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How to Beat The One Reborn in Bloodborne

How to Beat The One Reborn in Bloodborne

The One Reborn is a grotesque abomination of a boss in Bloodborne. He is not an optional boss and thus must be defeated to progress to Nightmare of Mensis. Luckily, he is a pretty straightforward boss to fight. This detailed guide to beating this boss will make it even easier, and soon, he will be a limbless hunk of flesh.


Let’s take a look at the best strategy you can use to easily best the One Reborn in Bloodborne and progress to the Nightmare of Mensis.

Fighting The One Reborn

Fighting The One Reborn

The One Reborn plops into the arena through a portal. The sight of his entry will chill your bones. He is an amalgamation of bodies with limbs sticking out from his whole body. Don’t worry, he only has a terrifying visage and not much punch behind it.

The boss is accompanied by Chime Maidens to assist him. These wenches heal the boss, all the while sending fireballs at you. Best to take them out ASAP! You can ignore them if you want, but we advise against that if you are a beginner.

As for the boss, he has a bunch of flailing attacks which can be negated if you stand in the right location. He also has a few projectile-based attacks that are harder to spot but can be ignored if you take cover behind a structure.

All in all, the fight is quite easy once you know what you are doing.

Here are some tips you can use when facing The One Reborn in Bloodborne:

  • The first thing you should do is kill all the Chime Maidens.
  • He is weak to Fire and Bolt. Bolt is more effective.
  • Carry and apply the Bolt Paper to deal the most damage.
  • The Tonitrus’s transformation imbues the weapon with Bolt, making it an excellent weapon for this fight.
  • You can summon The Church Pick Hunter to aid you in this fight.
  • His larger limbs can be broken (indicated by a blood explosion) with minor damage. Try to circle him and take out each limb.
  • Try not to lock on to the boss.

Boss Strategy

The One Reborn Boss Strategy

As soon as the fight starts, the One Reborn will shoot a lethal projectile which can kill you if your health is lower. Dodge it immediately and make a run for the back side of the arena.

The first thing you ought to do is ascend the stairs at the back and take out the 6 Chime Maidens standing on the second floor. Be careful, the boss is likely to throw body parts at you while you are up here so take cover behind the pillars.

Once this is done, apply the Bolt paper and go back down to the boss. For the boss, you should try to stick behind him and avoid going in front. Most of his attacks won’t get you here other than the hind leg stomp.

Whale on his butt until he collapses. Take this opportunity and move to the front to deal damage to the main torso on top; this is his weak point.

When he stands up, he moves to the back and starts damaging the back legs. Once it explodes, move to the other side and repeat. He will keep dropping down if you keep this up. He will be defeated soon with this strategy.

Another great location is to stand between the legs in the middle. This is a safe zone until he starts flailing those legs. There are some AOE attacks that you should be aware of that might catch you off guard.


Here are all the attacks you have to look out for:

  1. Flailing: Every limb sticking out of his body will start moving and attacking haphazardly.
    • Reaction: Move away from his radius and move to the backside to continue attacking.
  2. Blood Shot: The topmost corpse will perform a charged projectile attack.
    • Reaction: Spot the charging and as soon as he is about to fire dodge to the side.
  3. Stomp: Raises his back legs to crush you underneath.
    • Reaction: Move away or run to the middle section.
  4. Smash: Uses his huge front legs to pummel you into the ground.
    • Reaction: Avoid his front side at all costs.
  5. Body Throw: Fires masses of flesh at you when you are on the second floor.
    • Reaction: Stand behind pillars or other structures.
  6. Second Floor Sweep: Uses his long limbs to get you on the second floor.
    • Reaction: Do not stay close to him when you are on the upper platforms and he won’t perform this attack.
  7. AOE Explosion: The top torso charges up a red ord which explodes, dealing damage in its close vicinity.
    • Reaction: This attack can’t reach the backside of the boss, so start running as soon as you see him charge up.
  8. Vomit Pool: Lowers his head to fill the arena with a deadly pool of puke.
    • Reaction: Distance yourself quickly when you see him doing this attack. It will kill you if you stand in it.

Rewards for Defeating The One Reborn

Defeating The One Reborn in Bloodborne will reward you with 36,000 Blood Echoes and 3x Yellow Blackbone, an ingredient used to create Chalice Dungeons.

And you will be able to gain access to the 2nd Floor of the Lecture Hall that leads to the Nightmare of Mensis.