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Can you save Lenny in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Can you save Lenny in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece for many reasons and among them are the characters you meet throughout the journey especially, the posse you are a part of i.e. The Van der Linde Gang. The game’s characters add so much life to this rendition of the wild west and it is all the more reason to feel sad when your herd eventually starts to get thinner.

This sad fact will be most evident when you see Lenny, one of the best characters in the game, die right in front of your eyes. The overwhelming feeling of heartache at this point is just too much and we are left to wonder whether we can save Lenny in Red Dead Redemption 2.

No, you cannot save Lenny in Red Dead Redemption 2. His death is part of the overall story arc of the game and one that cannot be sidestepped. However, there are unofficial ways like mods that you can use to save him but that is more about breaking the game.

Lenny Summers in Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur and Lenny in RDR 2

Very quickly in the game, Lenny Summers would go on to become a good friend of Arthur. He is an intelligent, fun-loving, and educated young cowpoke who is not afraid of any odds stacked against him. Much like Hosea, who also shares the same fate as Lenny in the same horrifying event, Lenny too has a special place in Arthur’s heart and is revered by him greatly.

Lenny’s loyalty is true to the T towards his gang and he displays this on multiple occasions. This can be seen in the Blackwater Massacre, the Cornwall Company robbery, the O’Driscoll Camp assault, the Lemoyne Raiders hit, the Valentine bank robbery, and the Braithwaite Manor assault. And his best adventure with Arthur is the drunken night at Smithfield’s Saloon.

But with anything in Red Dead Redemption 2, all good things must come to an end, and Lenny is sadly one of the casualties of Dutch’s schemes of grandeur.

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Lenny’s Death

During the final mission of Chapter 4 “Banking, The Old American Art”, another one of Dutch’s retirement plans, the gang is tasked to rob the bank in Saint Denis. As always, the plan goes south quickly when the gang gets surrounded by the Pinkertons while holding the bank hostage.

Lenny Dead in Red Dead Redemption 2

Later on, Arthur and the gang somehow manage to make it to the roof and in their efforts to find an escape route, a couple of agents shoot Lenny and he dies on the spot. A heartbroken Arthur checks Lenny’s body for any sign of life but the grim reality was the contrary.

This whole instance is not a cutscene but rather an in/mid-game event. Considering this, many players are left to believe that they could have done something else to save this poor man’s life. But the fact is that this has to happen. It is crucial to Arthur’s character growth.

Lenny’s Grave

Lenny's grave location

Lenny Summers’ grave can be found right behind Hosea Matthews’ grave which we’ve detailed above. It’s along the main road out of Saint Denis, near the border of Bluewater Marsh.

Lenny's grave

You can visit this grave and pay your respect to both of the great men you lost in that dreaded heist i.e. Hosea and Lenny.

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Players Trying to Save Lenny in Red Dead Redemption 2

A streamer by the name of SWOL posted a video on Twitter in which you could see him save Lenny. What! Is that even possible? When you view the video above, it will be quite clear that he is using some sort of a mod to achieve this unattainable outcome. It is only a hilarious video and you should not get your hopes up.

Another Youtuber by the name of MrBossFTW tried to save Lenny using a relatively legitimate way. He used a couple of Dynamites to push Lenny further away from where the agents come in and kill him.

However, as you can see in the video, his attempt failed. Somehow the Pinkerton’s bullets managed to magically find Lenny even though he was safely tucked away behind cover. This only goes to show that the game is hardwired to kill Lenny and there is nothing you can do to protect your friend.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a tragedy at its core and one that adds that morbid yet potent flavor to this epic tale. Lenny is just another body on your conscience that leads Arthur to open his eyes to the blind following of Dutch. Although you might not be able to save Lenny but Lenny’s fate ultimately saves Arthur’s soul.