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Is Roblox a Good, Safe Game? Everything You Need to Know

Is Roblox a Good, Safe Game? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a parent, guardian, or concerned adult, you often might wonder if online video games are safe for your child. Roblox is one of the most popular online games for kids, so people frequently want to know if it’s a good game for their kids.

Yes, Roblox is a good and safe game for children to play. However, parents and guardians should monitor who their children interact with online and give limited access to their credit/debit cards in fear of hackers and scammers.

Even though we believe Roblox is a safe game, many aspects of the game need to be understood by parents and guardians to ensure that their child is not harmed in any way. We’ll discuss several key factors you need to know to ensure a healthy gaming environment.

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Is Roblox A Good And Safe Game?

Promotional material released by Roblox.
Image provided by Roblox

Roblox is an extremely popular and beloved video game played by over 54 million players as of 2022. The game is advertised as a platform for imagination. Roblox is a free-to-play game and acts as a platform where players can create their own game’s for the enjoyment of everyone on the service.

So users of Roblox can use their in-game language, which is quite simplistic and easy to manage to design and upload their games. The game client is the ultimate theme park for players to compete in and explore. Game genres range from professional race car driving to starring in your fashion show.

Roblox’s simplistic design, appealing graphics, and wide range of materials to play make it one of the best games on the market. However, there are certain systems within the game that demand users beware. The multiplayer system and the in-game premium currency.

The Multiplayer System In Roblox

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game. Playing the game allows you to see and interact with other players worldwide. This can be quite a thrilling experience for many people but simultaneously poses the threat of scams and hackers if the user is not careful.

Roblox ensures a strict security policy, quickly investigates any threats to its internal mechanisms and makes sure to crack down on scammers and hackers as soon as possible. In most cases banning them and their IP address removes the possibility of future attacks from them.

How Roblox Makes Money?

Finally, we should discuss how Roblox makes money since they do not feature an intense amount of ads on their website or their video game. They use two methods, the first being a monthly subscription service. And the second is through their premium in-game currency called Robux.

Robux can be used to make additional purchases such as new features, upgrades for avatars, and the ability to play certain games that have been locked behind a paywall. Many children want to access these features, and thus it becomes the parent’s responsibility to ensure they spend their money responsibly.

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How Old Should Children Be To Play Roblox?

Image is taken from Avatar editing and customization in-game.
In-game image from Roblox

Most of the content available on Roblox is user-generated. This is why there is no defined age range or rating that the company can implement when highlighting their game. Nonetheless, the game has received a PEGI 7 rating in the UK and the USA.

What’s important about this rating is that it highlights that the game does not include any blood and does not contain sexual content endorsed by the game company. Additionally, children at and above the age of 7 should be safe when playing Roblox, with additional parental support.

The Roblox corporation attempts to filter and ensure a strict check on the games being created on their platform. In the case of games with inappropriate or sexually suggestive content, images, and profanity, they are quick to ban these games or remove them from the platform altogether.

We will say, however, that games from the horror genre often are allowed to remain on the site. Especially if they do not overtly showcase blood and violence. Several action games within Roblox force players to fight and physically harm one another with weapons.

These game types and genres exist on Roblox and should be specifically handled through Account Restrictions that can be set by a parent or guardian in a linked Roblox account. This will severely limit games that may be playable by the child. And those deemed too violent will be removed as well.

Note: Merely setting a child’s age as Under-13 does not limit the games they have access to, so parents and guardians are advised to go over all the available settings within the Account Restrictions section.

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How To Keep Kids Safe On Roblox

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If you’re still worried that Roblox might not be a safe place for your child, then do not fear because the game gives you many options to enhance the security features to keep your child safe. By engaging with these systems, parents and guardians can far more reliably let their kids play Roblox.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to have an open and honest conversation with your children regarding technology’s potential harms and benefits. Being in an open dialogue with them aids you in convincing them that any imposed restrictions are usually for their good.

The first thing you should speak to your children about is internet safety, and you should ensure that they know that regardless of what situation or encounter they find themself in within the game, they can always come and tell you about it.

Finally, if you’re hoping to protect your children even further, engage with the Parental controls that Roblox has set up. These are robust and allow you to customize the experience for your child.

How To Use Parental Controls?

Parents should consider disabling the child’s chat functionality within the game. If left unsupervised, the child can fall for traps laid down by other players. These can be monetary or based on sharing more private or personal information.

This functionality can be allowed only if the parent is willing and has the time to supervise the child’s interaction. We know this is a tall order for any parent or guardian to fulfill and should only be done in cases deemed necessary.

One important way you can do this is by enabling certain Account Restrictions to lock your child’s account’s settings so no one can message them. This will also prevent people from finding their phone numbers as well. However, these settings must be adjusted within the Account Restrictions setting once enabled.

Follow these steps to enable and engage with parental controls:

  • Log in to your Roblox Account or the one actively used by the child.
  • Click the Gear Icon, and then Select Settings.
  • Click Privacy, located on the right-hand side of the Settings page.
  • You may now Adjust the Contact Settings and Other Settings.
  • For children 12 or younger, you can set their chat command to Friends or No one.

If you’re still worried that some of these settings might be changed by your child later on, then you can add a PIN for further security. This is a PIN of your choosing and cannot be changed and must be entered before any changes can be made to your Account Settings.

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Communicate With The Child About Playing Responsibly

Perhaps our most important recommendation when keeping your child safe on platforms like Roblox is that you have a direct and open conversation with them. This is to ensure that the child talks to you if the experience anything unsavory online or within the game.

Research has proven that if you’re too overbearing with a child or do not allow for open conversation, the child is far more likely to be harmed by external systems. There are two important recommendations that we will make in regards to this:

  • First, have conversations on an ongoing basis about everything important to the Child.
  • Secondly, check up periodically on what the child is doing on the platform. Doing so can help identify potential harms before they can manifest.

Remember communication is the key to a healthy and strong relationship.

Ultimately, Roblox is a safe and good game that we can, without worry, recommend for your child to play. The company is responsible for how it deals with explicit or inappropriate content. And even if they slip up, they have added additional settings for parents to control and manage their children’s exposure.

In the growing age of the Internet, it is even more pertinent for us to take care of our children and to ensure that we give them all the protection and safety they deserve while not depriving them of media they will enjoy and connect with.