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How To Change Charge Shot In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How To Change Charge Shot In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Blaster stance is one of the most unique lightsaber stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This allows you to wield a lightsaber in one hand and a blaster in the other for a hybrid melee and ranged combat style. It has tons of utility, although you need to know how to change the charge shot to raise this stance’s effectiveness even further in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

You can change the charge shot in Jedi: Survivor by visiting a Meditation point. Open the Stances section and press the X/Square button to get the selection of charge shots at your disposal. Select the one you want to equip, which will stay active until you change it to another.


The information provided in this detailed guide will help you figure out how to change your charged shot in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Blaster Charged Shot & Types

Blaster shot types

The Blaster stance will unlock in Jedi: Survivor after you have completed the main mission, Jedha – Rendezvous with Cere’s Contact.

By default, this stance will enable you to fire off a charged shot by holding the Y/Triangle button. This will consume two ammo slots and will inflict greater damage.

You can add different types of charged shots as you progress. There’s a bounty hunter in Greez’s cantina by the name of Caij. If you hunt bounty hunters for her, you’ll earn Bounty Pucks. You can use these to buy 3 different types of blaster shots from her. These include:

  • Charge Shot Area: This is an upgrade to the default charge shot. It adds splash damage to the charged shot that will also hit nearby enemies. 
  • Ricochet: This shot bounces the charged blaster bolt off any surface,, meaning you can chain more enemies who might not be next to each other.
  • Stun Shot: This fires a stun bolt that will paralyze the target and can also affect nearby enemies.

Changing Charge Shot Type

Blaster Stance - Star Wars Jedi Survivor Charge Shot

Once you have bought any of the aforementioned blaster shot types from Caij, you can change the shot by:

  • Going to a Meditation Point.
  • Selecting the Stances tab.
  • Navigating below to the Blaster Stance.
  • Here you can press the X/Square button to Change Shot (as seen in the picture above).
  • Pressing the button will open the list of all the shots that you have bought from Caij.
  • Select the one you would like to equip, and viola, your charge shot is changed.

You can change the charge shot at any point in the game by visiting the Meditation point so you are not stuck using just one. Equip the right shot for the job or the one you think works the best with your playstyle.



The Blaster Stance is quite weak compared to other stances, but its long-range capabilities provide a lot of utility on the battlefield, especially when dealing with those pesky blaster stormtroopers.

Having an upgraded charge shot in Star Wars Jedi Survivor will help you clear enemies from a distance without having to wipe the blood off your blade (do not try this, the Jedi life insurance policy has taken a huge hit since Order 66).