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Is Modern Warfare Worth It?

Is Modern Warfare Worth It?

Modern Warfare is a Call of Duty like no other because of all the new mechanics put into it. From the Create a Class to the Ranking System, everything is different from a normal Call of Duty game. That is not a bad thing because there needs to be a change so the people who have played other games in the series don’t get a re-skinned version of the game that they have been playing for a year or two. A lot of people are wondering if the new Call of Duty is worth the buy, so here are all the things that you can do and have changed in Modern Warfare.

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Play the Campaign

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Screenshot 2019.11.14

The Campaign is very good even though it clocks around 5 hours of gameplay. It is a very dark and realistic story that when you play it, you will be surprised that certain things were allowed into the game. It is a Call of Duty game so don’t get mad about the content in the story. It is a war game and you can’t really push it down for being violent. In all honesty, I really enjoyed the Campaign because it had many memorable moments like slowly taking out terrorists in a dark house with your night vision goggles or blowing up an entire facility with an airstrike. I have not played anything like it.

Also, completing the story missions will give you bonuses for other parts of the game like Experience bonuses. There are a lot of missions and you do get a chance after you complete a mission to replay it if you liked it a lot. Some of the missions seen slow, but you also get those missions where you are constantly moving around and picking up new weapons. There is a balance between slow and fast-paced gameplay. It is ultimately worth the time if you have the game.

Play Multiplayer

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The Multiplayer is the main reason that I play the game because of how fun it is. Whether you want to play some regular Team Deathmatch or change it up and play some Headquarters, it does not really matter. They are constantly adding new game modes to Multiplayer and there are a few modes that are only in this game. Probably the most interesting game mode that was added to the game is called Ground War. It is the biggest game mode added to the series so far having a team of 32 players fights head to head with another team of 32 players. While there are many people fighting, there are also vehicles like tanks, helicopters, quads, and much more moving around the map.

In each match, there are Flags that each team must capture to win the match, and it is a lot harder than you think because of the number of players around you. The Create a Class has been changed as well and it has been made better. Now, both your Primary and Secondary weapon can each have 5 attachments on it, and you get a choice of 3 different Perks and also Tactical and Lethal gear. It seems that everything has been overhauled in a very good way.

Play Co-op

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Co-op is back in the new Modern Warfare and it is even better than before. You and 3 other players will be put into a city and given a bunch of different things to complete. Before starting your mission, you will be given a choice of what class you want to be. Depending on what class you chose, Assault, Engineer, Recon, Demolition, Heavy, and Medic, you will have to learn how to use that specific role to the best of your ability. If you don’t, your team will have to carry you through the whole mission. Also, Modern Warfare is Cross-platform, so you will be able to play with people on other consoles or PC if you really wanted to.

The Survival Mode that Special Ops has is only on Playstation 4 for the moment because of the deal Activision and Sony have for Call of Duty. It is said that it is a PS4 exclusive for one year and will then be released on Xbox One and PC. If you are a huge fan of Special Ops, then this is the game for you.

Play the Trials

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Trials are missions that you can complete only if you have a certain amount of tickets after reaching Officer Rank. No one really knows how the tickets are given out but I am Level 80 and I have about 5 tickets. These Trials are missions that you are given 3 attempts at completing per ticket, and each time you complete the mission flawlessly, you will earn 10,000 Experience for your account. Each ticket can give you 30,000 Experience if you complete all three Trials perfectly so be very careful about how you play in these missions. The only way to actually attempt these missions is to reach Rank 55 and then go up from there. You will then earn tickets to use for these missions.

Play Gunfight

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Gunfight is a new addition to the series and it adds something that has never been done before in any Call of Duty. Basically, there are 2 teams of 2 people, and they go head to head to see who can eliminate the other team first. The way to win is to beat the enemy team 6 times using whatever the game gives you. Each round starts by giving every person the same random loadout and you must use it to win the match. For each round, you only get one life so you really have to be cautious. If the players in a match can’t find each other, there is a flag in the middle when it goes into overtime, if a player captures the flag, then their team wins the match. It is hard but also a lot of fun if you have a friend to play with.

The many Weapons

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Screenshot 2019.11.14

There are a total of 37 weapons currently in-game and the developers are planning on adding more in the future. The weapons in this game feel very heavy and realistic, which makes for some fun gunfights. The recoil and damage show itself really well and the sounds of them are absolutely amazing. Whether you are using a sniper to get those long-range kills or a pistol for close-quarters combat, there is a weapon for every situation in the game. There are also a few weapons that are very overpowered and have been nerfed. The 725 Shotgun was one weapon that the developers had to nerf because you can pretty much snipe people from across the map with it, without the slug attachment.

Also, you can put 5 attachments on a weapon at one time, and you can have both weapons in a single class to be maxed out. Using the overkill Perk inside your custom class will allow for you to carry 2 Primary weapons at once. I made a class with a Sniper Rifle as my Primary and a Shotgun as my Secondary and it was the most fun class to use. I feel like the customization has been done really well in this game and there are over 100 camos for each weapon.

The Ranking System

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The Ranking System is very different from all the other Call of Duty games because there is no Prestiging. Usually, when you hit Rank 55, the game will allow you to go back to Rank 1 but you ar Prestige 1. You could usually go through until you hit Prestige Master. Modern Warfare did away with that and added Officer Ranks. Once you hit Rank 55, you unlock Officer Ranks that allow for you to complete an objective every Rank Up you have and you can go all the way to Rank 155. At the end of the season, your Level will be dropped back to Rank 55 again and it will give you more rewards. You also unlock the Tickets for Trials by Ranking up in Officer Rank.

The Movement

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Screenshot 2019.11.14

Movement in Modern Warfare is very slow compared to other games in the franchise. The weapons are heavier, which means you run slower, and the recoil is actually insane on some of the weapons. With everything put together, this is probably the most realistic Call of Duty ever made. Even though it has a slower pace, you still enjoy eliminating the other team with friends and teammates. You can slide, crouch, mount your gun on the wall, and much more. It is more realistic, but that is what makes this game fun in every way possible.


In conclusion, I would get Modern Warfare if you like that slower, more realistic feel to your First Person Shooters. The best part about the game is the way the guns and the movement flow together. The only way to survive is to always watch all your surroundings because the time to kill is also very low compared to other games, so keep that in mind. Other than that, I would definitely recommend anyone play this game if they have the time.