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How to get to Toussaint in The Witcher 3

How to get to Toussaint in The Witcher 3

While we’re thankful for the new-gen update, we’re even more grateful for the Blood & Wine and the Heart of Stone expansion DLC in The Witcher 3. The Blood & Wine expansion in The Witcher 3 comes with a whole new region, Toussaint. It’s located southeast of Velen and is part of the Nilfgaardian Empire.

To get to the Toussaint region in The Witcher 3, You need to own the Blood and DLC and complete the ‘Poet Under Pressure’ quest to kickstart a chain of quests that will take you to this brand-new and vibrant region.

The region promises 5 special Places of Power as well, so you should definitely stop by and gather upgrade points from them. Today’s guide will tell you how exactly you can get to Toussaint, as well as the five Places of Power.

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How To Reach Toussaint in Witcher 3

Geralt walking in Toussaint in The Witcher 3

Follow the steps given below to reach Toussaint:

1. You can start by selecting the ‘Blood & Wine only’ DLC from the Main Menu. 

2. To unlock Toussaint, make sure you’ve completed the Poet Under Pressure quest at Novigrad. 

3. Then complete the Envoys Wineboys quest. Just head over to the Mulbrydale Notice Board at Velen. The message will read,” Appeal to Sir Geralt of Rivia, the Bridge his Crest.” The recommended level to undertake this quest is Level 34, but you can go ahead even if you’re a little lower. 

4. You’ll need to meet the Knights at the Stonecutter’s Settlement next. 

When you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, Toussaint will be available for access. The region has 15 Main Quests to offer and 24 Side Quests.

Other than that, there are five contracts. You can find them on the Notice Boards across Toussaint. You’ll also find information about the 140 Exploration points on these boards. Moreover, there are 7 Scavenger Hunt Locations.

Toussaint Places Of Power Locations 

Each Place of Power will give you +1 Ability Bonus when you first draw from it. Below is a list of Places of Power in Toussaint and how to get to them. 

1. Fort Ussar Ruins

Fort Ussar Ruins Witcher 3

You’ll have to head to the eastern side of the map. The Place of Power is within a cave at Fort Ussar Ruins. To get access, walk to the top of the fort. Once you’ve made it to the top, you’ll see an open fireplace. Walk over to it, and the Place of Power will become visible on the map. 

Next, go down to the cave’s entrance. You’ll find the Igni Place of Power here. 

2. Termes Palace Ruins

Termes Palace Ruins Witcher 3

This next Place of Power lies in the southeastern area of the map. When you’re at the Termes Palace Ruins, you’ll see a staircase that leads to a window entrance. Inside the ruins, you’ll hear a Place Of Power humming behind the wall on your right. 

Simply break through the wall using your Aard sign. 

3. West Of Hortense Vineyards


To gain access to this Place of Power, head over to the south side of Beauclair’s large lake. All you have to do is a trek along the southern borders of the lake, and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Another way, and perhaps the easiest method, is to go through the water. 

This Place Of Power is unguarded. There is a Black Puma nearby, but that’s nothing to worry about. 

4. Near Rioux-Cannes Outpost

Cannese Outpost

For the next Place of Power, you’ll have to head over to the Rioux-Cannes Outpost. It’s on the western side of the map. Once you’re there, head north of the signpost to a cave entrance. You’ll have to look through the cave to find the Place of Power, but it’s fairly small, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

5. Near Arthach Palace Ruins

Artache Palace Ruins

The Arthach Palace Ruins is a Hanse base in the far north of Toussaint. The Place of Power is directly north of here. Or specifically the location’s signpost. The place is guarded by a Wight, and you’ll have to defeat it.

There’s another Hanse outpost near the Ruins teeming with bandits. Going there is not essential to getting access to the Place of Power, so you can avoid it. However, you will need to go back for the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Feline Gear treasure hunt.


All in all, getting to Toussaint in The Witcher 3 is not that hard. Just select the DLC from the main menu and complete the chain or relevant quests. Then you can travel to and from the region and avail the Places of Power the region has to offer as you please.