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How to change Squad members in Mass Effect

How to change Squad members in Mass Effect

Mass Effect allows Shepard to take along a squad of two NPC/companions on missions and planet visits. These squad members assist the Commander in many ways including combat, repairing, opening crates, etc. The squad combination you choose is also important as each member has certain mastery which could come in handy on particular missions.

But the question remains, how to change squad members in Mass Effect?

To change squad members in Mass Effect, you need to first choose a planet using the Galaxy Map from Normandy. When deploying, you will be asked to select 2 squad members to accompany you from the available companions. You can not change squads in the middle of a main mission.

Squads in Mass Effect

squads in mass effect

A squad is a group of team members chosen by Commander Shepard to accompany them on field missions or when visiting one of the major civilization hubs, such as a station or planet. There is usually a choice of two members to pick from the available four to six options.

Each member brings their own set of expertise which can help Shepard in a variety of ways. These proficiencies can be seen on the squad selection screen via the three color bars, each denoting either Biotic, Combat, or Tech Strength.

So choose wisely as you might not be able to change them later on.

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Considerations When Choosing a Squad

Things you should consider when choosing a squad in Mass Effect:

  • Some missions or enemy types favor specific strengths. Hence, choose members that are more equipped to deal with it.
  • The squad should ideally be complimentary to your Shepard’s class or build. Or, they should have superiority in areas where your Shepard lacks.
  • Experiment with different squad members between missions to get an idea of who works well with you.
  • During main missions, you cannot change the squad. You will have to restart the mission to be able to change it.
  • You will have to return to Normandy to change the squad. It is not possible to change them while on a planet/destination.
  • If you leave the planet for the Normandy to change the squad, you will then return to the planet back at the landing station. Therefore, you will have to journey back to where you previously were when you left.
  • The way side missions are designed, you can generally change squads in the middle of them.
  • Some Personal Assignments will only allow you to take specific members. Other missions will either be done with a particular companion or alone.

Changing Squad Members In Mass Effect

Squad selection screen

To select or change squadmates, you will have to first interact with the Galaxy Map and select a destination, planet, or mission to land on. After you have selected the location and pressed the Land Button only then you will be presented with the Squad Selection Screen.

You can pick 2 members from a selection of 6 (certain missions will only provide 4 options) available to you. On this screen, you can also check your current squad’s strengths and examine their gear/weapons. Press the Accept Squad button to deploy with the chosen team.

If you are starting a main mission then you won’t be able to change the squad later on. Your squad will be locked for the entirety of the mission. You can change the squad if you return to the Normandy mid-mission which will effectively restart the mission.

As for side missions and free-roaming, you can change your squad at any time simply by returning to Normandy and selecting the destination again.

Open the map while on the planet and use the Return to Normandy prompt to leave, select the same location using the Galaxy Map and choose a different squad this time that you want to take with you.

Changing the squad is quite easy in Mass Effect however you can not do it while on a main mission. Also, be vigilant of what kind of mission, location, or enemies you are about to face as it will help you determine which member to bring with you.

You can also create a dream team squad where every member compliments each other especially your Shepard’s class/build.