as well, but fizzles out in execution. This bonafide chimney is slow and easy to outmaneuver and doesn’t pose much threat. A bit of fast legwork from P and learning his small moveset will blow out his candles!