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How To Level Up Mastery In Warframe 8 Easy Ways

How To Level Up Mastery In Warframe 8 Easy Ways

Your Mastery level is probably the most important stat in Warframe. It is the accumulation of experience that you receive both for upgrading your Warframes and your weapons. So in this guide, we’ll be sharing with you some quick and easy ways to level up Mastery in Warframe.

You can easily level up Mastery in Warframe by building and ranking up weapons and Warframes, clearing the main objectives of Mission Nodes, playing during a Double Affinity Event, Using an Affinity Booster, and joining a clan.

You level up Mastery by doing anything and everything within the game. However, even then, the process can seem quite slow or confusing. If you’re looking to optimize your farming path for gaining levels of Mastery then continue reading this guide. I’ll be sharing everything you’d want to know and more.

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Easy Ways to Level Up Mastery in Warframe

If you’re a fellow Warframe player, you understand the grind that is involved in leveling up. Master Rank is your account level and trying to get that level up seems tedious. However, I would argue that this tedium is all part of what makes Warframe such an interesting game.

Note: It’s important to manage your expectations when leveling up. If you try to increase the rate of your development by too much, you can end up in a situation where you burn yourself out. However, if you’re someone who does not get easily deterred by long grinds then keep reading.

1) Ranking Up Weapons

Purchasable Weapons - Warframe
Purchasable Weapons – Warframe

One of the easiest ways to raise your Mastery rank and obtain Mastery points is by ranking your weapons. There are several weapons in the game, and each one grants your character a certain number of ranking points. These are necessary to obtain as they affect your overall Mastery rank.

If you’re looking to improve your weapons then I recommend that you run good farming missions over and over again. Certain missions will provide you with more avenues to increase your weapons rank faster than others. This in turn will raise your Mastery rank when you reach certain levels with your weapons.

We’ve charted how many levels your character receives per level down below. For each level that you gain on your weapon, regardless of its type, you will gain 100 ranking points.

Weapon LevelTotal Mastery Rank Points

This Mastery point gain is true for all weapons including Kitgun Chambers, Zaw Strikes, Amp Prisms, Sentinel weapons, and Archwing weapons. Some weapons can exceed the 30-level limit, however, such as the Paracesis, all Kuva weapons, and all Tenet weapons.

2) Ranking Warframes


The second method that provides the most amount of Mastery Rank points is if you make sure to rank your Warframes. Warframes, similar to weapons gain ranks up to a total of 30. And for each rank, you gain 200 Mastery points. Due to this, one of the most effective strategies for raising your Mastery Rank is enhancing your Warframes.

You can obtain these benefits by ranking any of the following: Warframes, Companions, Archwings, K-Drives, the Plexus, and Necramechs. In comparison to the other types, the Necramechs will provide you with additional Mastery rank points. You obtain a total of 2,000 extra points for polarizing a Necramech.

WarframesTotal Mastery Points
Warframes, Companions, Archwings, K-Drives, the Plexus6,000

Note: K-drives despite their inherent modular nature, do not require that you gild them to obtain their mastery points award. You merely have to rank them up, and you will automatically receive awards. Similar to other Warframes.

Additionally, Necramechs can exceed the Rank 30 limit for most other Warframes. This will allow you to continue to obtain 200 mastery points for each additional level until they reach Rank 40. Which is the maximum rank for Warframes.

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3) Clearing the Main Objectives of Mission Nodes

The next method you can utilize to raise your Mastery rank is by completing all the major objectives when conducting a Mission. A set number of ranking points are given as a reward for clearing the main objective of a mission. This is often the tricky part as you will have to keep track of your objective progress from the map.

The primary playable content in the game is its intense and incredibly fun Missions. There are up to four players that can participate within a singular mission. These are often referred to as squads. You will be provided with the objectives of that particular mission. And will be required to complete objectives and extract yourself from the mission area.

Helene on Saturn – Best Mission to Grind

Saturn Planet in Warframe
Helene on Saturn – Mission

The best mission to grind for ranking up weapons and Warframes is the Helene mission on Saturn. In terms of the time invested to benefits obtained, it is unmatched by the rest of the available missions in the game.

The Helene is a Defense mission that contains enemies ranging from Levels 21 to Level 26. It is thus absolutely ideal to rerun if you are an early game player. And have just begun improving your weaponry and Warframes. Using one of Warframe’s better snipers can be effective for clearing enemies early and leaving time to resource farm.

4) Double Affinity Event

An incredible way to boost the amount of Mastery points that you receive is by playing Warframe during Double Affinity events and weekends. During this time all experience that goes towards leveling your weapons and Warframes will be doubled. Which means you will be able to rank them up faster.

This is great because you will be able to rank up weapons and Warframes that you might not usually use much faster. And as a result, will not have to grind for as long to obtain the same sort of benefits. I usually keep a few weapons and frames stored in my Forge for such occasions.

You can stay notified about Double Affinity Events by following the Warframe Twitter page. Otherwise, just make sure you check in before every weekend. So you’re not missing out on some amazing rewards.

5) Affinity Booster

Purchasable Affinity booster
Purchasable Affinity booster – Warframe

Another method to ensure that you gain a boost to your weapons leveling and Warframe leveling is if you buy an Affinity Booster. These are premium items that can increase the speed at which you gain experience from conducting missions.

Affinity Boosters can be bought from the Market. And you can purchase a 3-day Booster for the price of 40 Platinum. The Affinity Booster regularly can increase your mission affinity by 2x but if you pair it with a Double Affinity Event mentioned above then the affinity can increase to 4X from missions.

This can allow you to easily level up weapons and Warframes by clearing only 15 waves of Helene for a total of 2 rounds.

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6) Winning Junction Matches

You can win 1,000 Mastery Ranking points instantly when you defeat an opponent in a Junction Match. It would thus be quite advisable if you practice and engage daily in matches against other players. Even if you do not want to because the reward can equate to hours of grinding completed in an instant.

7) Earning Intrinsics Points (For Railjacks)

Apart from all the fighting and gun upgrading, you can also earn points based on how well you drive and interact with your Railjack. Attain more and more Intrinsics skill set points to gain an additional 1,500 mastery points from the system and increase your rank.

8) Joining a Clan

Joining a Clan through Invites
Joining a Clan through Invites – Warframe

One of the most important things in the game, to speed up that process for yourself, is to join a clan. If you haven’t already, I would suggest that you join a Clan in Warframe, as soon as possible. While in a clan, it would be amazing if they have a lot of things researched. This pays well in terms of mastery rank.

The things you’re looking for in your clan are the Teno lab, the Bio lab, and the Chem lab. Other labs such as the Bash lab are good too because they give things like the Ghoul Saw weapon. These labs, even if they haven’t done extensive research, end up being a very good source of blueprints that can amount to an insane addition to your Master Rank.

The chem lab and bio lab have a lot of weapons and their blueprints, but in my clan, my favorite is the tenno lab. This is because this lab researches Warframes and they are available to us. As we have discussed before, Warframes are a great source of master rank, so obtaining and crafting them to level up is a great master rank resource.

These are the easiest and simplest ways that you can gain Mastery Rank in Warframe. Many of these you will naturally complete as you play the game, such as leveling up weapons and Warframes. However, sometimes you will be required to grind.

For the grinding sections, we’ve suggested the Helene mission on Saturn as the best way to improve your weapons and Warframes. Without having to bear too much grind.