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How To Parry And Riposte in Lies of P?

How To Parry And Riposte in Lies of P?

In the unforgiving world of Lies of P, death becomes an inevitable companion for every gamer who doesn’t learn the parry mechanic. Learn how to master the arts of blocking and perfect parry in our today’s guide.

In Lies of P, blocking not only negates damage but also enables health recovery. Press “L1” on PlayStation or “LB” on Xbox to execute a block. Timed right, blocking transitions into a parry—a counterattack that stuns the enemy and, in some cases, breaks their weapon.

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We will delve into the mechanics of blocking, parrying, and the deadly art of the riposte, ensuring you emerge victorious in the face of your enemies in Lies of P.

Parrying vs Blocking

Lies of P - How To Parry.

The dynamics of blocking and parrying in Lies of P are distinct, each serving a unique purpose in the dance of combat.

  • Blocking: A shield against damage, blocking provides a momentary respite to recover health. It’s your survival tool, allowing you to weather the storm.
  • Parrying: Elevating the art of combat, parrying is more than defense—it’s a counterattack. A successful parry stuns your opponent, sometimes even breaking their weapon. 

The window of opportunity opens for a fatal riposte, where precision and timing become your greatest allies.

How To Perform Block

In Lies of P, blocking is your first line of defense against the enemies. is a well-timed block that minimizes damage, allowing you to preserve precious health points. 

  • To execute a block, simply press the “L1” button on the PlayStation or the “LB” button on the Xbox controller

However, beware—blocking alone won’t suffice against the titans of Lies of P. Bosses and tougher adversaries demand a more sophisticated approach.

How To Perform Parry

Parrying comes into play when facing formidable enemies. When your health hangs in the balance, parrying becomes a strategic dance. 

Executing perfect Parry

Moreover, execute it flawlessly, and you will disrupt your opponent’s stance, inflicting Damage. To Parry correctly in Lies of P, here is what you need to know:

  • Timing is everything.
  •  As the enemy’s attack looms, initiate your block just before impact. 
  • This well-timed block transforms into a parry. 

How to Perform Riposte 

Riposte is a counter that delivers a fatal blow to your vulnerable foe. To initiate render your enemy vulnerable by executing a powerful charged attack when their HP bar is exposed. A radiant glow signals this opportune moment. 

Here is what you need to do afterward:

  • Hold down the strong attack button, striking your adversary into a vulnerable or groggy state. 
  • With finesse, press the light attack button to perform the fatal riposte
  • Look for the claw marks turning red, the ominous sign that your light attack will deliver a finishing blow.

Moreover, you can also hit the enemy a couple of times before the riposte attack to deplete their health further for the final attack to break their weapons.

Ultimately, in your journey through Lies of P, understand that blocking and parrying are not just defensive maneuvers; they are strategic tools in your arsenal. Remember, in Lies of P, blocking is your shield, and parrying is your sword and unleash the riposte when the moment is ripe. The synergy of these skills will make you unstoppable.