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How To Get White Hair in Lies of P?

How To Get White Hair in Lies of P?

In the world of Lies of P, where every lie you tell shapes your destiny and alters your appearance. Among the intriguing changes, obtaining white hair is a distinct marker of the lies spun by the protagonist, P

To get white hair you simply need to Conquer the formidable Laxasia the Complete at the Colosseum-like castle, then, after victory, head to Sophia’s body. Opt to lie to her, granting peace, and witness the transformation unfold. Not satisfied? No worries, you can always get back in the chair and change it back to black.


Now, we’ll delve into the steps required to unlock this unique white hair look, exploring the intricacies of Lies of P and also how to get back to normal if that is what you please

Lying to Change Your Appearance

White hair appearance

If you aspire to adorn your puppet with the striking elegance of white hair, prepare to embrace your deceptive side. Throughout the game, P’s body undergoes mysterious transformations, and white hair is one such change. 

To initiate this transformation, lie prolifically. Lies are the currency that propels you towards humanity. As your character becomes more human, you’ll witness alterations in their appearance, including the coveted white hair.

Once you’ve delved into the art of deception and your humanity level rises, it’s time to alter your puppet’s appearance. Begin by unlocking a new cosmetic, such as the coveted long hair. Head to Geppetto’s office in Hotel Krat and approach the chair near his desk. Keep in mind that is the same chair you use to increase or upgrade your P-organ

Here are some things you should know:

  • Sitting in this chair provides the option to change your appearance. 
  • Selecting this option opens up a world of cosmetic possibilities.
  • You can swap between long hair or the traditional short look 
  • You can truly customize your puppet’s appearance based on your in-game achievements.

Steps To Get White Hair 

The journey to white hair isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon culminating right at the end of the game or after entering New Game Plus mode. The ultimate test awaits at the Colosseum-like castle, where you face Laxasia the Complete. Here is what you have to do to get white hair:

  • Defeat the formidable opponent Laxasia the Complete.
  • Head to Sophia’s body
  • Choose the option to lie to her and grant her peace

This critical decision unlocks the coveted white hair, solidifying your puppet’s journey to self-discovery and becoming more and more human.

Alter Between White and Normal Hair

In Lies of P, your lies are not merely a means of progressing through the game; they are symbols etched on your puppet’s form.

White hair symbolizes the plethora of lies told by P in a city plagued by deceit. Beyond aesthetics, white hair grants access to the elusive Golden Lie, a secret weapon shrouded in mystery.

To change your hair color, navigate to Geppetto’s office at Hotel Krat and sit in the chair embedded with Geppetto’s Tools. Here:

  • Select the Change Shape option.
  • Under the ‘Change Shape’ option, you can toggle between the original black and symbolic white hair. 

While the gameplay effects of white hair are minimal, its impact on dialogue options and cutscenes adds depth to the Lies of P experience.

Ultimately, embarking on the quest for white hair in Lies of P is more than a cosmetic endeavor; it’s a narrative journey reflecting the choices and lies that define your puppet’s character.

So, embrace the art of deception, unravel the mysteries, and may your Lies of P adventure be as intriguing as the white hair that crowns your puppet’s head.

Keep following us for more exclusive guides, insights, and revelations that will enhance your Lies of P experience. Your journey is far from over, and we’re excited to be your companion in unraveling the secrets that lie ahead. Happy gaming, and stay tuned for more adventures!