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How to Unlock Layered Weapons in Monster Hunter: World

How to Unlock Layered Weapons in Monster Hunter: World

The Iceborne Expansion has been a great DLC addition to the base game. The new hunting areas, monsters, and story content is a sight to behold. You get to visit the coldest locations to find while your Palico helps you hunt the brand new monsters. 

However, the storyline and quests are not the only appeals of the game. While you do get introduced to new monsters and narratives, it is not all the DLC has to offer. Instead, it’s more about the Layered Weapons than anything else. 

Layered Weapons can be created after your weapon reaches the maximum upgrade level. Once you are done with the Stygian Zinogre mission in Guiding Lands, you will be able to upgrade your normal maxed weapons to Layered weapons as soon as the Tundra region is unlocked.

Needless to say, we recommend you do your research on the Layered Weapons before making some. The costs associated with these weapons are no joke. 

What are Layered Weapons?


Layered Weapons are the augmentation to the original weapon system that lets you change the appearance of your weapons. This in turn enables you to rock a multitude of styles for a single weapon. 

However, the stats of the weapons remain the same, therefore, it can be a great way of adding aesthetics to your weapons. 

Layered Weapons: Unlocking Criteria

The Layered Weapons will unlock as soon as you open the Tundra region in the Guiding Lands. The series of quests is relatively lengthy, but it is all very worth it. Your quest chain will begin with Sterling Pride and will go all the way to the Stygian Zinogre mission.

With that said, here is how it all works:

Sterling Pride Mission

Head to Seliana and talk to The Admiral. You will be able to initiate the quest if the icon over the Admiral is Purple. Once you get the quest, head to the marked area to slay the Kirin.

These creatures are extremely rare and can apply Thunderblght and Paralysis. Therefore, stay on your toes till the very end.

With that said, you need to fulfill certain requirements before being able to access this quest. First of all, your MR should be 24 or more and you should’ve completed the Master Rank Assignments. Otherwise, the purple mark won’t show up and you’ll only be able to have normal conversations with the Admiral instead,

How to Slay the Kirin


Any form of thunder and Paralysis will have little to no effect on them. However, they can be dealt with by using fire-type weapons. You will be able to see them limping over as an indication that the fire is working. Blast and Sleep seem to work exceptionally well on them.

A Kirin’s main weakness is its head and the following attacks seem to work exceptionally well on them:

  • Cut Damage
  • Blunt Damage
  • Ammo Damage

Kirins are fast, so the key to hunting them lies in the staggering mechanic. You can use the Elderseal weapons to counter them. However, you would also need to dodge as many of its attacks as possible as a single mistake can prove to be lethal. 

Unlike other Kirins, this one will have a broken horn. Therefore, it will forever stay in the enraged stage. However, its health will be significantly lowered as a result, so it wouldn’t be hard to take it down given that you don’t allow it to counterattack. 

If the time expires, or you faint 3 times, the quest will be considered as a failure. 

Reveal Thyself, Destroyer

Head back to the Admiral in Seliana and talk to him to obtain this quest. However, this quest will only be initiated after the completion of the Sterling Pride Mission. The requirements are the same, your MR needs to be 24 or higher. Once the requirements are met, you will have to fight a Rajang. 

Interesting Fact: The Rajang is pronounced as Raajyan in Japanese.

How to Defeat the Rajang

This monster is the only Fanged Beast in the game and is immune against Thunder, Fire, and Dragons. The fight is going to take place in an extreme heat hazard zone. Therefore, we recommend you bring a pack of Cold Drink. 

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The Rajang is weak against blast-type attacks and takes extra damage on its head and tail. The following attacks are recommended for taking it down:

  • Cut Damage
  • Blunt damage
  • Ammo Damage

With that said, its head and tail are breakable, so make sure to focus them as much as possible. Here are the HP values for Rajang:

SoloDuoSquad (3 or 4)

This creature is extremely aggressive and will defeat most monsters in turf wars. Similar to the Kirin, Rajang also uses thunder-based attacks and can release laser beams from its mouth. 

Across the Lost Path

To access this mission, you need to have an MR of 24. It is the final mission for unlocking the Layered weapons. However, it will require you to fight and defeat a Stygian Zingogre in the Guiding Lands after which, the Tundra region will be unlocked.

How to Defeat the Stygian Zinogre  

This monster belongs to the dragon bloodline and can thus deal attacks infused with the dragon’s power. It’s immune to almost every element except Thunder and Water. However, it is still possible to damage it with other non-dragon elements when it’s shining. 

It has the following HP values:

SoloDuoSquad (3 to 4)

The Stygian Zinogre is weak against attacks on its head and legs. You can also deal bonus damage on its back. However, the effect is not as potent. It’s weak against the following attacks:

  • Cut Damage
  • Blunt damage
  • Ammo Damage

Once the Stygian Zinogre is defeated, you will be able to unlock the Layered Weapons.

Ultimately, Layered Weapons are a great way of improving your weapon’s aesthetics. However, you need to maximize their level beforehand. Needless to say, your game should be updated to patch 12.01 or later to be able to fight the mentioned monsters. We wish you good luck!