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How To Build The Strongest Base In Rust (Detailed Guide)

How To Build The Strongest Base In Rust (Detailed Guide)

Are you tired of being constantly raided in Rust? Are you upset that the structures you create eventually get looted for all their stored materials? Do you not have a lot of teammates that you can trust to create a strong base with? Well if you answered yes to any of the questions above, this guide is the perfect solution to your woes.

Within this guide, we explain the step-by-step process of constructing a strong, nearly impenetrable, base for any Solo-player in Rust that doesn’t have the luxury of many teammates. The base that we suggest is called the Temple, and is a powerful base that is both compact in its design and requires a small number of materials to construct, upkeep, and repair.

Along with how to make the strongest base in Rust we will also be highlighting some common mistakes that most beginners make while building. These will be especially helpful for players beginning right after a weekly or bi-weekly wipe. So let’s get started.

Required Materials

The most important facet of any guide regarding base construction is how many resources are required in order to construct and maintain it. This is especially important because early on in a wipe you want to know how much material you should collect. In this early stage, your target will be to obtain as much wood, stone, and high-quality metal as you possibly can.

This build is especially good because, how in comparison to other strong base builds, it requires relatively fewer materials overall. This means that you spend less time collecting materials, and more time building, thus gaining a safe vantage point much sooner than other players. So what is the amount of materials you need in order to make this build in the first place? Here is a short list to help you out:

Stone 15,000
High Quality Metal280

After you’re done constructing the base itself you’ll probably want to make sure that you have enough resources to upkeep and repair it when needed. For this reason follow the table below to know how much you need to make sure your base is ready to defend against raiders at any given time.

Metal Fragments4,000
Stone 3,000
High Quality Metal55

Where To Obtain Resources?

In order to obtain resources players must search for either resource nodes or collect items that can be dismantled. Stone nodes appear as small boulders that can be seen apart from the larger rock structures. If the small boulder has a shiny twinkle on them then it is a mine-able node. This twinkle can be seen even from some distance away.

Similarly, metal can be farmed from Metal Ore nodes that look a lot similar to stone boulders, but have a distinct difference in color. Additionally, metal items can be submitted to a recycler in order to obtain the individual metal units from it.

High Quality metal on the other hand can be obtained from the metal ore nodes that can be found in the snowy biomes. You must smelt them to get the high quality metal.

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Construct The Foundation

Once you have all the prerequisite materials and have chosen a good spot, we begin building. The following steps should guide you in constructing a solid foundation for your overall Base.

  • Construct a hexagon with triangle foundations.
  • Ensure that 2 of the stone triangles are armored.
  • Place your Tool Cupboard to the left side, on top of the foundation.
  • Make sure to close the foundation off using walls that are armored.
  • When constructing the roof make sure to begin at the ends in order to avoid the triangle splash bug.
  • Leave one space open in your ceiling to function as a way to enter your second floor.
  • Construct the 2nd floor of the structure similar to the 1st, but make sure to not wall off one side.
  • After you’re done with this step construct honey-comb structures around your core for additional protection.
  • Finally, create a third floor similar to the previous instructions and you can fill this room with some loot for quick access.

Helpful Tip: If you’re having trouble making jumps to the higher levels of your base then a tip from us would be to change your physics.steps to 60.

Decorate The Base Interior

Once the core structure of the base has been finished now we are to add necessary internal furniture and edit exterior structures. The first, step to this process, is to add a protected locker on the floor just below the roof of the base. You should also consider to add a bed right next to this locker, so that you can respawn and quickly stock up supplies before heading outside again.

Screenshot from GameLightz

Moreover, if you wish to stop other players from climbing your structure, or just like to have nasty Home-Alone-esque traps, then adding a turret or fire trap on the roof can be extremely satisfying. This will deter players from climbing your structure and force them to use other methods to enter. Allowing you to gun them down quite easily from the shooting spot you make on the roof. This goes without saying, but ensure that there are protective walls and spots for cover if you are planning to go this route.

Screenshot from GameLightz

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Reinforce Exterior

Once the interior is filled up with necessary items, it is recommended that you add another protective layer to the your 1st and 2nd floor by creating bunkers with the honey-comb method. This adds a secondary layer of protective barriers forcing your would-be raiders to have to expend far more rockets in order to break through your defenses. As stated before utilizing reinforced walls for this process will be most beneficial to you and provide the most amount of deterrence.

Screenshot from GameLightz

Furthermore, adding stone walls along the 2nd floor and covering it up using triangle roofs will be even better deterrents for raiders hoping to be able to climb your structure.

Screenshot from GameLightz

And voila, with this structure plan you should have a powerful functional base that can easily counter all, but the most experienced and persistent raider.

More Helpful Tips

With the base structure itself out of the way here are our helpful tips for all newbie base builders in Rust. These tips are almost always universally applicable and may be excused in certain exceptional cases only. Otherwise, they should be helpful to you for having a foundational understanding of the mechanics and philosophy of base construction in Rust.

  • Utilize carpets and other interior decorations. Why? Simply, because the more comfortable your base is going to be the faster your health is going to regenerate while you spend time inside of it. Often this is overlooked, but if you’re in a gun fight or trying to protect your base, this can be a massive advantage over your would-be invader.
  • Practice constructing your build in build servers. The abundant amount of servers on Rust are a massive blessing. Not only does this mean you can find a match easily, but it also means that you can go into new-player or build servers that allow you to practice building your base. This is up until you get the hang of it, and develop the required blueprints for them the various elements of the base you want to add to your final structure.

    This can increase the speed of your construction in a real server, and give you a massive advantage or at least a head-start over someone who is going in blind.
  • Do not use windows. Windows might sound like a good idea when you first start off, but they are a trap. They, more often than not, allow for raiders to look into your base and scan for any potential items they might want to loot off of you. Or they might check to see where your base is most reinforced and try to aim only at the areas with the most structural weaknesses that they can exploit.
  • Keep the terrain in mind. The last tip we’ll provide you is that you should always make sure to check whether the area you’re about to build your base on is not slanted or has uneven ground. This often is a small, but costly oversight. Structural weaknesses in the build can lead to an overall flimsy Base as a whole. This can be severely detrimental especially if you just want to play it safe and stockpile your base with materials until the wipe. So make sure that you find the flattest surface possible for your base and build away.

That was our take on how to build the strongest base in Rust. If you agree or have some suggestions for us let us know in the comments down below. Until next time! Ciao.